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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Scrappy Ain't Shit & Karlie Redd IS NOT Pop Star Material! (Sorry.)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is really just much too much of an idiotic thang (for me). And I promised myself that I would not be watching this cast and its happily dumb moments anymore. Buuuuutttt... Even I, have my moments when there is absolutely nothing to do and t.v. is my one comfort. I literally timed watching the 2nd episode of BGC 9 On Demand so that I could catch last week's episode of #LHHATL directly afterwards the other day. I needed 2 hours of my life to be "occupied". Probably more, but ehhh... I takes what I can get. Ya'know.

So, I actually did not think to write anything about the show, but yesterday I came across a short interview Funky Dineva conducted on the set of Kandy Koated Nights with Mimi and Karlie Redd. Y'all know these two characters from Love and Hip Hop. Karlie is the beautiful (physically) 40-something year old still chasing her dreams of being a known (Pop/R&B?) recording artist. And Miss Mimi is Steebie (Stevie) J's longtime "girlfriend" of 15+ years. Yeah.... Funny. And ole Funky Dineva went in!! I laughed soooo hard! *Catch the video below**

Before posting the video though, I gotta speak a bit about what I think of last week's episode. Scrappy. See now.. He confuses me. Episode prior he seemed to have a lil morals and appeared as a standup dude when he approached Stevie J about calling his girl/baby mama out her name and fighting to defend her honor and whatnot. But this last episode he totally shone in a much different light with his cheating, back-handed ways.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong: Scrappy was with his baby mama, Erica, in a relationship. He drops Erica without warning and begins dating Diamond. Erica becomes aware of this other relationship (he began) through blogs and they break up. (Fast forward to) Years later Diamond do him like he did Erica, by dating Soulja Boy while she is still in (what Scrappy thought) a solid relationship with Scrappy. And Scrap finds out about this relationship through... BLOGS. Talk about KARMA!! (I love it!) So, now Scrappy is bringing this cycle of "Dirty" full-circle. Once again, poor Erica has been blindsided. Scrappy has been telling her in all episodes prior to the last that they are together and trying towards longevity. The girl actually thought they were on the path to getting married, for crying out loud!! But the whole while, Scrappy was hooking up with Buckey (from The Flavor of Love) and planning to begin a 'ship with her.

Scrappy's ways with women is outrageously... OUTRAGEOUS!!! Just dumb! He uses Erica until what he feels to be something better comes along and is a sure thing for him. And that is FUCKED UP! Poor Erica. Not only did he shit on her and begin a relationship with Diamond and not tell her.... How fucked up is it to be the last to find out that your man has left you for another?? I don't mean that he's got a boo thang on the side. I mean, he actually done moved on from ya. No plans to keep you in the picture what-so-eva!! That is FUCKED UP!! But, Erica, (bless her heart), forgave his ass and decided to not kick him while he was down after the very thing he did to her was done to him (by the girl he left Erica for!). She was there with open arms to console him and give him another chance. And that's big of her, I guess. 'Cause I would have made his ass feel so dumb if I were Erica. Nigga think he gonna shit on me and then come back to me after the next bitch done shit on him??... Oh no, no, noooooo! We ain't playin' those type games over here!

And do you see what she gets in return for genuinely being there for him and loving his weak ass??! (Right!) She gets another ride on his FUCKED UP roller coaster. As I mentioned above, Erica thought they were on their way to the alter. TOGETHER! And meanwhile he schemin' on this other chick with the ratty ass chestnut brown weave. And he finally let Erica know last episode that he no longer wanted a relationship with her. That's cool, but he still ain't keep it 100 though. He suffered an asthma attack and Erica did not accompany him to the ER. He used this as an excuse to end their relationship. At first I was with him when he explained that the chick left him within an inch of life and went to work instead of going with him to the hospital. That's inexcusable to leave ya man "dying" so that you don't miss work.

But Erica gave a bit of a different story. She says that Scrappy went out the night before and got wasted. He's asthmatic. They are no strangers to him having episodes with this condition. When he woke up the next morning complaining, after exhausting himself with a night of drinking and partying, she's seen this before. He needs medical attention, but 9 times out of 10, he's gonna be alright. She called up one of his homies to make sure he'd get the help he needed and she went on about her day. I understand this view. When you experience a certain situation enough times you learn what the response should be. Had this been her first or second time experiencing issues with Scrappy's asthmatic condition, I'm sure she would have been in full panic mode and nothing could have made her leave his side. But it wasn't the first or second time. She acted accordingly, I suppose. I can understand that and I am sure Scrappy can too. He just needed a reason (any reason) to drop her and move on with Buckey. o.O That's that bullshit!

Erica saw straight through his ass and told him the whole "You weren't there for me when I suffered that attack the other day!!" excuse was just that: AN EXCUSE! She knew there was something more to it. I love that Erica ain't THAT dumb. She's dumb enough with taking him back after he did her dirty once, but she ain't dumb to the point that she falls for his bullshit story on why he no longer wants to be with her. Scrappy ain't shit for pulling this bull on Erica twice! And for leaving his daughter and Erica in that outdated, fucked up ass house while he moves into a nice, up-to-date townhouse on a beautiful sunny street.

And Karlie Redd: Her performance of "Gucci, Louis, Prada" or whatever the hell, made me cringe! Did she jack Kreayshawn's "Gucci, Gucci" words or what?! Karlie is old enough to be Kreayshawn's mama. Is she serious right now?? "Pop them tags..Pop them tags.." Seriously??! And then the little moves on the stage was just... (Uggh!) Karlie done wasted her life and her vag chasing a motherfuckin' music career. Whole time she coulda merely trapped a baller, rapper, actor, etc. and been a lifetime baby mama (think Kim Porter). Or she could have worked on becoming an actress or model or something. Anything!!.. Other than this career as a recording artist. Unless you Madonna, we ain't interested in any woman over 40 being a Pop star. It just don't work like that. And that pleather (may it last fo'eva) bike jacket she had on when Benzino approached her made me cringe as well. BITCH!! Based on what everyone else had on, I'm guessing it's fuckin' warm outside! You got on this vinyl jacket, jeans and sandals. Cut it out!

That's all I really gots to say about that one. Check out Mimi and Karlie Redd's attempts to defend their stupidity to Funky Dineva:

For real though, I hope Karlie don't think she got n'er friend in that room. Friends don't laugh at you like that. Shame.

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