Monday, July 23, 2012

9 Year Old Boy Beats On Toddlers At A Daycare Center

This video is a whole new level of CRAZY!!

A 9 year old boy is caught on camera delivering smacks, kicks, bites and punches to 2 toddlers at a daycare center:

This makes me sooooo upset!! First, the daddy. I can't say how I'd react in a situation such as this. I know for sure I would want to smack up any little kid that beats on mines, but actually going inside the establishment and smacking up a little 6 year old??... I think I'd probably wait for the parents and deliver them an asswhipping. That would serve to 1. Set a fire under the parents' asses to get their kid in check ASAP and 2. To let the witnessing kid know that mommy and daddy can't beat this. So what he think would happen to his little ass if he touch mine again??! o.O  But I guess them kids' father acted out of pure madness. I just could not imagine...

But then let's talk about this shitty ass daycare:

1. I thought daycare was for little children. Why is this 9 year old in daycare?? This leads me to believe that he's somehow tied to either the owner or the daycare worker on duty that day. Possibly a family member or friend?? When my son was 9 years old daycare was a long forgotten thought in my mind. Those days were over by Kindergarten.

2. Why is this daycare worker NOT doing her fuckin' job?! She's doing everything BUT her job: On the phone, leaving the room full of kids, etc.

3. Why did the daycare worker allow this man to come back in and smack up this kid??! Even if he was smacking up the right kid, he should have never been allowed to actually get within arm's reach of the child! She just stands there like, "Ohhhhh Lawd!"(WTF?!)

4. Is that lady the only one there at the time?.. If so, that is crazy! There's way too many kids there for just one person to handle! Especially one person that ain't even there to work!

I cannot believe charges will not be brought against this kid. That's ridiculous! And if those kids were mine, I'd find out where this kid lives... Get a 12 or maybe even a 13 year old to fuck his lil ass up!! I mean, totally fuck his ass up! After all, he believes in unfair fights. He beats up on one and two year olds. His 9 year old ass can surely take a whippin' from a pre-teen or early teen with no probs, rights?

I have a feeling that he just does what is done to him, though. I've seen it enough times. Maybe his mother, father, older brother or cousin beats on his defenseless ass. He then turns around and does the same shit to some other little kids. That's fucked up! And if that is the case, he needs to be taken from his parents, evaluated and medicated!

**If (and when) I have another child, it will NOT be left under no ones' care other than the grandparents, me and the father! I know a stay-at-home mom and a stay-at-home dad and that's the way to go!! Daycare is too damn expensive and shit like this is real!

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