Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Dream Gets Sued For An Accident He Was Not Involved In!!

According to TMZ, a woman in Georgia suffered multiple, lasting injuries from a car crash in which her vehicle was T-boned and ended on its side, sliding down the street. This woman has since sued the guy who was behind the wheel of the car that T-boned her as well as The Dream.

From TMZ:
Elaine Nowells filed a suit in Georgia, claiming one of Dream's record label employees, Patrick Thrall, T-boned her car while running a red light at a four-way intersection back in June 2010. Nowells claims the accident was so brutal, the car was knocked on its side and slid down the street.Nowells claims she broke her back in the accident and suffered mental and physical pain due to "the shock, fright and terror she experienced." She claims she suffered permanent injuries and says her medical expenses are through the roof.
Nowells filed her suit against Thrall ... but added The Dream and his company as defendants as well. She alleges that since Thrall was on-duty at the time, they can all be held financially responsible. The Dream himself dropped TMZ an email to say, "Pat Thrall Is NOT an EMPLOYEE of Radiokilla Records, IDJ, or any of its affiliate companies. He is an independent contractor (engineer) who was on the way to his hotel when the accident occurred. We are sorry to hear about her injuries and we hope she gets better." He added, "We are almost certain that her attorneys put pressure on her to file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, that's the NEW American Dream. Can't win in life, sue someone who can."

Even if this guy was on Dream's label, just why in the hell would The Dream be responsible for his actions?! Dream got the right idea. People stay schemin' on a easy come up. SMH (I, myself, play the Lotto for my chance.)
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