Friday, June 22, 2012

Melanie Fiona Performs "4 A.M" And Answers A Few Questions With Huffington Post [Video]--Updated

Melanie Fiona, the young lady with the stunning good looks and powerhouse voice, recently sat down with Huffington Post and revealed her musical icons and inspiration, as well as did a little singing.

She notes Sam Cooke and Whitney Houston as her favorite vocal talents and says she admires Lauryn Hill for her versatility, Bob Marley for his message and Sade for her class. And I totally agree with that list!

Melanie has it all: Looks and vocals. ("All" a recording artist needs) So, why do I feel as though she isn't as famous as she should be??? It may have a lot to do with keeping to what she believes in and not letting some record company "create" her. She even mentions that she's not worried about a No. 1. I think that is so badass! (Go, Mel!!)

Click Here To See Performances & Interview

Update!!! I had to remove the videos because Huffington Post ain't allowing their vid content off their site! (grrrr!) click above to be redirected.

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