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The Producers of Basketball Wives May Be Following Jennifer's Suit With One of Their Own...

I'm so classy I take pictures like this: *pose. Finger under chin** SIT DOWN, CLOWN!!
As us Baketball Wives fans know, Jennifer Williams actually did just as she promised after getting smacked and engaging in that stiff-arm battle with Nia... She SUED!!

Since suing she's gone on this "I'm too old/mature..[for fighting and cattiness]" and bashing Basketball Wives trip. TMZ reports that the producers of the show have taken notice and may fire back with a 'suit of their own.


"Basketball Wives" producers are taking their feud with cast member Jennifer Williams to the next level ... the show's big-wigs are currently in talks to file a lawsuit against  the "BB Wife" for publicly trashing the show.

If you recall ... producers of VH1's hit series were PISSED after Williams
filed a lawsuit against fellow cast member Nia Crooks after she slapped Williams in the face while taping an episode.

Now sources tell TMZ  -- producers are ready to take their own legal action after Williams went on a media rampage and blasted "BB Wives" alleging the show portrays African-American women negatively.

According to our sources, producers feel Williams' show-bashing is in violation of her contract -- which forbids cast members from doing any media appearances or press without approval, or speaking negatively about the show. We're told they feel she is "ruining the brand" they worked so hard to build.

I've said this a thousand times and I'ma say it again: Funny how Jennifer is soooo mature and above all this childish shit since her muscle (Evelyn) ain't on her side nomore. I recall her loving to talk shit and start fights when her and Eve were besties. Remember the season that that two made Suzie's lipsy-tongued ass life a living hell??? Or howz about the time the two confronted lil Royce??? o.O

Currently Jennifer is working to befriend both ladies now that Evelyn is out of her life and hot on her ass with a whippin'.

I just LOATHE a bitch that cannot stand on her own two!! Or even think for her damn self! At Jennifer's age she ain't have no biz following the next broad on who not to like or to start drama with. That's number one. Then number two, when ya bestie exits your life, don't try to backtrack and become friends with the very chicks that you started mess with when ya bestie was in your corner!! For some reason she thinks hollerin', "I'm too classy..too grown.." for this and that makes her look like she's taking the higher road. I think it just makes her look scared and dumb. Just a season ago you was all for the drama and the fussin' and fightin'. The only thing that has changed since then is that Evelyn is now your enemy. Jenn is weak. (And annoying.)

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"The Don" Nas [Video]

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Again" John Legend [Audio]

Just about anything John Legend does is a-okay with me. This (old) song just popped up while shufflin':

10 Year Old Boy Bound, Gagged & Beaten To Death By His Stepfather

Lately I have been staying away from posting incredibly sad and unfortunate stories on this site or even reading them on other sites, but this story is absolutely horrific:

From Bossip:
A ten-year-old boy’s brutal death at the hands of his stepfather could have been avoided after it was revealed the boy called 911 twice in the past year to report abuse. Abdifatah Mohamud, from Buffalo, New York, was found beaten to death in his family’s basement last week. He was bound, gagged and struck repeatedly with a rolling pin. Though the Buffalo Police Department is investigating how officers handled the calls, they did confirm they reported the allegations to Erie County Child Protective Services – who are accused of not doing enough to help the boy or remove him from the home.
They are refusing to comment on the case. A police department spokesman says the police commissioner ordered the investigation into 911 calls made in April 2011, when Abdifatah told authorities his stepfather Ali-Mohamad Mohamud was abusing him. Officers responding to a missing child report last week found the boy’s body. The 40-year-old security guard has pleaded not guilty to a second-degree murder charge.
The Buffalo News said that the officers who responded to the 911 calls immediately reported the allegations to Erie County Child Protective Services and made a domestic incident report, which they also passed on to CPS. The agency failed to remove Abdifatah from the home after this report. Peter Anderson, spokesman for Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz, told the Buffalo News that confidentiality laws prevent him from commenting on any response by the county’s Child Protective Services Division regarding Abdifatah. ‘Personally speaking, I have children of my own, and as a father, this tears at my heart. However, because of state law, we can’t comment on this case,’ said Poloncarz.
Principal at International Preparatory School, where the ten-year-old was a fifth-grade student, said there were troubling warning signs, but the family did a good job of covering it up. Kathy Jamil said in June 2011 he came to school badly beaten up with a swollen forehead and two swollen, black eyes. His father told his teacher he had been in a fight on the bus with another boy. He had that day been ‘horsing around’ with another student but no one actually witnessed the alleged fight. Principal Jamil said: ‘It was very suspicious. But because the student had admitted to wrestling with him and pushing him, it was very possible that he had just got hit the wrong way on the window. ‘I tried to stress in him that he would be safe with me, and he said, “I just had a fight on the bus”.’
CPS officials were also said to have investigated after the boy showed up severely bruised at school but never saw fit to remove him from the home. Principal Jamil also said Abdifatah would say alarming things like: ‘I’m going to get killed, I’m going to be in so much trouble’, but then would follow it by laughing so no one was really sure if he was telling the truth. According to the police report filed last April with CPS, Somalia-born Mohamud explained to the investigating officers that his stepson was accusing him of child abuse because of issues over the boy doing his homework.
When he confessed to killing his son on April 17, he again said he was attempting to discipline his son, who he claimed was kicking him. The 40-year-old admitted tying up his son’s hands, tying him to a chair, sticking a sock in his mouth before duct-taping it shut and then beating him with a rolling pin. He said it was the first time he ever harmed the boy. An autopsy found he had been struck 70 times.
Where's this kid's mom and biological father?!!!

Street Performer Sings Adele's "Someone Like You"


He's good. When I sing Adele (in my beautiful voice) I'm sure that I sound just as good in my female vocals.

My Source: Crowd Ignite

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"Daughters" Nas [Audio]

Nas reflects on karma and raising his daughter. (Even addresses lil Destiny's condoms on the nightstand Twitpic).

"Out of My Mind" B.o.B ft. Nicki Minaj [Audio]

"Put It Down" Brandy ft. Chris Brown [Audio]

This is too cute! (Love ole B!!)
My Source: Arnett @SoundCloud

"Scream" Usher [Audio]

 Let me just say: This song makes me wanna SCREAM alright. And not in a pleasurable manner.(mm'kay.)

I do not like Usher's dance music transition. Not to say that he (or anyone) should be closed in a box and stick to only one musical genre, but this and that "Climax" song can take a fuckin' hike!

My Source: Miss Info

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Cam'Ron's #UnLostFiles: Week One [Audio]

Last week Killa Cam hit Instagram with a promise of 30 tracks in 30 days. Here's the first 6:

Titty Attack & Tears ft. Sen City:  

Love My Life (LML):  

Murder 1:

Higher Baby ft Vado & Rod Raspy

Ooh Baby ft Vado & Sen City--- on the “Just a friend” Biz Markie track

Badman (Vado):

I like: "Murder 1" (and "Badman" kinda).

So, in conclusion: Cam needs to bring it...BRING IT if he wanna be going around dishing out free music for the fans. mm'kay!!o.O (A good example of such a feat would be Kanye's G.O.O.D Fridays. Every track was pure FI'YAHHH!)

How To Lose 20+ Pounds In 12 Weeks & Gain Muscle

One woman, Cabrina Jolly, shares her formula, which resulted in 20 pounds lost and muscle gained in 12 short weeks.

While checking out the latest Pinterest updates, I came across the above picture with a caption that read, "12 week transformation..." I couldn't believe my eyes. This shit is Ah-maze-za-zing!!!! Lawd!!! If my back don't look a runny mess like the picture on da left!!!! (Whew!)

I checked out the link this picture came from and read Miss Cabrina's 12 week workout and meal plan. It seems sho' nuff legit.

CLICK HERE for the plan of a lifetime!! I can say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LUV LUV food,so it won't be easy. But, I'ma try. Beginning.... Maybe May 1st. Let's kick that month off with a bang!

"Blessed" Jill Scott [Video]

I heard this song for the first time about 2 weeks ago. I LOVE IT!!

Check out Jill's self-directed vid for her single "Blessed":

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After 6 Years, Student Paralyzed By A Bully Wins $4.2 Million As A Settlement

Sawyer Rosenstein with his parents
Sawyer Rosenstein has been wheelchair-bound and near death a few times in his eighteen years of life. All as the result from the punch a bully delivered when he was just 12 years old. A clot formed in an artery above his abdomen and traveled to his spine, where it burst; causing paralysis from the waist down. Finally, after 6 years of suffering, the New Jersey school board has made a $4.2 million settlement on Rosenstein's case.

“It feels really great to finally have just a sense of closure … that this really difficult part of my life is behind me,” Rosenstein, an 18-year-old freshman majoring in communication at Syracuse University, told “I can actually focus on all of the successful things that I am doing now and all of the successful plans that I have for my future.”

The Rosenstein’s lawyer, Jeffrey Youngman, said the settlement was “absolutely unique.”

“I see stories virtually, if not daily, every other day on bullying and … it’s one of the first stories where there actually was a result that’s positive and truly helps the family,” he told, noting that the Ramsey Board of Education does not admit liability.
“But the facts surrounding this case are unbelievable, I mean they’re dramatic in that you have a child who actually was pro-active” about dealing with the bullying, he said.
Youngman was referring to emails written by Rosenstein to officials at Eric Smith Middle School – a guidance counselor, an assistant principal – about the harassment.
"I would like to let you know that the bullying has increased," he wrote to his guidance counselor three months before the assault that left him paralyzed, in an email that was reported by The Record. "I would like to figure out some coping mechanisms to deal with these situations, and I would just like to put this on file so if something happens again, we can show that there was past bullying situations."
On May 16, 2006, a bully punched Rosenstein so hard that he fell to his knees. Two days later, he screamed out at home.
“We picked him up and called an ambulance,” his father told the newspaper. "He hasn't walked since."
In 2009, the Rosensteins filed their lawsuit against the school board, various administrators, other individuals and the boy who punched Sawyer; the settlement was agreed to at the end of March. Part of the family’s case included claims that school officials knew or should have known that Sawyer’s attacker had violent tendencies, Youngman said, citing prior punching incidents with others. The family settled with that student two years ago. The terms are confidential.
“What the school was doing was just indicative of what the schools do in these instances: they just have policies and don’t know how to enforce them,” Youngman said. “You can have a written policy all you want, but if it is not put into effect and it's not enforced effectively, you’ve got a policy in name only.”
In a statement, the Ramsey Board of Education said that after three years of depositions and pre-trial discovery, its insurance carriers agreed to the settlement.
“There has been no admission by the Board or by any of its employees of a violation of any law or duty owed to the Plaintiffs,” the statement said.
The board denied allegations that it or its employees had “failed or compromised its responsibility to develop and to implement effective policies and procedures to protect the safety and rights” of the school community, the statement continued, noting that the district "prides itself for the role which it has played in recognizing and developing an awareness of the dangers of bullying, intimidation and harassment in the school setting." 

Maaaaaaaannnnnn!! I have a 12 year old son. And I could not imagine!!!

This kid and his parents reached out to the school's authorities and no one intervened. This case is very unique in that so much harm came from one blow. A lot of folks get punched, maybe get a little bruised and move on. Even if that were the case for Rosenstein, (and I wish it were), compensation from the school would still be very much appropriate.

Bullying is an unfortunate life event for many kids as well as adults. And it needs to stop! Honestly, the first step is in the home. Kids should be raised to respect one another and to have a sense of self-worth and appreciation. With that, when they go outside the home and see someone with nicer clothes on or that may be smarter than them or that's from a different ethnicity or background than their own, they will have some sort of happiness and contentment within themselves enough to let other people just be. That's really what bullying boils down to most of the time. Kids (and adults) that aren't happy within. They tend to attempt to push their ill feelings about themselves off on other people. It starts with the parents!!

Parents, please see to it that your kids have strong mental and emotional stability. And if your kid is a bully, YOU KNOW IT!!! No. You don't go to school with them, but the behaviors of a bully are usually always on. If your kid bullies their siblings or any other family member and/or neighborhood kids... THEY ALSO BULLY KIDS EVERYWHERE THEY GO!! Nip that, please. It ain't cool.

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Reality TV Time: Bad Girls Club, Real Housewives of Atlanta & Basketball Wives

Speaking of "Another Black Girl Lost" (Previous post, courtesy of that lyricist, Nasir.).... Let's talk about the recent reality tv shows I've caught and wish to speak on while they are still fresh on my mind:

Real Housewives of Atlanta:

Nene's whole fit was together and she wasn't playin'.
First, let me say that I caught all of maybe 4 episodes this season. The reality of it is: I WAS BORED TO DEATH AFTER THE 2ND DAMN SHOW THIS TIME AROUND!! They basically just repeating what any other season has ever been about: Accusations, talking behind one anothers' backs, who got more than who, who wore what, fake airs... OH GAWD!!! All the stuntin' and frontin'. (Fuckin' killin' me.)

All these reality shows are a repeat of the next and of previous, so the fact that they ain't really doing nothing new, ain't really nothing new. I guess, added to the fact that I don't really have any one cast member that I can say I like or can identify with or even strongly hate to a degree of obsession, just lead me to missing them and not even caring. While channel surfing last night, I was surprised as hell to see that the Reunion show had already come and is now being ran as a repeat. With nothing else to do, I watched it.

And I must say... Nene Leakes.... Her demeanor on that show has warmed me up to her a whole hell of a lot! What originally turned me off about Nene was the way she used to start shit during previous seasons and damn near seemed like a bully. Then when she decided to split from Greg "because of his cheating ways". I don't personally know Nene or her actual (off camera) relationship with her now-estranged husband, Greg, but that seemed (to me) to be a crock'o shit!! I just don't understand how you put up with all the cheating and the this and that for all these years, WITH NO PROBLEM! Suddenly, you are cast on a reality tv show and begin to make ya own lil bit of money, while his market is crashing (mind y'all), and you wanna roll! I can't get with a bitch that'll kick a nigga when he down. That's just raggedy as hell!

But on that reunion Part I... Nene was on it!! And she was by herself, for real. The whole stage was coming at her. She ain't give a flyin' fuck! (Plus her earrings were cute for a change) The biggest blowup of the show was Sheree getting mad because Nene said "Chateau Sheree" was "Never Land", as in it ain't Neva gonna happen.

That spiraled into a huge debate of whether Nene is rich or not and what each of them can/can't afford... And then it happened: Sheree said Nene can't be that rich because her son was caught shoplifting in Walmart. Wheeeewwwwwwww!!!! Nene got all in Sheree shit! Sheree was tryna hold her own, but her rapid breathing pattern gave her away. She was scared-er than a mothafuck! Had she been breathing fast and wore a angry face, I'd believe that she was just that mad. But she was breathing fast while trying to maintain a nonchalant face. Scared.

The two also got into it over teeth, once again. (smh) When Andy rolled the clip of Kim saying that Nene musta ate her back teeth because they were missing, Nene actually laughed. I LOVE IT!! You gotta be able to take it if you dish it.... Got to!

Nene also had words with Kandi over not being into sex toys (which Kandi has a line of). Kandi mentioned that Nene used to strip. Nene brought up a very good point, in that, that was her past. Over 20 years ago.  Nene finished her argument by saying something like, "I don't want a dildo up my ass today!" And of all the cast members, I can actually say that Kandi is kinda cool. I like her and all, but Nene shut it down with that logic.

Kim also said her lil piece to Nene.. It honestly was kinda like Nene hour. Got to the point where, if she wasn't speaking or being addressed, I ran to the bathroom to finish curling my hair and stopped only when I heard her name or voice.

Next week, two of the LOOSE-EEZ of the crew, Kim and Marlo will have an all out war of words over who's the loosest. I cannot wait!

Basketball Wives:

Nia. My late great-grandmother owned those shades, wig and scowl.
That damn Evelyn!!

Am I the only one that peeped that she wasn't tryin' to even hit her mark when she "threw" that wine bottle at Kenya (in the name of reality tv ratings) on last week's episode?? That was the laziest, half-assed throw I ever did see. When I looked at that, I was just like, "Oh, wow.." I actually did not see the bottle whiz by Shaunie's head. If it was close to hitting her, that's wild. But, the reaction everyone had to that weak ass attempt to get at Kenya was even wilder! Dare I say it even seemed ...(What's that word them reality stars wish us viewers didn't know?...) STAGED?!!!

So, we are introduced to Evelyn's NY homey, Nia. And you know something I can't stand.. When one friend is looking shabby and the other is looking way well off. I had the same problem when Tami first joined the crew. Everyone else in high-end brand gear while she in Rainbow. That just don't look right. Help ya girl out! From hair to what she wear, Nia just don't got it. (Bless her heart) And I can dig it. She ain't a reality tv star with relations to an athlete like the rest of the women. But, E suppose to be ya girl!! She even cried over the way Jen talked down on Nia not having as much as them. I'm just sayin', if you that damn touched over her situation, up that assistant salary. Treat her to an official weave or a few nice pieces in her closet. Ya know.

So, this Nia, comes to the racetrack with all the ladies to confront Jennifer about their diminished friendship. Twitter was blazin' about this wig honey had on. It was really bad. I KNOW Evelyn talks about her behind her back! I KNOW SHE DO!! But, anyways, Nia got so heated that she actually smacks Jennifer in the face and the two commenced to a nice lil war of hand holding and a test of outreached arm strength. I blame Jennifer for that smack. She sat right there and awaited it. The girl asked her if she wanted to be smacked. She said, "Yeah." Nia gets up, comes to Jennifer's side of the table... That's a good 15-20 seconds. Jennifer remained seated. She is a true 40 year old birdbrain. She actually told The Breakfast Club a few months ago that she didn't think security would actually allow Nia to get near her and that's why she remained seated. Um.

And now I see all over the urban blogs that she has filed a suit over this smack. As she said on the show Nia has nothing, so who is she planning to sue??? The future Mrs. Ochocinco, VH1... The racetrack??

And Royce. She's on "The Love of My Life", "The One" number 3 or 4 in as many seasons. As much as I love her attitude when it comes to trying to stay out of all the cattiness and being the voice of reason in many situations, I wish her lust for true love would die!! Rarely does any good come from a forced situation. Just let shit happen, Royce! She goes into every possible relationship thinking, "He's the one!" Just because a nigga opens the door for you or flashes a smile?! Royce. REALLY?!

Bad Girls Club:

Camilla. This bitch wreaks havoc!
That new chick, Camille (or Camilla) is off the hook! Y'all see her sex up Amy in the shower then beat her drunk ass?! I couldn't believe that shit. It was too weird. And surprising. I never thought I'd see the day that Amy got served in that damn house. She been whippin' ass since day one! The asses she hadn't beat steered clear of her by all means. And just like that *snaps*, a new girl comes in and shuts it down!

Camille also snatched Mimi's golden bang out her head. Mimi was laughing about it. She said, "Camille snatched me bald." Threw in that Haitian dialect on that one. LMAO!

Camille scared the hell out of Elease ass too. The two were sharing a room. Elease and the rest of the girls started treating her a lil cold and she peeped it. Came home from a household day out and straight moved Elease shit up out of their room. Unlike the other girls that's always doing some shit on the sneak tip, she passed Elease in the hall and told her that she moved her shit out the room because she on some fake shit. Elease was all surprised like, "How was I being fake?" Really though, Elease?? After you ain't talk to the girl all day long and stayed cliqued up with the other chicks of the house; all y'all leaving her alone??

Instead of arguing with Camille over the situation, Elease ran into the room and started telling the other girls that Camille moved her stuff out the room. Appeared as though she was seeking allies for a lil war. But them chicks ain't wanna get that stupid quite yet. No one confronted Camille over this.

However, at the end of the episode the entire house came down on the poor girl and throws her mattress in the pool and all. She broke a vanity mirror with her bare foot, drew all over the other girls' pictures and all types other pettily vengeful things. It was crazy. And I am definitely ready to see the continuation. I think the next show is also the finale. So, hopefully it airs on schedule and not be pushed back a week or two. Y'all know how Oxygen has done it in the past...

"Another Black Girl Lost" Nas [Audio]

The follow up to Nas' "Black Girl Lost" from the 90's...

WOW! Shit just got really realzz... They don't hear 'im tho.

A Kidnapping And Murder In Texas

Crime scene

Last night as I watched Nancy Grace and her team cover the story of a young mother shot to death in the parking lot of her 3-day old son's pediatrician's office AND that baby being taken by her murderer, I was in complete shock! As well as reminded why I stay away from the news. I run a blog and that statement seems oxymoron-ish, but it's true. The world is a sad place.

From Huffington Post (via AP):

A registered nurse has been charged with capital murder in the shooting of a young mother and the abduction of her newborn son at a pediatric clinic near Houston, a prosecutor said Wednesday.
Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon told ABC's "Good Morning America" that Verna McClain, 30, was charged early Wednesday in the killing of Kala Marie Golden.
Witnesses say an argument broke out between Golden and another woman as Golden left Northwoods Pediatric Center in Spring on Tuesday afternoon with her 3-day-old son, Keegan.
The woman repeatedly shot Golden then snatched the baby from her arms and went to drive away in a blue or light green Lexus, according to witness accounts. The dying woman leaned into the vehicle and tried to take Keegan back, screaming "My baby!" but her attacker sped away.
Ligon said McClain's statement to investigators indicates that she shot the mother as part of a wider plan to kidnap any child and that Golden was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
"There were statements as indicated in the arrest record that were made by Ms. McClain that led us to believe that, in fact, this was an intentional act on her part," Ligon said. "Not that Ms. Golden was targeted specifically, but that this was part of a plan to kidnap a child."
He made no mention of a man whom witnesses said they saw in the blood-splattered Lexus.
Keegan was found unharmed Tuesday evening. Ligon said Child Protective Service officials were looking after him but that they expected the baby to soon be reunited with his father.
Authorities detained a person of interest late Tuesday, but it wasn't immediately clear if that person was McClain, nor if she was detained during the raid. Jail records show McClain lived in Houston.
McLain, a nurse, is not employed by the Northwoods Pediatrics Center, according to a receptionist at the clinic, Jackie Longoria.
Golden's mother, Linda Golden, told the AP that she had been baby-sitting another of Kala's sons when someone at the scene called her using her daughter's cellphone. She rushed to the clinic but was unable to see her daughter because paramedics were trying to save her.
"I wanted to kiss her before they put her in the ambulance," Linda Golden said.


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"Payphone" Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa

Uhhhhh... This may grow on me (May not!).  You know what... uggh!

The artwork is okay. 

"Got That Work" Fabolous [Video]

Fab brings the eye candy for the guys in this one:

Ahhhh yes... The "Women Ruined My Life" t. I'm sure this is male genius. LOLz

Did You See?!:The Sun's Huge Solar Flare [Video]

Somebody's been watching the news this morning. **Points at myself* LOL

The sun is currently in an active phase of its 11-year solar weather cycle and is expected to reach its peak activity in 2013. The current solar weather cycle is known as Solar Cycle 24.

This took place yesterday:


Armed Robberies On A Deserted Street In Montgomery County

Not the actual location.
Last month a man was hit from behind on Jones Lane in Potomac, MD.  Once he exited his vehicle to go over the usual protocol for such an incident, (exchange numbers and license and insurance info...AND PHOTOS--make sure you get those after an accident), masked men from the second vehicle approached him with a knife and gun. He was then bound and forced into the trunk of his own vehicle for a ride around to different ATM's, where the suspects withdrew funds from his bank accounts. O.O

From Fox News:

In the April 14 incident, a 58-year-old man was kidnapped on Jones Lane near Carry Back Drive and robbed at gunpoint. It happened around 12:15 a.m.

The man, who was driving a Volvo, says he was rear-ended, and when he got out to talk to the other driver, he was met by two masked men armed with a long gun and a knife.

Police say the victim was knocked to the ground by the suspects, his ankles and wrists were duct taped together, and he was forced into the trunk of his car. The suspects then drove the man's car with him in the trunk to several ATM locations where they got money from the victim's bank accounts.

Police say the robbers drove the man around for about an hour then brought him to the Poplar Grove Baptist Church at the 14000 block of Jones Lane. The men untied the victim's ankles and wrists, but left him in the trunk of his car.
After they left, the injured man was able to get out and call police. He then went to a hospital where he was treated and released.

Rob Woodruff lives next to the church. He says he can't believe the crime happened in the normally safe neighborhood.
"I've heard of that rouse being used, but not around here. This was a complete shock to me. You wouldn't expect that out here,” says Woodruff.

Police say this wasn't the first time a driver reported a similar incident on the same road. Just before midnight on April 3, a woman says she was rear-ended, but she didn't get out of her car. She called police and says when the driver of the car that hit her saw she was on the phone, the driver made a U-turn and drove away.

In both cases, the suspect vehicle is described as a white or light-colored truck or SUV with Maryland tags.

This is wild! Please stay away from back roads. Especially at night! That lady had the right idea: Stay in yo' damn car!!

Broke fools stay schemin'. SMH

Read more:

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#LoveNYC: NYC's Facebook Photo Contest

The city of New York decided sometime in March to pose a challenge to its residents of capturing the city in their view; with pictures. The use of filters such as Instagram and other photo editing apps was encouraged. After many submissions, a panel has narrowed the best pictures down to 10.

Here are my top 3 choices out of the 10 posted as finals on April 9th:

Stefan Johannson

Brian Podolsky

Milton Washington

The winning photo will appear in Times Square. Now, that's exciting!

I hear other cities will be soon following suit. I'd love to see that. Nothing like a good ole pic! (I ain't lyin')

**Visit to vote.

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The Three Amigos: The Maryland Winning Mega Millions Ticket Has Surfaced

pic found at

...And it doesn't belong to that mentally ill lady that had her Mickey D's coworkers all in a huff about a individually purchased, safely hidden, vaguely familiar-numbered, most recently lost ticket, either! (That lady is crazy!)

"The Three Amigos" are out of Baltimore, MD. They've taken the option to remain anonymous, but have revealed their careers. Two are teachers and one is a school administrator. It's rumored that the trio all say they have no intentions on quitting their day jobs. (Yeah RIGHT!!) With about $73 mill apiece, y'all talkin' about reporting to work everyday to deal with somebody else bad kids when you can just kick back and enjoy life with your own bad ass kids?! Just....STOP IT!

*Once again my Money Train has evaded me. (so sad)

The Government Cracks Down On Smartphone Theft

I saw a news report yesterday about the government's plan to help curb the high volume of reported smartphone thefts.  The iPhone has the "Find iPhone" app, which I think would come in handy if your device were ever to be jacked, but what about all the phones that do not have such an app on its side?? Phones are too expensive to be replacing 'cause somebody thinks it's a good idea to steal one instead of working to obtain one the ole-fashioned way: BUY ONE, legit. It could be from a wireless carrier, a third-party saler's kiosk, eBay, Craigslist... You can find a cell phone for sale damn near anywhere nowadays!

From Wireless Week:

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and Christopher Guttman-McCabe, vice president of regulatory affairs for CTIA, were on hand today in Washington, D.C., to announce a new initiative to help curb the theft of cell phones.
Genachowski and Guttman-McCabe were joined by various law enforcement officials and Sen. Charles E. Schumer, (D-N.Y.), to announce a plan that will allow carriers to disable devices once reported stolen and make it a federal crime to tamper with an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, the equivalent of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
Wireless carriers, in conjunction with law enforcement, CTIA and the FCC, will implement databases to prevent reactivation of stolen smartphones. By October 2012, U.S. GSM providers will implement a database so that stolen GSM smartphones will not work on any U.S. GSM network.
In addition, U.S. providers will create a common database for LTE smartphones designed to prevent smartphones that are reported stolen by consumers from being activated or provided service on any LTE network in the U.S. and on appropriate international LTE stolen mobile smartphone databases. That database will be completed by Nov. 30, 2013.

Sounds like a good plan. Disabling devices and making it impossible to ever use, if reported stolen, sounds real good. I'd hate for a do-bad motha*%!& to come-up off my (or anyone else's) misfortune of a stolen phone. This initiative would serve 'em right!

"Til I Die" Chris Brown ft. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa [Audio]

This is a smooth one. 

"Drank In My Cup" (Remix) Kirko Bangz ft. 2 Chainz & Juelz Santana [Audio]

I never heard the original song, so I can't make any comparisons (as I like to do), but I like Juelz and LOVE Tity Boi!! He's all over the f'n place right now! Every remix. 2 Chainz is featured. That's wild.
But it pleases me, sooo... (Eh.)
My Source: Miss Info

Friday, April 6, 2012

"Mercy" Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz

Ahhhhhh!!!!! 'Ye got me feeling like G.O.O.D Fridays right now! I'm liking this one over "Theraflu". Anyways...**Fingers crossed for new singles on the reg*** 

UPDATED: The HTML code used on the original post was from PhilToronto on SoundCloud. Island Def Jam musta pulled this song from folks' accounts or something because his posting just vanished, leaving a huge white square on my page. If you visited earlier and the song was missing, that's why. Sorry... (And shoutout to Phil!)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Phone Drama: iPhone vs. Android [UPDATED]

Evo 4G WAMPS the iPhone ANYDAY!!

After owning both phones, I'm here to settle this whole, "which phone is better" deal. ANDROID got it, HANDS DOWN!!

My smartphone history goes from Windows to Android to very recently iPhone. And I must say, Apple products, in general, get a lot of hype because they are thought to be a bit more exclusive, I suppose. Now with all the major mobile carriers offering iPhone, and the great deal you get on one for either signing a brand new contract or extending an existing contract, everybody and dey mama can now own one, so it's not as exclusive as it was when only AT&T carried it. But, as I said, in general, it seems as if folks think of it to be the Holy Grail because it is an Apple product and therefore MUST mean that it is far superior than any other product of its kind. I think a lot of people see it as some sort of status indicator. To that I say, BITCH PLEASE!! (with a mean side-eye)

iPhones, (to me.. a droid user for the past 2.5 years), SUCK majorly!..Okay..(Majorly!)

Here's a list of all the CONS I can think up right now:

No Pinching The Home Screen To View Thumbnails of All Screens!!

Androids allow you to do this. You have 7 screens filled with apps and widgets? Would like to go to one that is on the 5th screen??? On an Andorid, simply pinch the home screen and choose the screen you'd like. That's convenience!! On the iPhone, scroll and scroll till you come across the screen you need.

No bluetooth file transfers allowed!! 

Not even to/from my Macbook! I researched and read all sorts of forums on this. I've learned that it's absolutely NOT allowed with any other devices that are not an iPhone and that it may be possible between my Mac and the iphone; however, I have yet to make that connection and transfer work.

On an Android, my friends shared pictures and music with me within a matter of seconds via bluetooth file transfers. I shared files with myself between my Mac and Android within a matter of seconds as well. I had a 16 gb SD card in my old phone. Pictures galore!! I thought I'd just stick it in a friend's phone and bluetooth the pix to my phone. Nope. Rude ass awakening.

Cannot attach files to emails.

I wanted to attach pictures as a file in an email. Messed around for a bit and found that it could not be done. I can email pictures, by going to "Photos" and selecting a maximum of 5 that I would like to send, then choosing to email them. The photos appear in the body of the email. I don't like that. I prefer to have my pictures neatly in a lil attachment that the recipient can click on and choose to view/download on their own. What if I wanted to send some shit I ain't want other folks to see?! As soon as the email is opened.. BAM!! Right there for all to see that's near the computer or phone or tablet or what the hell ever that person is using to view my email. NOT COOL!

No search feature for my music.  
After posting this. I found that if you scroll all the way to the tippy top of whatever list you are viewing in the music app, there is, in fact, a search function. (oopsy!!)

Yeah, the alphabet is listed to the right, (vertically), and this helps when I'm searching for a specific song, artist or album but it ain't nothing like the good ole search I was able to do on my androids!! I like to type in a few letters or word and have a list of hits to choose from. The latest upgrade finally did provide the ability to search through your emails. They need to extend that right on over to the Music app. Believe me, it's very necessary.


Just what in daaaaaa..... IS THAT?!! If you spent a couple hundred on an 8 gig, have fun with your 200 songs, 30 pictures and 10 apps! o.O How is that shit fair?! Any android I ever had came with an 8 gb SD card. Believe me, it doesn't hold NOTHING!! Every few days I'd receive a message letting me know that I was running low and space and might wanna remove something. I found that the 16 gig card (for $40) fit me perfectly. Enough space and then some for all that I had downloaded and saved to my phone. And if that somehow had become too little, I could purchase a bigger card and insert that. Need more space? With an android, that's no problem!

With an iphone it's a huge problem!! You ain't getting nomo' space!! NONE! NO!! DONE!


..begins and ends with the ability to set your lock and home screen background to the image or scene you'd like on an iPhone.

With an android you had CHOICES! Endless choices! Do you know on my Evo 3D my lock screen rained pictures?!! Rained motherfuckin' pix!!

I had Handcent. A nice lil messaging app that allowed me to lock certain senders in a Pivacy Box and set my font, background, bubbles, all'a dat just the way I liked it?!

I had widgets. A full screen for Twitter or Facebook... A Friend Stream widget that gave updates of all posts on the social networks I belonged to. Sadly, the iPhone is all business. (I know these devices can be jailbroken but I also hear that runs a risk. I'm not interested in that.)

The one thing that did make it fun and lent a point to the iPhone tally is INSTAGRAM,  but it's now also available to Androids (from the beginning of this week).

So, you tell me... Which is winning in this lil phone war??

**Oh yeah... Here's a possible pro: iOS stability MAY POSSIBLY trump that of 'Droid. I'm a fairly new user with iPhone, so we shall see...