Sunday, June 17, 2012

Will Bottle Service Become A Thing Of The Past In NYC Nightclubs??

That bar brawl between Chris Brown and Drake had quite a few folks seeking immediate medical attention. This far I have heard of, Brown, who had a gash to the chin, a model who was said to be with his crew that night, NBA player Tony Parker that says glass flew in his eye(s), Brown's bodyguard, whose bloody hospital pic was all over every blog imaginable, as well as a few club goers not associated with any sort of fame.

I hear NYPD is investigating. Club W.i.P has been shut down and it's manager arrested. (I'm not sure if those actions are a direct result of the fight or not) And I've seen reports of Drake instigating the entire fight and has been asked to turn himself in for arrest.

Regardless of all the fingerpointing of who started what, unsuspecting people have been injured and someone has to be held accountable. The lawsuits are pouring in and I can only say that had I been there... I would have been on the other side of that lawyer's desk faster than a speeding Ace of Spades bottle!! "Gimme my mon-nee!" (okay!) no matter the extent of my injury. I could have simply fell trying to get away from it all. No matter. "Pay up!!" A gash and 6 stitches is about to put a bitch in a whole 'notha tax bracket! (Hear me?!)

All jokes aside, this is all pitiful and if NYC Council Speaker, Christine Quinn, has her way, bottle service will be stripped from NYC clubs. Reportedly, she was involved in an "emergency" meeting regarding this issue and believes this will prevent violence in the club such as the infamous Brown/Drake battle. (This is for sure a direct result.)

Quinn's stance is, of course, ridiculous and probably won't see the light of day in the city. Violence actually thrives in most nightclubs and in the streets all over. Maybe she should fight to get and keep your everyday weapons, such as guns, off NYC streets. I mean... If she really cares about the well-being of the city's visitors and residents. O_o

Unfortunately, this shit simply served as another opportunity for folks of all races to say, "Niggas don't know how to act fo' shit!!" and shake their heads in disappointment.

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