Monday, July 16, 2012

3-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots & Kills His Father [News Clip]

OMG!! Reportedly, 3 year old child got ahold of his father's handgun, accidentally shooting and killing him (the father).

Maybe I think everything is "funny" (most times I call situations right, though) but this story is indeed "funny"... odd..

How is it that the news report says the victim's wife and 3 other relatives were on-site at the time of the shooting. And not one single adult there noticed this kid had a gun in his hands??... Something ain't right about that. The father is doing renovations on a house and he brings his entire fam with him (nearly), as well as a loaded handgun and he ends up dead.

Something just ain't right about these "facts".

Sad that a child is caught up in this story. (Whether it actually went down as the adults on the scene claim or not)

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