Tuesday, July 24, 2012

21 Year Old, Pregnant Woman Bound, Gagged & Set On Fire!! Boyfriend In Custody!

In Phoenix, AZ, the body of pregnant 21 year old, Shaniqua Hall was found ablaze in her apartment between her bed and a wall on July 15th. Reports say she was just weeks away from giving birth to her second child with her boyfriend, 21 year old Jamar Robinson.

Robinson reported the fire after returning home from paying a $5 weed debt with his and Hall's 2 year old daughter in tow. (really??!) Besides the fact that he dragged his daughter on this bullshit "trip" with him, he's a grown ass man. Wtf he doing owing anybody $5?! He says that he could see smoke and blacked out windows in the apartment from the parking lot, although the apartment could not be seen from where officers reported his position at the time of their arrival (in his parked car). Search of the apartment revealed a backpack belonging to Robinson that held the same type of duct tape used to cover Shaniqua's eyes and bound her feet, a key that appears to belong to the handcuffs around her wrists and a can of lighter fluid thought to be the accelerant used to set her on fire.

Along with his bullshit alibi, the contents of his bag are more than enough to seal Robinson's fate. He is currently in custody, facing two murder charges.

Stories like this are mind boggling. My mind will never understand how/why a man would do anything to harm their child and/or their child's mother.

Update:**Jamar's first name reported as Dwanddarrius.**

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  1. Shaniqua Hall is my cousin's wife's daughter and the family is beyond destraught. Shaniqua's young daughter keeps repeating "mommy is burning". You never expect to bury your child - but the brutal and evil way in whick Shaniqua was murdered is beyond any normal comprehension. Burning to death is a horrific and unimaginable manner in which to die. No way to protect your unborn child. Dwandarrius should die for his crime or live the rest of his natural life in prison. Please send your prayers to the family because we need it.

  2. So sorry to hear that your family has experienced such a violent loss of such a young person! My prayers are with your family and Shaniqua's small child. Be blessed.