Monday, June 11, 2012

Erroneous Cancer Diagnosis Leaves Woman With Half A Jaw!!

In New Zealand, a 63 year old woman visited the dentist for swelling caused by a tooth implant. Tests were ran and a diagnosis of cancer came back. The cure: To have the right side of her upper jaw removed, followed up with a bit of reconstructive surgery.

HOWEVER!!.. That cancer diagnosis??.. It did NOT belong to her! o_O

From Huffington Post:

A New Zealand dental hospital is under fire for a lab mix-up that led surgeons to remove part of a jaw from a woman who'd been misdiagnosed with mouth cancer.
A pathologist at Medlab Dental, part of the University of Otago Dental Hospital, dropped two tissue samples on the floor and then mixed them up, according to theOtago Daily Times, which published an investigation on medical labs last week.
The 63-year-old patient -- who was suffering mere swelling from a tooth implant -- was mistakenly told she had mouth cancer. The right side of her upper jaw was removed. Bone and blood vessels were taken from her leg to help reconstruct her jaw.
Now the woman has trouble walking.
"I can't for the life of me understand how you can get tissue samples mixed up," said Dr. Iain Wilson, the oral surgeon who sent her biopsy to the lab, to the Herald on Sunday. "I am astonished and horrified by these lab mix-ups."
The hospital has apologized to the patient, who has contacted a lawyer. Meanwhile, New Zealand's Health and Disability Commissioner is investigating, 3 News reported.

Goodness!! I could not imagine! (Bless her heart!!!)

And this is why 2nd and 3rd and 4th opinions should be considered. I'm not talking about if the doc says you have a cold, you should then follow up with another doctor, but if it is something major, definitely go that extra mile before taking drastic measures. And weigh your treatment options.

I'm not faulting this lady at all for trusting the "professionals". (I'm jus' sayin'.)

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