Thursday, July 12, 2012

"End/Golden Girl" Frank Ocean ft. Tyler the Creator [Audio] UPDATED

Frank Ocean Day has been extended to FRANK OCEAN WEEK (here at!!

Here's a bonus track, featuring Tyler the Creator, that will appear on the physical copy of Frank Ocean's 'Channel Orange' that hits stores Tuesday:

"End/Golden Girl":

"End" appears on the digital copy from iTunes as an outro a little over 2 minutes long. After a long moment of silence, "Golden" appears with a length of about 5 minutes as a hidden track (of sorts). And just like the rest of the album, the song's nice.

UPDATE: I wrote the above about midway through the song. Listening to the entire song, I can say that Tyler's verse totally threw a nice, mellow tune into the choppy waters of that Odd Future flow he's famous for. Imagine being on a beautiful beach with clear skies and birds chirping and in a blink of an eye the scene changes to dark, looming clouds with waves the height of buildings coming ashore. Yes. A bit shocking. Caught me off guard.

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