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Jay-Z!!!!!! *Screamin'** Budweiser: Made In America, Shows In Philly!

Yes...Other acts will be there, but I'm screamin' JAY!!

I'm pretty sure my b-day gift ideas have just changed.

Generic Drugs: Great For The Consumer, Bad For Big Business' Bottom Line

JB Reed/Bloomberg News
"Big Business" would be the pharmaceutical companies that wholly profit from the misfortune of the ill with an exclusive drug that one sole company manufactures and distributes. That's horrible. (coming from a consumer standpoint) I used to work for a health insurance company and I'd see these claims that come in for one single prescription that costs $400 dollars or more per month!! That's a shame. Can you imagine having a condition and needing this costly med with no insurance?! Or having a jacked up insurance policy with a huge upfront deductible, leaving you to pay an exorbitant amount out of pocket?! Reality for many Americans across the nation is to go without the proper healthcare and treatment. People are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, lights on and food in the fridge. C'mon now!!

With the pharmaceutical companies I kind of feel their pain. Your employees slaved for years to create this needed drug, millions or maybe even billions are put into research and testing of this drug. Your company perfects it with minimal side effects before any other company.. Yes. You should at the very least recoup on the costs it took to get to the point of this drug being available to the public. That's fair. But in the process, the public continues to hurt. Generics are a savior for many.

And I always wondered why some drugs have generics and others do not. Reading this NY Times article I found that companies place patent protection on their drugs. I am not sure of the length of time this protection remains in place, though I read somewhere that it could be up to 20 years!! And again, that is awesome for the manufacturer. Years and years of profit! That's great! 20 years is a nice run, I think. But once that run is over, (even though it was a gigantic, profitable run) these companies feel crushed as the money begins to trickle in as opposed to rush in, with the availablilty of comparable generics. **And the public rejoices*

From NY Times, Eli Lilly and Bristol-Myers struggle to cope:

Company earnings plunged 23 percent in the quarter, months after its biggest product, Zyprexa for schizophrenia, lost patent protection in the United States. The pain will intensify late next year, when the $5-billion-a-year depression drug Cymbalta goes generic.

Quarterly global sales of Zyprexa fell 73 percent, to $380 million. Sales of Cymbalta, now Lilly’s top product, jumped 22 percent, to $1.22 billion, from the period a year earlier.

Lilly’s quarterly earnings exceeded Wall Street forecasts. The drug maker, based in Indianapolis, said profit margins should improve after 2014, once the damage from patent expirations on its top drugs has abated. It also raised its 2012 profit outlook because the stronger dollar has reduced the cost of overseas goods used to make the company’s products.

The company earned $924 million, or 83 cents a share, down from $1.2 billion, or $1.07 a share, in the period a year earlier. Excluding special items, it earned 83 cents a share. Analysts had expected 77 cents, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.
Revenue fell 10 percent, to $5.6 billion.

Bristol-Myers reported lower quarterly sales and earnings, as cost-cutting and sales gains for newer drugs only partly offset the plunging sales of its Plavix blood clot preventer and Avapro blood pressure medicine, now facing generic rivals.

The company said it still expected a full-year 2012 profit, excluding special items, of $1.90 to $2.00 a share. That would reflect a decline of 12 to 17 percent from 2011, when Plavix was the world’s second-biggest-selling medicine. The drug lost patent protection in the United States in May.

Net income was $808 million, or 38 cents a share, compared with $1.31 billion, or 52 cents a share, in the period a year earlier. Excluding special items, Bristol-Myers earned 48 cents a share, in line with analysts’ expectations, according to Thomson Reuters.
Revenue fell 18 percent, to $4.44 billion.

Oh my!! You mean to tell me REVENUE FELL???! $4.44 BILLION!... $5.6 BILLION!!

..Meanwhile, some old lady with a fixed income of $10,000 a year is patiently awaiting a generic form of a once-exclusive drug to alter her daily life. I feel for the masses, not these super-rich companies.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Health Insurance Rebates Are Coming!!

What! What!!!??!

Hear about this Federal Health Care Reform Law, which requires health insurance companies to return a bit of cash to its members/subscribers that used less than 80% of premiums paid towards their policies for the year by August 1st.

From NYTimes:

As a result, insurers will pay out $1.1 billion this year, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, although not all of it will go to individuals. The average rebate will be $151 per household, with the highest average amounts in Vermont ($807 per family), Alaska ($622) and Alabama ($518). No rebates will be issued in New Mexico or Rhode Island, because all the insurers in those states met the 80/20 requirement.
Although the percentage of insurance companies that owe rebates this year is relatively small, about 14 percent, many giants of the industry are on the list. They include Aetna, Cigna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare.
President Obama is highlighting the rebates as a tangible early benefit of the legislation; on the day the Supreme Court upheld the law as constitutional last month, he said millions of Americans would see rebates because their insurance companies had “spent too much on things like administrative costs and C.E.O. bonuses, and not enough on your health care.”
So is your check in the mail? Don’t count on it.
Self-insured employers, which cover more than half the nation’s workers, are exempt from the new rule, as are Medicare and Medicaid. And of the 75 million people in health plans subject to the rule, only about 17 percent, or 12.8 million, will get rebates this year, according to the Obama administration.
Many who buy coverage directly from insurers, like Ms. Harkenreader and other self-employed people, are receiving checks. But in most cases rebates are being sent to employers, who can chose to put them toward future premium costs instead of distributing them to workers.
“I’ve been trying to explain that to people — that very few people would be getting a check,” said Timothy S. Jost, a law professor at Washington and Lee University who is an expert on the health care law.
Still, he and others say the rebate provision could prove a potent selling point for a law that remains unpopular with many Americans, not to mention a well-timed tool for the Obama re-election campaign. Premiums — and anger toward insurance companies — keep rising: the cost of employer-sponsored family health plans jumped by 9 percent last year to more than $15,000, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

And once again, I say... WHAT! WHAAAAAAA?!!!

For myself and my son, I pay a little over $400 for health, dental, vision,life. I'm pretty sure that health is the bulk of those costs. I'd much rather get a check in my mailbox like the women mentioned in the above article, but understand that this may not be the case for me. I don't like that scenario, but I understand it from what's written above.

If my employer receives this large rebate for all of its insured employees, how can I be sure that this rebate reaches and positively effects me any?! That's all I really want. Let me feel the positive payback! After all, I am the individual most in need. My employer ain't hurtin' for no rebate (I'm sure.).

"Old School Caddy" Hit-Boy ft. Kid Cudi [Audio]

My Thoughts on "Settling"... Good or Bad?? [Updated]

Pic Source

There was a time in life that I was happily single. And "happily" is an understatement, even. I was taking care of my household and pretty much had my life in order to a degree whereas I felt as though I had no use for a man in my life (besides the occasional intimate desires). I guess you can say I suffered from the "Independent Women Syndrome".  And I noticed in living that Single Life, it is hard out there for those that truly want to settle down with that right one. To settle or not to settle...

Let me tell ya, I was there before (not too long ago), going on date after date and spending time...WASTING TIME with bad date after bad date! At the time it wasn't much sweat off my back. I saw these dates as just another story to tell my girls or sister. One more thing to laugh about. But I've realized that there are women (and men) out there that loathe the Single Life and truly meet folks with the hopes that that person will be "The One". For that type, failed prospect after failed prospect ain't too funny. And after awhile a person starts to think, "Anything's better than this." And that's where settling comes into play.

Settling. This word sounds so... negative!! To SETTLE. Settling (to me) means you couldn't obtain THIS, so you just took THAT because that's what you could get at the time. (See how fucked up that sounds?) As messed up as it may be, that's just reality. Everyone wants what they perceive to be THE BEST, but the truth is only a fraction really has the means to get that. For instance, when it comes to purchasing a car or a home, we'd all want that perfect home with extra bedrooms, prime location, great schools for our kids, etc. And when it comes to a car we want all the bells and whistles wrapped in a nice, gleaming package with some foreign maker's symbol adorning the hood and trunk. That's what we all want, but when that credit gets pulled and finances checked, we won't all be living in that beautiful cul-de-sac with a S550 in the driveway. Some of us may be living in a condo with a Hyundai outside. That's just the way it is. 

Unfortunately, the same goes for when we seek partners. Y'all saw What Chili Wants, the VH1 reality show featuring Chili of TLC. She had an arm's-length list of "What Chili Wants" in a man. And I admit, she had a few good ones on her list, HOWEVER!!..When taking that list collectively, she'll forever be single. Very few people have it all. You want a rich, faithful man that attends church every Sunday, loves his mama, volunteers in 3rd World countries majority of the year, works out religiously, knows how to cook, keeps his fingernails clean at all times and must be the same race as you. Really? Good luck finding that man. Not to say that it's absolutely no chance in hell that a man such as this does not exist, but, c'mon!! This is a needle in a haystack-type search. With luck, you may find it fast. With reality, you'll give up long before you even come close to finding it. So, you'll either be alone forever or alone until you're like 60, when Mr. Right has been trained as a culinary expert, is too old to cheat and  learned how to keep his nails clean at all time,s all AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

...But if you lose interest in waiting and hook up with a guy that has, let's say... 80-90% of what you want in a partner, that's "settling" in the technical sense of the word, but not all that negative, really, I don't think.  Sometimes you gotta take what you get and make it work. Just make sure that it's workable. Things such as finance, health, respect... Those are huge and can and SHOULD be deal breakers. You definitely don't want to settle with anything that lacks those three. Majority of all else lacking just may be workable. (Not always, but most of the time.) I mean, why pass over a nice, mildly used luxury vehicle just because a back carpet is stained?! It's a good price and is decent otherwise. Get it and replace that damn carpet!!

Listen. Growing is great. Especially if you have a partner by your side reaching for common goal(s), supporting you in your beliefs and what's important to you; and you doing the same for them. Coming from a (former) "Independent Lady", I can say I don't miss The Single Life all that much.  Suddenly life feels a tad more structured and sturdy. "Settling" for 8 outta 10 ain't bad. Not bad at all, considering that all the men I met and THOUGHT had 10 out of 10 really turned out to have only a good 2 out of 10 about 3-4 weeks into getting to know them. (Sometimes dudes would fake it, tryna make it, even longer than that! o.O) So, yeah.. A consistent 8 is DAMN GOOD!


Okay. My dude saw this post and he's all like, "What da fuck is this?!!" To that I say, "It's a post on MY blog." O.O (emphasis on the "MY") I don't believe there's anything wrong with the post as far as he is concerned. Although I can see where it needs a bit more explanation. Many times I write and give not a single thought to how others will take it. As long as I get it, it's cool, I guess. That's probably the wrong mindset to have. (Give me a break. I'm learning)

So, to further explain, when I mentioned about wanting what we (as individuals) consider to be THE BEST but having to settle, like in the scenario of purchasing a car or a home, I mean to say that we all have our own hangups. Just like when you attempt to buy that car or home you like, YOU may fall short of obtaining that. Credit's not too good. Your pay isn't quite enough for a bank to feel secure enough to loan you the amount you need or maybe you haven't saved enough for the required down payment...

Myself, for instance, I KNOW I have hang ups. I'd say that my attitude and hypocrisy are most likely enough on their own to run any dude away. I'm aware of these hang ups and I can honestly say that I'm not really working on either flaw. My attitude is really a "I'm right even when I'm wrong" 'tude. And I do a lot that I don't expect others to do, like catch attitudes fast. These two things are in addition to maybe a couple other short comings. (Maybe just one or two others.. *_*) When it comes to a dude that will accept my flaws and deal with this bipolar 'tude, I think I lucked up. We share the same humor, logic, goals..We've been friends for over 13 years; he gets me. And I get him.  After knowing each other so long it never ocurred to me that we would ever be an item. I feel as though I was seeking this person that looked perfect on paper (a list of all pros) and in my head and came up empty-handed every time. I realized that looks lead you wrong just about every time! Dudes that talk a good game lead you wrong just about every time! Especially those that dress nice and got a decent ride. Them suckas be 'bout THEE BROKEST!! Will have you paying for their meal at Mickey D's and shit. (Wtf is that?!)

I'm merely sharing what I've personally experienced and have witnessed with others that are on the Dating Scene. At the end of the day, we're all individuals and when it comes to a long-term relationship, trust your gut above all else. No matter if you spend your entire life searching for your "BEST" partner, while searching beware of the bull and don't ignore the one that's usually right under your nose the whole while.

Album Review: Emeli Sandé 'Our Version of Events'

My sis recently asked me, "You heard that girl that sound like Beyonce?" I thought to myself, "Girl that sounds like Beyonce??" (puzzled) No. I hadn't heard a chick that sounds like Beyonce. Her sound is pretty distinct. My sister went on to say that a young lady with a funky hair cut has a song called "Next To Me" that plays on VH1's Jump Start every morning, the singers sounds just like Beyonce and she likes the girl's style.

Immediately, I hit Google (I'm a self-proclaimed "Google Queen" by the way). "Next To Me". By Emeli Sandé. A cute girl from the UK with a funky, cute, blonde cut and nice voice. I checked out "Next To Me" first. And I saw the Beyonce similarities vocal-wise. I wouldn't mistake her for Beyonce, though. But the similarities are there. So, I checked out her entire album, which shot up to the top on the charts in the UK fairly fast, I hear. And I like it. Sandé is a songwriter and it shows all throughout her album. The entire album is an easy listen, but my two favorite tracks off an initial listen are: "Hope" and "My Kind of Love".  Her voice is crisp. Pure. Not many runs that last forever. Just clear and cut. Refreshing.

'Our Version Of Love' is available on iTunes and Amazon

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Bizarre News: A Man's "Man Part" Was Stolen As He Tried To Sleep!!

Talk about waking up a little lighter...

From Huffington Post:

Thieves stole a man's penis while he slept, according to police.

Fei Lin, 41, of the Niqiao village near Wenling City, in east China’s Zhejiang province, told police he was asleep when the thieves burst into his room and put a bag over his head, according to CEN/EUROPICS and as reported in the Daily Star.

"They put something over my head and pulled down my trousers and then they ran off," Lin said. "I was so shocked I didn't feel a thing - then I saw I was bleeding and my penis was gone."

Police believe the attackers were jealous lovers of several local women whom Lin was having affairs with, the Austrian Times reported. Lin denied taking part in any infidelity.

Emergency workers and police searched for Lin's anatomy but turned up nothing, according to TNT Magazine. The penis thieves are nowhere to be found, but police said they're looking for the jealous lovers.

WOW!! Can you imagine the level of faithfulness if this were the way cheaters were handled, in general?  He ain't see that coming. (A pack of jealous lovers. Shame.) O_O

"Maybach Curtains" Meek Mill [Snippet]

This audio is tagged up by some dj... Best I could find though. Meek's team did an awesome job of snatching this song from sites online since yesterday. (I mean....A-Maze-Zing!) Can't find this thang nowhere! And when I do find it, it's tagged up heavy and just a little over two minutes long. Grrrrrr!

Nas is supposed to be on this one, no??

"Diced Pineapples" Rick Ross ft. Wale & Drake [Audio]

"Dope Bitch" Fabolous (x The Dream) [Audio]

I never did like "Dope Bitch" by The Dream and Pusha T. Even though I really like Push and Dream (the latter solely for his songwriting abilities), the hook on this song just drives me crazy! In the worst way possible. I know y'all feel me...

Recently Fab took the song (hook and all, unfortunately) and gave it a lil "Fab-over". Check it out:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

21 Year Old, Pregnant Woman Bound, Gagged & Set On Fire!! Boyfriend In Custody!

In Phoenix, AZ, the body of pregnant 21 year old, Shaniqua Hall was found ablaze in her apartment between her bed and a wall on July 15th. Reports say she was just weeks away from giving birth to her second child with her boyfriend, 21 year old Jamar Robinson.

Robinson reported the fire after returning home from paying a $5 weed debt with his and Hall's 2 year old daughter in tow. (really??!) Besides the fact that he dragged his daughter on this bullshit "trip" with him, he's a grown ass man. Wtf he doing owing anybody $5?! He says that he could see smoke and blacked out windows in the apartment from the parking lot, although the apartment could not be seen from where officers reported his position at the time of their arrival (in his parked car). Search of the apartment revealed a backpack belonging to Robinson that held the same type of duct tape used to cover Shaniqua's eyes and bound her feet, a key that appears to belong to the handcuffs around her wrists and a can of lighter fluid thought to be the accelerant used to set her on fire.

Along with his bullshit alibi, the contents of his bag are more than enough to seal Robinson's fate. He is currently in custody, facing two murder charges.

Stories like this are mind boggling. My mind will never understand how/why a man would do anything to harm their child and/or their child's mother.

Update:**Jamar's first name reported as Dwanddarrius.**

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"Birthday Song" 2 Chainz ft. Kanye West [Audio]

9 Year Old Boy Beats On Toddlers At A Daycare Center

This video is a whole new level of CRAZY!!

A 9 year old boy is caught on camera delivering smacks, kicks, bites and punches to 2 toddlers at a daycare center:

This makes me sooooo upset!! First, the daddy. I can't say how I'd react in a situation such as this. I know for sure I would want to smack up any little kid that beats on mines, but actually going inside the establishment and smacking up a little 6 year old??... I think I'd probably wait for the parents and deliver them an asswhipping. That would serve to 1. Set a fire under the parents' asses to get their kid in check ASAP and 2. To let the witnessing kid know that mommy and daddy can't beat this. So what he think would happen to his little ass if he touch mine again??! o.O  But I guess them kids' father acted out of pure madness. I just could not imagine...

But then let's talk about this shitty ass daycare:

1. I thought daycare was for little children. Why is this 9 year old in daycare?? This leads me to believe that he's somehow tied to either the owner or the daycare worker on duty that day. Possibly a family member or friend?? When my son was 9 years old daycare was a long forgotten thought in my mind. Those days were over by Kindergarten.

2. Why is this daycare worker NOT doing her fuckin' job?! She's doing everything BUT her job: On the phone, leaving the room full of kids, etc.

3. Why did the daycare worker allow this man to come back in and smack up this kid??! Even if he was smacking up the right kid, he should have never been allowed to actually get within arm's reach of the child! She just stands there like, "Ohhhhh Lawd!"(WTF?!)

4. Is that lady the only one there at the time?.. If so, that is crazy! There's way too many kids there for just one person to handle! Especially one person that ain't even there to work!

I cannot believe charges will not be brought against this kid. That's ridiculous! And if those kids were mine, I'd find out where this kid lives... Get a 12 or maybe even a 13 year old to fuck his lil ass up!! I mean, totally fuck his ass up! After all, he believes in unfair fights. He beats up on one and two year olds. His 9 year old ass can surely take a whippin' from a pre-teen or early teen with no probs, rights?

I have a feeling that he just does what is done to him, though. I've seen it enough times. Maybe his mother, father, older brother or cousin beats on his defenseless ass. He then turns around and does the same shit to some other little kids. That's fucked up! And if that is the case, he needs to be taken from his parents, evaluated and medicated!

**If (and when) I have another child, it will NOT be left under no ones' care other than the grandparents, me and the father! I know a stay-at-home mom and a stay-at-home dad and that's the way to go!! Daycare is too damn expensive and shit like this is real!

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"La La La" Snoop Dogg/Lion [Audio]

Snoop goes full-blown Reggae-style on "La La La"..

What y'all think?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Scrappy Ain't Shit & Karlie Redd IS NOT Pop Star Material! (Sorry.)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is really just much too much of an idiotic thang (for me). And I promised myself that I would not be watching this cast and its happily dumb moments anymore. Buuuuutttt... Even I, have my moments when there is absolutely nothing to do and t.v. is my one comfort. I literally timed watching the 2nd episode of BGC 9 On Demand so that I could catch last week's episode of #LHHATL directly afterwards the other day. I needed 2 hours of my life to be "occupied". Probably more, but ehhh... I takes what I can get. Ya'know.

So, I actually did not think to write anything about the show, but yesterday I came across a short interview Funky Dineva conducted on the set of Kandy Koated Nights with Mimi and Karlie Redd. Y'all know these two characters from Love and Hip Hop. Karlie is the beautiful (physically) 40-something year old still chasing her dreams of being a known (Pop/R&B?) recording artist. And Miss Mimi is Steebie (Stevie) J's longtime "girlfriend" of 15+ years. Yeah.... Funny. And ole Funky Dineva went in!! I laughed soooo hard! *Catch the video below**

Before posting the video though, I gotta speak a bit about what I think of last week's episode. Scrappy. See now.. He confuses me. Episode prior he seemed to have a lil morals and appeared as a standup dude when he approached Stevie J about calling his girl/baby mama out her name and fighting to defend her honor and whatnot. But this last episode he totally shone in a much different light with his cheating, back-handed ways.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong: Scrappy was with his baby mama, Erica, in a relationship. He drops Erica without warning and begins dating Diamond. Erica becomes aware of this other relationship (he began) through blogs and they break up. (Fast forward to) Years later Diamond do him like he did Erica, by dating Soulja Boy while she is still in (what Scrappy thought) a solid relationship with Scrappy. And Scrap finds out about this relationship through... BLOGS. Talk about KARMA!! (I love it!) So, now Scrappy is bringing this cycle of "Dirty" full-circle. Once again, poor Erica has been blindsided. Scrappy has been telling her in all episodes prior to the last that they are together and trying towards longevity. The girl actually thought they were on the path to getting married, for crying out loud!! But the whole while, Scrappy was hooking up with Buckey (from The Flavor of Love) and planning to begin a 'ship with her.

Scrappy's ways with women is outrageously... OUTRAGEOUS!!! Just dumb! He uses Erica until what he feels to be something better comes along and is a sure thing for him. And that is FUCKED UP! Poor Erica. Not only did he shit on her and begin a relationship with Diamond and not tell her.... How fucked up is it to be the last to find out that your man has left you for another?? I don't mean that he's got a boo thang on the side. I mean, he actually done moved on from ya. No plans to keep you in the picture what-so-eva!! That is FUCKED UP!! But, Erica, (bless her heart), forgave his ass and decided to not kick him while he was down after the very thing he did to her was done to him (by the girl he left Erica for!). She was there with open arms to console him and give him another chance. And that's big of her, I guess. 'Cause I would have made his ass feel so dumb if I were Erica. Nigga think he gonna shit on me and then come back to me after the next bitch done shit on him??... Oh no, no, noooooo! We ain't playin' those type games over here!

And do you see what she gets in return for genuinely being there for him and loving his weak ass??! (Right!) She gets another ride on his FUCKED UP roller coaster. As I mentioned above, Erica thought they were on their way to the alter. TOGETHER! And meanwhile he schemin' on this other chick with the ratty ass chestnut brown weave. And he finally let Erica know last episode that he no longer wanted a relationship with her. That's cool, but he still ain't keep it 100 though. He suffered an asthma attack and Erica did not accompany him to the ER. He used this as an excuse to end their relationship. At first I was with him when he explained that the chick left him within an inch of life and went to work instead of going with him to the hospital. That's inexcusable to leave ya man "dying" so that you don't miss work.

But Erica gave a bit of a different story. She says that Scrappy went out the night before and got wasted. He's asthmatic. They are no strangers to him having episodes with this condition. When he woke up the next morning complaining, after exhausting himself with a night of drinking and partying, she's seen this before. He needs medical attention, but 9 times out of 10, he's gonna be alright. She called up one of his homies to make sure he'd get the help he needed and she went on about her day. I understand this view. When you experience a certain situation enough times you learn what the response should be. Had this been her first or second time experiencing issues with Scrappy's asthmatic condition, I'm sure she would have been in full panic mode and nothing could have made her leave his side. But it wasn't the first or second time. She acted accordingly, I suppose. I can understand that and I am sure Scrappy can too. He just needed a reason (any reason) to drop her and move on with Buckey. o.O That's that bullshit!

Erica saw straight through his ass and told him the whole "You weren't there for me when I suffered that attack the other day!!" excuse was just that: AN EXCUSE! She knew there was something more to it. I love that Erica ain't THAT dumb. She's dumb enough with taking him back after he did her dirty once, but she ain't dumb to the point that she falls for his bullshit story on why he no longer wants to be with her. Scrappy ain't shit for pulling this bull on Erica twice! And for leaving his daughter and Erica in that outdated, fucked up ass house while he moves into a nice, up-to-date townhouse on a beautiful sunny street.

And Karlie Redd: Her performance of "Gucci, Louis, Prada" or whatever the hell, made me cringe! Did she jack Kreayshawn's "Gucci, Gucci" words or what?! Karlie is old enough to be Kreayshawn's mama. Is she serious right now?? "Pop them tags..Pop them tags.." Seriously??! And then the little moves on the stage was just... (Uggh!) Karlie done wasted her life and her vag chasing a motherfuckin' music career. Whole time she coulda merely trapped a baller, rapper, actor, etc. and been a lifetime baby mama (think Kim Porter). Or she could have worked on becoming an actress or model or something. Anything!!.. Other than this career as a recording artist. Unless you Madonna, we ain't interested in any woman over 40 being a Pop star. It just don't work like that. And that pleather (may it last fo'eva) bike jacket she had on when Benzino approached her made me cringe as well. BITCH!! Based on what everyone else had on, I'm guessing it's fuckin' warm outside! You got on this vinyl jacket, jeans and sandals. Cut it out!

That's all I really gots to say about that one. Check out Mimi and Karlie Redd's attempts to defend their stupidity to Funky Dineva:

For real though, I hope Karlie don't think she got n'er friend in that room. Friends don't laugh at you like that. Shame.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"3 Kings" Rick Ross ft. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z [Audio]

Ross bringing it for God Forgives, I Don't, right?!

A$AP Rocky Arrested After A Fight With Folks Snapping Pics!!

Oh, my lil A$AP Rock-Rock!! What's going on?!!!

According to TMZ.com, A$AP Rocky was engaged in a verbal argument with someone on a street in Manhattan when two people (not sure if they are/were fans or not) began to snap pictures of him. He and a friend then commenced to whipping ass. Let the reports tell it, the two behind the cameras (most likely smart phones) suffered injuries and one even sought care at a local hospital.

I hate to hear about dumb mess like this. Stars get provoked, act out and pay dearly from the pocket. Especially new(er) stars. This young boy ain't too far removed from the streets to not respond impulsively as he did. And believe me, it's folks out there that know that and will use it to their advantage. (We'll be hearing about a lawsuit soon. SMH.)

Gunman Opens Fire In Colorado Movie Theater, Killing 14 & Injuring 50!!

A gunman said to be in his early 20's opened fire during a midnight showing of the latest Batman film:  Dark Knight Rises, killing 14 and injuring 50.

From Huffington Post:

A heavily armed man entered a movie theater in suburban Denver early Friday and opened fire, killing at least 14 people and injuring 50 others.
The incident, which took place about 12:30 a.m. at the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colo., occurred during midnight screenings of the new Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises."
When the movie patrons realized the attack was real and not part of the movie, they began to flee. The film continued to play on the screen as bloodied customers took refuge outside. According to witnesses on the scene, some of the bullets also went through the walls of an adjacent theater, injuring patrons there.
Soon after receiving a flood of 911 calls, more than 250 police officers, ambulance and emergency crews were called to the scene.
The suspect was found near a car behind the theater and arrested. He was dressed in black, carrying a knife, rifle and a handgun, and wearing a bulletproof vest. His identity has not been released but he is thought to be in his early 20s. A motive for the attack is unknown.
Police also searched the suspect's North Aurora home after he spoke of "possible explosives in his residence," Oates said. Authorities evacuated the building as a precautionary measure.
Ten victims died at the theater and four at area hospitals, the police chief said.
At this time, there is no evidence of additional shooters.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nas' 'Life Is Good' IN STORES NOW!!

Soooooo.... Since "Nasty" dropped (like last summer!!) I been waiting for the next full album from Nas! After dropping tidbits here and there over the past year or so, the album hit iTunes and stores. I got my deluxe copy on iTunes ($14.99). 19 songs and the videos to "Daughters" and "The Don".

The album is 19 strong. No skipping. Every song is good. A definite buy.

'Life is Good' and (Ocean's) 'Channel Orange': BEST ALBUMS thus far IN 2012!!

Buy on iTunes

Frank Ocean & Earl Sweatshirt Perform "Super Rich Kids" Live In L.A.

Monday, July 16, 2012

3-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots & Kills His Father [News Clip]

OMG!! Reportedly, 3 year old child got ahold of his father's handgun, accidentally shooting and killing him (the father).

Maybe I think everything is "funny" (most times I call situations right, though) but this story is indeed "funny"... odd..

How is it that the news report says the victim's wife and 3 other relatives were on-site at the time of the shooting. And not one single adult there noticed this kid had a gun in his hands??... Something ain't right about that. The father is doing renovations on a house and he brings his entire fam with him (nearly), as well as a loaded handgun and he ends up dead.

Something just ain't right about these "facts".

Sad that a child is caught up in this story. (Whether it actually went down as the adults on the scene claim or not)

"Amen" Meek Mill ft. Drake [Video]

Friday, July 13, 2012

Chinese University Games Hurdler Runs THROUGH Hurdles (Not Jump Over..)

Look. It's more than one way to win (or in this case still lose) a race. Watch as a hurdler fails the first couple hurdles and decides that instead of jumping the obstacles, he'll just run right through 'em!

...Sometimes you gotta keep on movin'.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Swag Champ" Fabolous [Video]

This vid is silly. (Just my style. LOL)

"End/Golden Girl" Frank Ocean ft. Tyler the Creator [Audio] UPDATED

Frank Ocean Day has been extended to FRANK OCEAN WEEK (here at MckenzieLacroix.com)!!

Here's a bonus track, featuring Tyler the Creator, that will appear on the physical copy of Frank Ocean's 'Channel Orange' that hits stores Tuesday:

"End/Golden Girl":

"End" appears on the digital copy from iTunes as an outro a little over 2 minutes long. After a long moment of silence, "Golden" appears with a length of about 5 minutes as a hidden track (of sorts). And just like the rest of the album, the song's nice.

UPDATE: I wrote the above about midway through the song. Listening to the entire song, I can say that Tyler's verse totally threw a nice, mellow tune into the choppy waters of that Odd Future flow he's famous for. Imagine being on a beautiful beach with clear skies and birds chirping and in a blink of an eye the scene changes to dark, looming clouds with waves the height of buildings coming ashore. Yes. A bit shocking. Caught me off guard.

"Don't Miss This Jet (Jet Life Remix)" Curren$y feat. Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne & Big KRIT

An Ohio Man Stabbed Another Man Over A Pair of Lebrons. “I wasn’t going to lay down like a punk.”

In the latest edition of "When Keeping It Real Goes WRONG!":

Police say an Akron man stabbed another man over a missing pair of LeBron James shoes.

According to an incident report provided to Fox 8 News by Akron Police, the stabbing took place on Tuesday evening at a home on Robert Street.

Hosea Jeffries III was arrested and charged with felonious assault for his role in the incident.

According to the report Jeffries had recently returned home from a stay in the hospital and was upset because someone had stole his LeBron James shoes along with other articles of clothing.

The victim told police that Hosea was in an angry mood when he stopped by Jeffries’ residence to visit him.
The report states that the victim decided to leave. As he was walking out of the residence the victim heard a click sound, then felt a pinch in his lower back.

The victim reached for his back and saw blood on his hands. Police were contacted and Jeffries was arrested.

When police questioned Jeffries he told officers that a source told him the victim had stole the LeBron James shoes while he was hospitalized.

He admitted to stabbing the man with a six-inch folding blade.

Jeffries told police he stabbed the victim because, “I wasn’t going to lay down like a punk.”

Jeffries remains housed in the Summit County jail following an initial arraignment Wednesday morning.

I totally understand that you don't want to let anyone get away with stealing from you, but dude... You're not in the best of health, (obvious from your hospital stint) and now your fool behind is behind bars! ANNNDDD you said some crap like, “I wasn’t going to lay down like a punk.” to authorities. Really, though?? You talkin' to the cops, not your homies.

But how about the fool that came back to the scecne of the crime, though?! He know he took that man gear while he was laid up in the hospital. A phone call would have been a better option in this case.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Super Rich Kids" Frank Ocean ft. Earl Sweatshirt [Audio]

Fuck it! Today's Frank Ocean Day!!

As many of you may know, sometimes I tend to run shit in the ground. Frank's 'Channel Orange' looks like its number's up. "Super Rich Kids" tops my favorites of the album, for sure. It's been on repeat all day and every time the Mary J "Real Love" parts come up I'm singing like I'm gettin' paid!! ('Cause that's what I do.)

"Neptune" Azelia Banks ft. Shystie [Audio]

Live On Jimmy Fallon: Frank Ocean Performs "Bad Religion" [Video]

"Bailar" Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta [Audio]

Y'all ready for a taste of that "good shit" (the words in their heads) Stevie J and Joseline been cookin' up between romps and abortions and whatnot?

Here ya go:

I'm kinda feeling the song a lil. HOWEV'AHZ!!! It's Joseline... o.O  And I know just how crazy that logic sounds, but I just can't deal with this person.

Listen To Frank Ocean's 'Channel Orange' [Entire Album]

Frank Ocean's first studio album released one week early, at midnight (today). He streamed the entire album on his Tumblr page. After listening, you gonna cop. Before listening, even, that's kinda what I expected. In addition to his own mixtapes that garnered great fanfare, Frank has been behind some of my fave songs of my fave singers lately. Frank has that talent that I envy. His music seems so effortless. I never met him. I don't know his process when it comes to his music, but the product we get seems simple, yet strangely more involved than we'd know, but polished. (If that makes sense.)

Here's the tracklist:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cupcake Vending Machines!!!

I heard of vending machines that dispense my favorite treat of all time: CUPCAKES!! But never much thought that I'd ever use one. (Until now) Huffington Post reports that a cupcake vending machine (aka Cupcake ATM) is coming to Georgetown next month! This will make my wildest dreams come true! Imagine...Exiting the club..Walking down the street..And buying a cupcake. It can be 3 AM... CUP.CAKE. !!!!! *drool**

Watch a vid of Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM's opening day in Beverly Hills, CA:

Rick Ross' 'God Forgives, I Don't' Tracklist. Features From Jay-Z, Dr. Dre & Andre 3000!!

Last night I bumped Teflon Don in its entirety and thought, "This some solid shit!" (Case y'all forgot) I have no idea what the hell Rozay an' 'em was thinking when they cooked up that damn MMG collabo I wasted my hard earned bucks on last week... I can only hope that God Forgives, I Don't is a decent follow up to his last solo joint.

"Bye Baby" Nas [Audio]

Nas speaks about his ex-wife, Kelis on this track "Bye Baby". (Just when the media picks up on stories of her IRS issues; owing roughly $300k in back taxes. SMH.)

It's Been Sooooo HOT....

...That an airplane's wheels sunk into the asphalt on the tarmac at Reagan National.

Photo from imgur
No lie... The other night at 9 PM the temperature was 100 degrees!! (Whew!)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sorry For Tha Wait: Why I Been Gone So Long

pic found at relaxmissy.com

I'm feelin' a bit like Weezy today, I suppose. (Thus the title) But shit's been kinda realz over here! (Not in the super extreme sense, but in my a tiny overdramatic sense).

I live in Maryland. A few streets over from DC and work in Virginia. Last weekend's weather was brutal for the area. So brutal, in fact, that Monday my office was closed because power had not yet been restored. I was already thrown off on the blogging because I spent the weekend at my mama's where my Hotspot service is more shitty than usual. So, come Sunday when my manager contacted me to say the power wasn't on at the office building and I didn't have to report on-site, I planned to just kick back at my mom's until the night of 4th of July.

And kick back, I did! It was all smooth sailing. The fact that I did not even have much internet access didn't bother me at all. I was with my sis, mom, son, friend and nephews. It was all to tha GOOD! I returned home the night of July 4th and got back at it with work on the 5th. On the 6th I woke up, all happy and whatnot. My mind was smiling. It was FRIDAY, after all.  What's not to smile about? Wasn't in the office Monday, Tuesday nor Wednesday. Just Thursday and (as I thought upon waking that morning) Friday. Awesome week, right?... WRONG!!

Dressed in one of my favorite, convenient, cute dresses and wedges I headed to my car in the parking lot of my apartment. NO CAR!!!! I had been towed. My tags expired June 30th. I'm all like, "Damn! They got me." I knew I should have renewed my registration so much sooner. But a gal was jive busy in June. My weekends were totally mine. A lot of pleasure and a lil business. (My business) And I had intentions on handling the registration Saturday. I figured the towing company or local cops or whatever just beat me to the punch. I was pissed, but I totally understood, if that were the case.

I called the towing company to find that, that was not the case at all. They say I was towed because I did not have a parking permit. Really??... After living here for 8 months and never once being towed, there isn't a parking permit in my car?? (Y'all niggas playin'.) Whatevz. My friend footed the bill. $175!!! And I'm furious. Where is my fuckin' permit?! I'm totally convinced that a nigga went inside of my unlocked car and took it off my rearview mirror. Why?? Because it totally disappeared. Nowhere inside of my car. Someone took it. Most likely the tow truck driver to get a piece of that $175. And why was my car left unlocked, even??? I musta been tired as hell when I came in. It was a long week up to that point, (including the weekend of the prior week).

So, that was my Friday morning. Joy just ripped away from the fact that the weekend had arrived. I didn't even go to work after picking my ride up. My attitude was just too shitty. But I made it through Friday. Woke up Saturday morning to someone banging on my door a little after 5 am. Instinctively I look out the window: My car's GONE once the fuck again!! It's my apartment manager at the door: "Did you know your tags dead??" Me: "Yes! But they just towed me yesterday and I paid $175!! This is crazy!"

He tells me that they just up the street with my ride and he asked them to bring it back. The driver agreed to bring it back if I pay the drop fee of $50. I pay the fee and my car is put back. 2 tows in as many days, though?!! That shit cray!! $225, though?!! That shit is CRAY!! Even though the money didn't come out of my pocket, directly, that was an indirect hit. Money that could have been in my pocket. And I think it's safe to say that towing company ain't shit!!

I would blast they ass right here, right now, but I gotta play it cool for the moment.  They know them 2 tows ain't right.

I spent like 2.5 hours at the DMV on Saturday renewing my registration. I traveled to 3 different locations with lines out the door and around the building. The last joint, I just stayed put. Wasn't no way I was gonna park back around here anywhere without my shit legit. NOWAY!!

And all last night I was in and out of sleep checking the window for my ride. That ain't no way to live. Them fuckers got me 'noid! Locked the doors like 3 times *beepbeep*...*beepbeep*...*beepbeep** Made sure I was perfectly inside the white lines. Smoothed the permit sticker on the rearview mirror before getting out of the ride and all!!

So, Friday and Saturday I was out of it. And now, here's Sunday. I'm feeling a bit better. My car was still in the lot when I awoke. I been cooking all weekend. Walked the George Washington bridge yesterday evening. Tried to relieve some stress and back fat. You know...

I'm feeling back in the game, overall.

And I'm glad too. There's a lot that has gone one over this last week I been M.I.A. I'm sure y'all done heard it all, but I plan to dish it again here, with my added two cents, of course. So, stay tuned. New posts will either be up tomorrow afternoon or possibly tonight.

(Thanks for your patience! *Smile*)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

"I Don't Like" The Infamous Chris Brown, Drake Diss!! [Audio]

The Game and Chris Brown each added a verse to the beginning of G.O.O.D Music's edition of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like". This hit the 'net yesterday afternoon and I didn't have the chance to put it on this site until today. (Suntannin' and all)

So, what y'all think?..

What I have to say about this is: It is what it is. Breezy takin' direct shots at Drake. Is it a great 16 bars?..Will it go down in the history of Rap?...Does it gain Chris Brown respect as a "rapper"??.. The answer to all those questions is: NO. Not at all. We all know this. So, why is some folks takin' the shit to heart like that?!

All over the blogs and Twitter and Sound Cloud people are like hypin' this up to the max! And I'm all like, "Gaw'sh!! Leave my Breezy alone!" and "Drake, shoot 'im a fair one." (If shit is really all like that.)

"No One Greater" Ashanti ft. French Montana & Meek Mill [Audio]

Pic of Ashanti & French Montana found @ DJsDoingWork.com

Ms. Ashanti recruiting two of the rap game's hottest newcomers was a smart move.  Not smart enough to cause me to wanna purchase the single or nothin' though.

The rap verses are nice enough to warrant a listen. Check it out:

I think (not a professional thought or nothing..) that Ashanti needs a new direction, musically. She comin' back at as like this is the early 2000's or somethin'. If she were a great singer, I think that'd be okay. Unfortunately for all parties involved, she's not.