Monday, July 30, 2012

Album Review: Emeli Sandé 'Our Version of Events'

My sis recently asked me, "You heard that girl that sound like Beyonce?" I thought to myself, "Girl that sounds like Beyonce??" (puzzled) No. I hadn't heard a chick that sounds like Beyonce. Her sound is pretty distinct. My sister went on to say that a young lady with a funky hair cut has a song called "Next To Me" that plays on VH1's Jump Start every morning, the singers sounds just like Beyonce and she likes the girl's style.

Immediately, I hit Google (I'm a self-proclaimed "Google Queen" by the way). "Next To Me". By Emeli Sandé. A cute girl from the UK with a funky, cute, blonde cut and nice voice. I checked out "Next To Me" first. And I saw the Beyonce similarities vocal-wise. I wouldn't mistake her for Beyonce, though. But the similarities are there. So, I checked out her entire album, which shot up to the top on the charts in the UK fairly fast, I hear. And I like it. Sandé is a songwriter and it shows all throughout her album. The entire album is an easy listen, but my two favorite tracks off an initial listen are: "Hope" and "My Kind of Love".  Her voice is crisp. Pure. Not many runs that last forever. Just clear and cut. Refreshing.

'Our Version Of Love' is available on iTunes and Amazon

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