Monday, June 11, 2012

New Map App For Apple Products With iOS 6!

One of the many feature(-less) things I hated about my transition to the iPhone from Android was the Map! iPhone has a Google map that is HORRIBLE! With the Android phones you can search a business name in the map app and it brings back store hours, reviews, a link for the website, etc. With the iPhone's Google map, you get the telephone number and the website. Sure... Eventually you'd find out the hours on their site and maybe even some reviews on yet another site... But I want info and I be wanting it like NOW!!! (Okay!) And to top it all off, the iPhone's Google Map has no turn-by-turn voice navigation!!! (I can just imagine the number of accidents looking at this damn map while driving has caused!)

Luckily for me, my complaints may all be a thing of the past with the upcoming release of iOS 6, because Apple announced at WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) this morning (Pacific Time) that they have created their own Maps app that come complete with all I've missed and more!


Apple is bringing both 3D and a huge dose of GPS to its new Maps app for iOS.
The iPhone maker revealed today at WWDCa new in-house 3D Maps app built entirely from the ground floor up. The 3D option isn't turned on by default but can easily be switched on by the user via a large button logically dubbed 3D.
The Flyover feature displays 3D, photographic maps that you can rotate with your fingers to get a true view of any location. Why Flyover? Search for a location or landmark, and the app flies you over there to bring you the bird's eye view. But 3D is also available in satellite view, slightly higher than your average bird can fly.
And 3D isn't the only cool feature. The app is tapping into the GPS arena by helping drivers trying to navigate their way through traffic.
Besides offering turn-by-turn directions, the app includes a new traffic service that shows you the location of accidents, courtesy of crowd-sourcing, so you can try to avoid them.
The app also displays the ETA for your destination and will try to uncover a better route when you're stuck in traffic. It even works when your iPhone or iPad is at the lock screen.
And you don't have to take your eyes off the road since the app works with Siri. So you can tell your device where you want to go, and Siri will speak the directions to you and alert you to where you have to go next.

I cannot wait!! I avoid this damn Maps app like a plague right now! (Uggh!)

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