Friday, July 20, 2012

A$AP Rocky Arrested After A Fight With Folks Snapping Pics!!

Oh, my lil A$AP Rock-Rock!! What's going on?!!!

According to, A$AP Rocky was engaged in a verbal argument with someone on a street in Manhattan when two people (not sure if they are/were fans or not) began to snap pictures of him. He and a friend then commenced to whipping ass. Let the reports tell it, the two behind the cameras (most likely smart phones) suffered injuries and one even sought care at a local hospital.

I hate to hear about dumb mess like this. Stars get provoked, act out and pay dearly from the pocket. Especially new(er) stars. This young boy ain't too far removed from the streets to not respond impulsively as he did. And believe me, it's folks out there that know that and will use it to their advantage. (We'll be hearing about a lawsuit soon. SMH.)

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