Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Bye Baby" Nas [Video]

Nas' 'Life Is Good' is hands down, THE BEST RAP ALBUM OF SUMMER 2012. He owns it. "Bye Baby" is one of my favorites from the album. The vid is nice. Check it out:

"Birthday Song" 2 Chainz ft. Kanye West [Video]

The visuals for "Birthday Song" is everything we'd thought it'd be with an additional side of a Circus Theme. 

What's it all mean?..

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part I: Ain't Sh*t Change

Pic found @
I hate the day that all these reality shows decided that it's best to keep its audience in suspense and chop the Reunion Show in half to drag it out over 2 weeks, instead of giving it all to us in one episode. Monday night Part I of the Love & Hip Hop, Atlanta-style Reunion aired. It was the most drawn out hour of circle talking EVER!! The last half was all about Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J.'s creep ass. It got to the point where I was like, "Okay. We get it. Steve's a weird, delusional creep. Joseline's an ex-stripper that struggles with English pronunciation. And Mimi is just an older lady that lacks common sense. They'll (all 3), always be involved with one another, whether direct or indirect." Sheesh! And I'll touch on that more later. First, let me touch on all that I found either surprising or flat-out hilarious!

Karli Redd. Why must we play games, lady? Was she attempting a joke when she told K. Michelle she is the same age as her? And would that joke be that she is trying to say K. Michelle looks old?... Or is the joke simply in the sarcasm of her even saying those words?.. I don't get it. Why is this lady tryna go around masking her age? Because if ole Karlz ain't nothing... (Not a singer or a rapper or a dancer or an actress or whatever).. she IS a looker. Nice frame. Pretty face. If anything, if she revealed that she is in the 40+ club that just might get her some points. Most would be like, "Damn!! She looks good!" From a far, Karli could easily pass for late 20's, maybe. But close up it ain't hard to tell that she's "mature"-looking. I would give her early 40's.

And then she didn't want to speak on her daughter. Not even her daughter's age, because according to Karli, her daughter has to go to school and she didn't want her caught in the mix of mean and malicious things said as a result of what her mom (Karli) does on this reality series. Okay, Karli. Playtime is up. Your daughter is 18. If she is in school, she better be at the least, a freshman in college. Ain't nobody gonna tease her because yo ass is making a fool of yourself on television by giving Roscoe Dash a lap dance and sucking face with Benzino and running back telling everything you possibly can. And if they do, she is 18 YEARS OLD!! Hopefully, you have prepared her for the world and she can handle herself if something like a "Ya mama" joke should arise.

I do mean, really.. Come the fuck on. Karli looks damn good. Body and face-wise she is beating many chicks half her age. Hands down! 'Fess up and carry on, I say!

K. Michelle pissed Rasheeda off to the point of wanting to get physical on the stage. Their exchange began because Mona brought up the blow up K. Michelle had when she and Rasheeda was outside sitting down and Rasheeda suggested that (possibly) Memphitz didn't beat K. as she says he did. So, while on the stage, K. Michelle sticks by her guns, saying that Memphitz did beat her. Rasheeda says that she doesn't believe it. And then things took a bit of a more personal tone. Many fighting words were tossed back and forth. Both ladies sat up on the edge of their seats.. And then K. Michelle did it... She said, "...Wit dem bags un'dah yo eyes."

That did it!! Rasheeda popped up off that couch like a firecracker was lit under them cakes! "You don't know me! I'm from da 'A'!!" (She ain't say that. I made that up. But she should have.) 'Sheeda was up and swiftly advancing towards Ms. Michelle. "Let me have my bags!" (Now, that she did say. Or at least something close to it.) She's touchy about them damn, barely-there bags, ain't she?! Of all things that was spewed between the two of them on that stage, Rasheeda wanted to take it to the max over a comment about undereye bags. LMAO!! (Who woulda thUnk?..)

Peep the teef-ah-SIZZ
And Rasheeda ain't the only one K. blessed on the stage. As mentioned above, she and Karli had some words over Karli's age and denial. Karli told her that she looks like the bottom of her shoe and asked if anyone has ever seen K's teeth prior to the veneers. She says K. was a horrible mess!

Lo' and behold..The very next day the pic to the left hit the 'net. Karli ain't never lie about the girl having a jacked up grill. (Talk about low blows!)

And not to be the only one to take a hit below the belt, K. Michelle brought up Karli's child. Asked her where was her daughter. Just all 'round messy on that damn stage! She know Karli tryna protect her daughter from backlash for her actions on this damn show! *sarcasm*

..And it gets messier..

Stevie J., Scrappy, Joseline and Erica all took the stage at once to talk about the infamous fight scene between the four of them this season. (The one that was prefaced with these words from Scrappy, "I'ma put dem "PAUSE" (paws) on 'em.", but the footage ain't show much of that go down, actually.) On the Reunion stage, each side said they won and recounted what happened to who during the brawl. Scrappy even stood up and offered to demonstrate once more. Luckily, that was diffused before anymore "Pause" could be thrown about. That was for the sake of all involved because: Stevie is too old for the mess. Erica ain't really tryna scrap, running her mouth while not making even the slightest move to fight. Joseline, (who I finally believe was born a woman), ain't tryna put none of her masculine strength on a bitch.  And Scrappy is dodging (parole) violations. And me??..I just ain't tryna see nomore bear hug matches.

After that set Stevie J and his two women: Joseline and Mimi all three had there time on the stage. Too much time if you ask me! How long can we stretch a convo on their relationship(s)? If their set was 15 minutes, that was about a good 15 minutes too long, for me. Stevie is corny. And Mimi ain't got no sense; talkin' bout, "Every woman gets cheated on, so don't judge me!"

No, Mimi. We are going to judge you. And this is why:  Dude cheats in your face! Not only in yo' face, but he then smears it all over yo' face! And still, you stay. Mimi is right, majority of women in relationships are cheated on regularly. The difference between her situation and that of the majority of other women is that their men care enough to be discreet. Cheating is a bad enough offense on it's own and a total betrayal, if you ask me. Most men don't want their girl to ever find out that they been in some shit they should not have been and will go to great lengths to keep it under wraps. Not Stevie. He brings the cheating damn near to Mimi's front door. And still, she excuses it. He doesn't care much about you, Mi. You heard him loud and clear when he told you on the season finale that you should thank him because he gave you a kid when all the other niggas threw you to the side.

No matter anything he ever said or says before or after that, that one sentence makes it loud and clear on how he feels about her. She's a jumpoff that he saved and let ride with him. AND he gave her old(er) ass a kid. She was probably worried about hurrying to birth a child and had no other prospects around. Her longtime "on again-off again" boo was the only one there to help her out. And that's how he sees her. No doubt there is love there. But I think it's more on the friendship tip type love. It's definitely not the "I love and adore this woman" type of love. Stevie has no sort of adoration nor respect for Mimi and I think she just needs to get the hell over it! And stop saying dumb shit in interviews and on tv!

Oh, and Joseline addressed the rumor of whether she was born a man or not. Of course, she says that she was born a woman. And I finally believe her. I think her explanation of that mug shot and her alias "S. Bettencourt" from down Miami made me change my beliefs on that topic. Joseline explained that she had been stripping since the age of 16 and the alias was from a fake ID that she had. That makes sense. And the fact that she definitely appears feminine in the mugshot.. I don't know...I just believe her.

The "Puerto Rican Princess" (what Joseline dubbed herself on the season finale) says all the haters are just mad because she's PERFECT! I ain't mad, but I am having a hard time figuring out the extreme level of TAUT that ab section got going on.

Anyways, (as stations do for continued ratings), Part II of the reunion airs Monday night. Be sure to watch with me!

"Legs To The Moon" Rasheeda [Video]

I like Rasheeda from what I've seen of her on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She's beautiful and seems level-headed (most of the time). However!! I am NOT a fan of Rasheeda's music. She needs to stop it.  The below song and vid proves my point well.

..And then let's talk about Kandi's lil 'fit in the pool.... And Rasheeda's sandals by the pool... Kandi, for one, got too much money for this nonsense.  They lookin' like a Frederick's of Hollywood budget and shizz. SMH.

Trust NO ONE!!: Atlanta Pastor (Allegedly) Infects Women of the Church With HIV!!

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis.  Looks like the kind of man that wants to be known. Unfortunately, his little taste of fame will be for all the wrong reasons.

This married man is HIV-positive and has allegedly slept with women of his church, potentially passing the life-altering disease on to these unsuspecting "Women of God".

From NewsOne:

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis (pictured) of Atlanta’s Full Gospel Baptist Church was arrested on July 22 for reckless conduct, when police investigators discovered that he has HIV and had allegedly been indulging in unprotected sex with several of his congregation members, reports WVIG.  Now one of his congregation victims have come forward with her story.

Thus far, two women have pressed charges against the married preacher. One of the victims,Ronita McAfee, told police officials that she met the pastor on Facebook and began communicating with him.  The online relationship soon progressed into sexual romps at the pastor’s home.  McAfee says a few months in to the affair, Davis revealed that one of his former girlfriends had tested positive for HIV. The seemingly concerned preacher allegedly advised McAfee that the virus would not kill her if she tested positive and even went as far as to suggest some drugs that she could take to avoid infection.
Say what?
McAfee knew something was fishy about her relationship with Davis when the house where they would meet for their trysts was foreclosed.  He also kept refusing to get tested for HIV at her urging, which was a red flag to her that he knew of his status.

While McAfee luckily tested negative for the HIV virus, she decided to report Davis to the police and a warrant was put out for his arrest — McAfee actually made history as the first person to file charges against someone for HIV reckless behavior in Georgia’s Clayton County.
When McAfee tried to file charges against Davis in Fulton County, she stumbled upon a complaint from another congregation member who had also fallen prey to Davis’ charismatic ways.  The woman, who has not been identified, held a leadership role at Davis’ church.  The woman shared with McAfee that she was HIV-positive after being celibate for 15 years.

I've said it a trillion times before and will say it a trillion more before my time is up here: TRUST YASELF! That is all. (And about a quarter of y'all shouldn't even do that. o.O) This type of story is the saddest! In church, (hypocrisy aside), the congregation looks up to the pastor and most, genuinely believe he would do no wrong to them. Besides the fact that these women are sleeping with a married man and a married man is sleeping with these women.... Besides the adultery and fornication... No one deserves to be blindsided like this here.

If it is absolutely true that Pastor 'Mar did some gutter shit like what he's accused of, I hope he gets a lengthy one. (Sentence, that is.)

Monday, August 27, 2012

I Was Literally Called "Ma'am"!!

Like how I slapped that alias on top??
I recently had a birthday on August 23rd. (That's right. the Virgo Season has begun!) And I've hit a numerical milestone: 30!!

As I began to approach 30, (every year after 25), I realized that my perspective of 30 changed. When I was a little young thang, in my early 20's, 30 was like... "Old." After 25 I'm just all like, "I still look young and fresh.... Feel young and fresh..." At 28, I was mistaken for much younger all the time and I can thank good genes for that. Blessed, some would say. (lol)

But now, at the age of 30 and at my heaviest weight ever: 163 pounds, I dare to say, I'm not looking too youthful here, lately. And that shit SUCKS!! And here's a lil story that makes it all the more suckier:

I took my 13 year old son shopping for school clothes and supplies over the weekend. We visited Zumiez looking for Supra sneakers and Diamond tees and whatever other slimmy slim kid items he fancied. A really cool lil dude helped us out, holding things at the register and whatnot. I was liking his assistance until he said, "No, ma'am" and "Yes, ma'am" about 2 times (too many).

This kid was maybe in his early 20's. Possibly late teens. The first "ma'am" that slipped out was excusable. After all, when I was his age, anyone over 29/30 was "old". But that second "ma'am" had me feeling, "Ugh!" and mighty self conscious. When I stepped into the fitting room with my son and saw my chunky reflection in the mirror clad in a pair of Michael Kors khaki shorts, a tight tee that did nothing to mask my bulging midsection, and that damn walking boot (long story), I saw every reason why I am "Ma'am". And I hate it!!

After this little encounter, I think I kind of understand why some old(er) folks go out of their way to attempt to hold on to their younger days by dressing younger, styling their hair younger, speaking the young kids' lingo and so on. And it hurts me to the core to even say that I "get" that bull. I mean, I laugh (hard) at those types. The Frankies (Keyshia Cole mama) of the world. Ain't much funnier than a 50+ year old woman wearing a played out, tight Baby Phat suit, Air Jordans and loud make up. That's hilarious and plain old silly.

I really should not identify with the "Ma'am Syndrome" (as I have dubbed it) as much as my 30 year old, young self does. And if anyone spots me in a teenager 'fit, please set my cheek on fire with a smack. (Save me from myself.)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Fall 2012 Obsessions: Booties, Booties, Booties!!

When booties made a comeback a few years ago, I didn't jump on the band wagon.  I remember the older chicks wearing them in the 90's, lookin' fly, my little mind wishing I was older with the blink of an eye... When they came back, I just wasn't impressed. Didn't see any that caught my eye, really. But recently, I've been all over booties!! And have began stalking sites to pin down which pair(s) will become my Fall Footware Staple(s).

My One True Heart's (Shoe) Desire:

L.A.M.B 'Hoku' Lace up Bootie

$425 @ Nordstrom. These... I'd wear every damn chance I got!
When I first laid eyes on these beautiful L.A.M.B booties... I cried a little inside. We shall meet... Some day. We. Shall. Meet.

...Until then, I found some other cute, much less expensive, options :

All Under $40 From **Some nights you need "disposables"(shoes that are extremely cheap and cute but don't last long) on ya side.

These shoes are super funky! I could imagine pairing these with black tights and shirt. And accessorizing with silver and/or fuschia.  Nice for a night out.

These have just enough flair with the studded heel. Would pair nice with jeggings or short skirts.  

The Lanvin 'Crazy' Wedge Oxford

Another pricey option @ $1,480.00 from Nordstrom

And not to leave out comfort; I've found these Doc Martens:

The Mandy Wedge Shootie. Spotted @ 6PM and Zappos for $85

I can imagine these shoes being my trusty sidekicks all season long! Don't they just look.. "Everyday"?..
(I really can't wait for Autumn to make her appearance 'round this piece.)

"Wildest Dreams" Brandy [Audio]

"I'm From Texas" Trae tha Truth ft. Z-Ro, Slim Thug, Kirko Bangz, Paul Wall and Bun B [Audio]

"Rooster In My 'Rarri" (Remix) Waka Flocka ft. 2 Chainz & Gucci Mane [Audio]

My type ratchet music right here!! (Did I mention Thursday's my BDAY?!!-- R'ehh ta twerk sum'em)

"Throw That" Slaughterhouse ft. Eminem [Audio]

I listened to this song only because it "features" Eminem.  Thought I'd stumbled across a gem, but all I took away from listening is: "I'll throw this d*ck on you, girl." o.O

"Work" A$AP Ferg [Video]


Friday, August 17, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: WTF Is Scrappy Smoking?!

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta-Style, just never ceases to amaze the hell outta me! Monday I sat and watched the prior week's episode and the latest episode. And one thing is for certain: That cast and their shenanigans are too f'n funny!

Stevie J got Mimi and Joseline to agree to visit a counselor together. At the same time. In the same room. All on the same couch. (Just what in da.... IZ DAT?!) Pure bull. But all's well that ends well. Joseline serving him up with some of her masculine strength via a few blows to the face was about as a good an ending as any of us could have hoped for.

I've said this many times and I'm saying it again: I just can't respect Stevie J!! He's too corny. And I can't respect his women 'cause they too corny. Mimi should follow her true talents and become an actress. Both her and K. Michelle. They can put on!!!! (Can't they?) Just crying every time, all the damn time! When Mimi told Stevie J a few episodes back, "You. Hurt. Me. To. The. CORE!" and mouthed every last word and paused for emphasis between each AND had the misty eyes??! I immediately saw her on the set of a soap opera. She kills me with the dramatics. Stevie's games is her life. Has been her life for how many years?? And you still cryin' and carryin' on?? She needs to get a grip.

K. Michelle. Her level of drama-Queendom surpasses soap opera quality. She needs to be cast in a full-blown Hollywood production. Give her a good ole drama to play in. She woulda played the hell out of Beyonce's character in Obsession. Can't you just imagine her saying, "I'll show you crazy!" Eyes all buck and whatnot. I mean... the way she blew up at Rasheeda in a public setting was... WOW'zahz! I understand that nobody likes to be called a liar, which is what Rasheeda called her without actually saying it. But c'mon now! It comes to a point when you not just embarrassing the other party, but you also embarrassing yourself! When she told Rasheeda (something like) "You can get your ass up and go the fuck on down the street." I was dyin'!! That shit was funny as hell! But then she took a violent, quite unexpected turn when she began hollering and blubbering. I thought she was about to pull a Karli Redd and SHAKE DA TABLE! She did all that in public without even giving a damn about how the hell she was out there looking. And I call that raw talent. She can definitely be an actress in drama if that music thang don't work out.

And hold up...Speaking of Karli Redd. Just how lame is this old lil cute lady?? *sigh** Joseline didn't seem to like her and I can only imagine she ain't like Joseline, either. Sooooooo, why do she be so pressed to sit down and talk with Joseline?! She always coming at that chick talkin' 'bout, "We gotta work together.." blah, blah, blah.... The last episode she set up one such meeting and Joseline was giving her the usual, IDGAF tude. But then, Karli told her that she was seeing Benzino, romantically and melt right through Joseline's cold reception. They started chatting it up from there! Laughing and high-fivin' and jivin'.. All the fake shit silly bitches do when they find out that the man they fuckin' is the friend of a man this other bitch is fuckin' on. I'm just sayin'. How y'all go from not liking one another to going rock climbing together and sharing with one another intimate details?? That's that dumb shit. I sense that Karli really think she has a friend in Joseline. But Joseline, I think, just wanna play Karli close. Make sure she don't try to step from Benzino and onto Stevie J. (LMAO!!!) These women are a trip!

But ain't nothin' trippin' harder than Scrappy on that damn show! This grown ass man says some mess like, "Erica ain't neva cried befo'. She don't show that emotion." (Or whatever the hell he said) I'm having a hard time figuring out just what the hell this dummy means by that. He's said this a few times since the show began airing. From watching the latest show, I guess he wants her to cry when he carry her and parades around town with other chicks or tells her he wants space and all the other dumbness he do. Because as soon as she cries in front of him over hearing that he's fucking with Shay (with that ratty ass weave and Tiffany Pollard aka New York- Jr. face) he all the sudden wants to consider getting back with her.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't want to see your partner crying or hurt over nothing you do or say. Especially not hurt to the point of tears. I think everybody reading this can agree with that. This dumbass is just the opposite!! He wanna see some tears roll. What sense of contentment do a nigga get from that?! I just don't understand. Even without tears, Scrappy know that shit he pulled by leaving Erica for Diamond with no warning and then by introducing Shay to his moms and taking her with him to events just a few weeks after moving our of Erica's house is hurtful to Erica. Anybody would be hurt by that. We all deal with hurt in different ways. Some people cry over any and everything. Some people go through shit that should reduce 'em to tears, but don't. He knows Erica was hurting all along. But still he wanted physical confirmation. Dude is sick.

And I wish Erica would move on with her life for her own sake. But as the blogs have been reporting recently, she has accepted his proposal to get married. Bless her heart. Soon as she gets comfortable and stop giving that nigga the tears he so desperately seeks, he'll be gone again. Looking to make some other fragile-emotioned girl cry with his acts of stupidity.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Put It Down" Brandy ft. Chris Brown [Video]

 I missed the premiere of this vid the other night. Many of you may have already seen it. But I love the song and Brandy's coming out of hiatus. Ms. Brandy got some choreography in this one. The vid is cute.

And we got a little "Sittin' Up In My Room" closeup flashback

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Father Is Shot & Killed By Off-Duty Officer That Hit His Daughter With A Motorcycle [News Vid]

A young father witnessed his 4 year old daughter get hit by a motorcycle as she crossed the street with a teenage relative.  He approached the motorcyle's operator and was eventually shot and killed by that man, who turned out to be an off-duty police officer on his way home from work.

This is sad! And I hope the officer faces the same punishment any other citizen without a badge would face and receive.

"Purple Kisses" A$AP Rocky [Video]

NSFW: Full nudity and drug use.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chad Johnson (Formerly Ochocinco) Has Been Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge reports that the former Ochocinco has been arrested for allegedly headbutting his new bride, Evelyn Lozada after discovering a receipt for condoms.

Apparently he don't play no safe sex or cheating games. SMH.

UPDATE!!: reports that Evelyn found a receipt for condoms, NOT Chad and she suffers a nasty laceration on the forehead as the result of the confrontation.

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In The Latest Azealia Banks Beef: "Succubi" (Jim Jones the Target?)

The latest target in "The Beef Episodes of Ms. Azealia Banks" is her fellow Harlem mate, Jim Jones.

Looking at the other blogs, it appears as though her and Jim got into it over who originated the Vampire term in this rap game. Jim says it's him. Azealia says that credit it hers.

My Dabble With Jailbreaking My 4s

I've long dreamed of jailbreaking my iPhone 4s. Since joining Instagram and seeing all the cool Android-like freedom others have with their Apple phones, I've thought long and hard on having those freedoms for myself. I love the fun customizations of Android but hated the unstable operating system. If only I could have the best of both worlds....

Jailbreaking the iPhone would provide that, I'd read. I could have my cake and eat it too. What I liked most about the jail broken phone screenshots Instagram is full of, is the different fonts. As crazy and minimal as it sounds, that's all I wanted to jailbreak for. I wanted a different font. Something with a bit of a curve and bold. So, I downloaded Absinthe on my Mac, backed my phone up in iTunes and hit that Jailbreak button.

I made a small snack of my nails and cuticles the entire few minutes it took to complete the jailbreak process. I've read the stories of phones bricking in pursuit of freedom from Apple's strict performance rules. And I've heard of warranties going null and void behind it. I wasn't looking forward to either (very real) possibility. But it loomed in my mind.

In a short while the Cydia app was on my 3rd home screen. I purused the app for a few hours before setting a font, font color,SMS bubbles color and a lock slide tweak. It was beautiful. (As I said, minimal, but beauty to me.) All was good....

...Until I tried I play music. Some tracks wouldn't play at all. Others would skip to a completely different song. And I just couldn't have that type dumbness going on. Above all else, I need my tunes! Thus, I set my phone back to the factory settings and synced it with my backup.

Bye-bye neat font, color and lock slide text.

Apple really shouldn't make such simple shit so hard.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

A Mom Was Strip Searched In Front Of Her Kids During A Routine Traffice Stop!!

A Florida mother says that she was stopped last year for supposedly failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.  Once pulled over, she was taken out of the car by gunpoint and a female officer removed her tampon! All while her children looked on from the backseat!

From Huffington Post:

Leila Tarantino, a Florida mother, was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign last July. But what should have been a routine traffic stop allegedly turned into a nightmare.

Tarantino says that officers pulled her from her car at gunpoint, strip searched her and "forcibly" removed her tampon on the side of the road. Now, she's suiing.

Tarantino says she was wrongfully pulled over by an officer with Florida's Citrus County Sheriff's Department, according to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times. In the suit, Tarantino says that although she came to a complete stop, a passing officer hooked a U-turn and pulled her over.

Here is the disturbing account of the incident -- which Tarantino's children allegedly saw while sitting in the backseat -- as reported by the New Times' Chris Sweeney:
The cop then placed Tarantino in the back of the squad car, where she allegedly sat for two hours. When backup arrived, Tarantino was strip searched on the side of the road, where passing motorists could see everything.
Then, in a gruesome twist, a female officer "forcibly removed" a tampon from Tarantino. Presumably, the cops were looking for drugs, but the lawsuit notes that a drug-sniffing dog was never called in, and cops never found any contraband or anything illegal.
Five male officers and one female officer were involved.

Tarantino's attorneys say their client was "unreasonably searched and subjected to intrusive, substantial and unwarranted invasions of privacy," according to RT.

No drugs were found in the search.

Tarantino is now seeking monetary damages, the amount of which will be determined in a trial, and payment of her attorney's fees, according to WTSP 10 News.

How crazy is this story?!! The actions of the officers were extreme as hell! Did someone call in a tip or something?.. Was this a case of mistaken identity?... Either way, I hope she wins her suit. Those in uniforms should be protecting us citizens. Not harrassing and traumatizing us.

And I know from experience those "U-turn" stops ain't never no good! SMH.

Ever Heard of The Thiel Fellows??..

..Until today, (for me) NO!

Last year Facebook investor and billionaire, Peter Thiel set forth to give a select few $100,000 each to create careers for themselves and become successful without attending college. Thiel's view is that college puts students in debt and rarely does much for success in life.

Huffington Post reports on how "Theil Fellows" have faired since dropping college and setting out on their own with a $100,000 start up:

Last Fall, Facebook investor Peter Thiel gave 24 young adults $100,000 each to drop out of college.

The Silicon Valley billionaire did so in part to prove a point: You don’t need a college degree to start a business or change the world. In fact, the rising costs of higher education and the burden of student loans can hurt your chances at success, he argued.

Nearly a year later, reports are surfacing about what the so-called “Thiel Fellows” have been up to.

Paul Gu, for instance, originally teamed up with another fellow to work on an e-commerce company, and has since moved on to launch a website that allows users to invest in peoples’ future earnings.

James Proud, another fellow, sold his company, Giglocator, earlier this summer. A New York small business owner reportedly paid at least six-figures for the service, which allows users to find and buy concert tickets based on their music interests. Proud, age 20, told VentureBeat that selling his business gives him freedom to “continue to work on things and not worry about money.”

“You increasingly have people who are graduating from college, not being able to get good jobs, moving back home with their parents,” Thiel said in a recent interview with The New York Times. “I think there’s a surprising openness to the idea that something’s gone badly wrong and needs to be fixed.”

Other Thiel Fellows reported working on projects geared more towards solving global problems than creating the next Internet sensation. Eden Full, 19, won a $260,000 social entrepreneurship award earlier this year for her efforts to improve social energy in developing countries. Gary Kurek, 19, started GET Mobility Solutions, whose mission it is to advance mobility technology for the physically disabled.

Thiel announced in June that the foundation has selected its next crop of Thiel Fellows, 20 gifted people under 20 who will also receive $100,000 each along with two years of mentoring. The latest class reportedly attracted 1,000 applicants from 20 different countries. There are now 43 fellows total, 39 men and 4 women, according to the Times.

WOW! Although this site isn't quite the type for extraordinary brilliance, I know a few of y'all are brilliant enought to take a stab at becoming a recipient of $100k to give you that needed boost. Click HERE to check out the Thiel Fellowship website.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rare Skin Coniditon Causes Woman To Grow Nails Instead of Hair

A 28 year old woman named Shanya Isom had dreams of completing school as a Criminal Justice major and beginning a new chapter in life with a new career, until she was diagnosed with a rare skin condition that causes nails to grow instead of hair.

From Huffington Post:

A rare skin condition is causing one 28-year-old woman hair to grow human nails instead of hair.
Criminal justice student Shanya A. Isom first saw signs of the condition in 2009, when she had an asthma attack that doctors treated with steroids. When Isom had an allergic reaction to the medicine, she developed bumps on her leg and her skin tone began to darken, the New York Daily News reports.

Memphis doctors attempted scores of treatments, for conditions ranging from eczema to staph infections. None were successful.

"They've tested me from A to Z, and everything was coming back negative," Isom told WAFB.

In August 2011, Isom was admitted to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where doctors determined that her hair follicles were producing 12 times as many skin cells as hair cells. This meant that her hair follicles were producing nails, instead of hair

The diagnosis, and subsequent treatment, has generated a slight improvement in Isom's quality of life. "I couldn't sit up, I couldn't walk," she told WAFB. "Now I can walk with a cane and sometimes I can walk on my own."

But Isom's symptoms have taken a toll on her finances. Her state-issued insurance does not cover her specialist care, and only covers five of the 17 medications needed to treat her symptoms. Her medical bills have already reached $250,000, the Daily Mail reports.

Isom, who says she is the only person in the world with her condition, has set up the S.A.I. Foundation to raise money to cover her bills and help others who may develop similar symptoms.

"If [my condition] means me dealing with this to help someone else, I'm willing to go through it," she said. The foundation takes donations at all Bank of America branches.

On The Breakfast Club: Benzino Speaks About His Relationship With Karli Redd, Being An Older Cat & Eating In The Tub

Benzino stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning and spoke about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as well as other business. (I didn't look at the "other biz" video) In the video below he speaks about his (past?) relationship with Karli Redd and the fact that the show made it appear as though he gave her a key within a couple weeks, when it was really a couple months into dating.  Angela Yee asked ole Benny about his behind eating tryst in the tub that has gone viral online and I laughed SO HARD! And is that an angry crab tatt on his neck though?.. o.O

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Apple Plans To Drop Youtube App With iOS 6


After Apple sleuths 9to5Mac discovered that the most recent beta release of iOS 6 did away with default YouTube feature, the company revealed that its license with Google to include the program had expired.

For those of you who fancy the easy-to-use app, you'll have a couple of choices once iOS 6 rolls around this Fall. You can either use the Safari web browser to do your YouTube browsing, as it will now support in-browser playback. Or, you can download the separate YouTube app that is currently being built by Google and will be available in the App Store — though its release date has not yet been revealed.

I don't know how to feel about the end of Apple's Youtube App. I rarely use it because the search feature is shit in comparison to a search conducted on a computer. (You know it's true.) But at the same time, that retro tv set Youtube icon will be missed from my screen.  Maybe the upcoming app Google  provides to the Apple store will have a better search feature...Hopefully... 

"Another Life" Robin Thicke [Audio]

"Glow" Mac Miller ft. Pharrell [Audio]

Mixtape: 'HITstory' by Hit-Boy [Audio]


My Source: Miss Info

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MTV's 'Teen Mom', Farrah Drops A Songify Single

I didn't know you could create entire songs with iPhone's Songify app! (Farrah has taught me something today.)

Check out her single, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom", by clicking here: IN TOUCH EXCLUSIVE 

If you dared to listen you will understand the follwoing:

Why folks can't recognize their lane??! Farrah is by far the prettiest cast member of that show. Why not be a model or follow some other type of aspiration that the exposure from Teen Mom has afforded her the ability to take advantage of? Singing ain't her thing, apparently. SMH.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Armed Robbers & One Armed Senior Citizen..

What's that?!! (nothing but 5 dudes that came to rob but got backed down by the owner! *high-five**)

A 65 year old granny stands victorious after coming face-to-face with 5 masked, armed robbers in her pawn shop recently. See the footage:

Hold up... Seeing those fools all piled up at the door trying to escape those flyin' bullets tops the funniest of shit that I've seen recently. Nope... That actually comes second to the fact that the get-away driver left 3 of them in the parking lot to run and meet him down the street.

Folks gotta understand that times is hard on everybody out here these days. The news talkin' like it's unheard of and a bit heroic for a shop owner to pull a gun out and protect what's theirs. Ain't nothing heroic or extraordinary about that at all. You let these fools come in your spot and take your money and/or goods that hurts your bottom line: profit. And if you have insurance, your entire loss may not be recovered. Insurance premiums go up... Either way, the shop owner loses. To avoid insurance claims and takin' L's,  pulling their own weapon seems to be the best option.

And since that is the best option, these foolish petty criminals need to rethink on the stupidity. What's wrong with getting a J-O-B?! o.O  Including the driver we got 6+ people in on the robbery of a pawn shop. (Really?!) Is $100 each and a gaming system or cheap jewelry worth being shot (at), killed or getting that real life "Go To Jail" card.

My Source: Huffington Post

Selena Gomez Got Kicked Off Facebook!!

That title shocks, right?

Like, What Bieber's lil lady do??!

...Well, the Ms. Gomez whose Facebook account has been suspended (until further notice) is not the Selena we all know and love, but an 18 year old from New Mexico that just wants her FB privilege reinstated.


18-year-old Selena MIRANDA Gomez tells TMZ, she tried to sign in to her Facebook account on Wednesday ... but was denied, receiving a message instead that her account had been disabled for being "inauthentic."

According to the error message, the account was disabled for violating Facebook's terms -- which state, "Impersonating anyone or anything is not allowed."

But clearly, the non-famous Selena isn't impersonating anyone -- and now she's really upset that she's been unfairly banned from her social networking profile, telling TMZ, "I AM NOT AN IMPOSTOR ... My name is not hers on my page. In fact, I even put my middle name on my FB to clear up any confusion."

She says, "I did not have one single famous friend. I did not refer to myself as [the famous Selena], and I did not have any pictures of her on my page!"

Selena says she's reached out to FB to reactivate her account -- but so far, no luck.

It's all fun and games when sharing the same name as a celeb, until....

SHIT LIKE THIS HAPPENS! (Y'all know a chick can't live without Facebook access now these days!)

"Hail Mary" Trey Songz ft. Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne [Audio]

"Do My Dance" Tyga ft. 2 Chainz [Audio]

"Do My Dance"... Maybe I woke up too clear-minded... I wasn't expecting the opening. Was not expecting it... After the initial shock, I like the song. It shall be included in my twerk playlist. 

"All Bitches"?? Chris Brown [Video]

Instagram Pic @fuckyopictures

Chris doesn't actually title this lil rap piece, so I've dubbed it "All Bitches" or maybe it could be "Don't Need No Niggas"??...

Chris Brown on WhoSay

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta [Spoof]

Steeb'vee Jay's #1 mistress: Jose(line)

Y'all know just how disgustingly entertaining Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is. found a Youtube vid that makes it plain and clear on just how crazy it is.

The padded butt on Jose doooooe! LMAO

 Scrap sayin' he got Erica on support for their child first thang next year doooooe! LMAO