Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sorry For Tha Wait: Why I Been Gone So Long

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I'm feelin' a bit like Weezy today, I suppose. (Thus the title) But shit's been kinda realz over here! (Not in the super extreme sense, but in my a tiny overdramatic sense).

I live in Maryland. A few streets over from DC and work in Virginia. Last weekend's weather was brutal for the area. So brutal, in fact, that Monday my office was closed because power had not yet been restored. I was already thrown off on the blogging because I spent the weekend at my mama's where my Hotspot service is more shitty than usual. So, come Sunday when my manager contacted me to say the power wasn't on at the office building and I didn't have to report on-site, I planned to just kick back at my mom's until the night of 4th of July.

And kick back, I did! It was all smooth sailing. The fact that I did not even have much internet access didn't bother me at all. I was with my sis, mom, son, friend and nephews. It was all to tha GOOD! I returned home the night of July 4th and got back at it with work on the 5th. On the 6th I woke up, all happy and whatnot. My mind was smiling. It was FRIDAY, after all.  What's not to smile about? Wasn't in the office Monday, Tuesday nor Wednesday. Just Thursday and (as I thought upon waking that morning) Friday. Awesome week, right?... WRONG!!

Dressed in one of my favorite, convenient, cute dresses and wedges I headed to my car in the parking lot of my apartment. NO CAR!!!! I had been towed. My tags expired June 30th. I'm all like, "Damn! They got me." I knew I should have renewed my registration so much sooner. But a gal was jive busy in June. My weekends were totally mine. A lot of pleasure and a lil business. (My business) And I had intentions on handling the registration Saturday. I figured the towing company or local cops or whatever just beat me to the punch. I was pissed, but I totally understood, if that were the case.

I called the towing company to find that, that was not the case at all. They say I was towed because I did not have a parking permit. Really??... After living here for 8 months and never once being towed, there isn't a parking permit in my car?? (Y'all niggas playin'.) Whatevz. My friend footed the bill. $175!!! And I'm furious. Where is my fuckin' permit?! I'm totally convinced that a nigga went inside of my unlocked car and took it off my rearview mirror. Why?? Because it totally disappeared. Nowhere inside of my car. Someone took it. Most likely the tow truck driver to get a piece of that $175. And why was my car left unlocked, even??? I musta been tired as hell when I came in. It was a long week up to that point, (including the weekend of the prior week).

So, that was my Friday morning. Joy just ripped away from the fact that the weekend had arrived. I didn't even go to work after picking my ride up. My attitude was just too shitty. But I made it through Friday. Woke up Saturday morning to someone banging on my door a little after 5 am. Instinctively I look out the window: My car's GONE once the fuck again!! It's my apartment manager at the door: "Did you know your tags dead??" Me: "Yes! But they just towed me yesterday and I paid $175!! This is crazy!"

He tells me that they just up the street with my ride and he asked them to bring it back. The driver agreed to bring it back if I pay the drop fee of $50. I pay the fee and my car is put back. 2 tows in as many days, though?!! That shit cray!! $225, though?!! That shit is CRAY!! Even though the money didn't come out of my pocket, directly, that was an indirect hit. Money that could have been in my pocket. And I think it's safe to say that towing company ain't shit!!

I would blast they ass right here, right now, but I gotta play it cool for the moment.  They know them 2 tows ain't right.

I spent like 2.5 hours at the DMV on Saturday renewing my registration. I traveled to 3 different locations with lines out the door and around the building. The last joint, I just stayed put. Wasn't no way I was gonna park back around here anywhere without my shit legit. NOWAY!!

And all last night I was in and out of sleep checking the window for my ride. That ain't no way to live. Them fuckers got me 'noid! Locked the doors like 3 times *beepbeep*...*beepbeep*...*beepbeep** Made sure I was perfectly inside the white lines. Smoothed the permit sticker on the rearview mirror before getting out of the ride and all!!

So, Friday and Saturday I was out of it. And now, here's Sunday. I'm feeling a bit better. My car was still in the lot when I awoke. I been cooking all weekend. Walked the George Washington bridge yesterday evening. Tried to relieve some stress and back fat. You know...

I'm feeling back in the game, overall.

And I'm glad too. There's a lot that has gone one over this last week I been M.I.A. I'm sure y'all done heard it all, but I plan to dish it again here, with my added two cents, of course. So, stay tuned. New posts will either be up tomorrow afternoon or possibly tonight.

(Thanks for your patience! *Smile*)

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