Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Armed Robbers & One Armed Senior Citizen..

What's that?!! (nothing but 5 dudes that came to rob but got backed down by the owner! *high-five**)

A 65 year old granny stands victorious after coming face-to-face with 5 masked, armed robbers in her pawn shop recently. See the footage:

Hold up... Seeing those fools all piled up at the door trying to escape those flyin' bullets tops the funniest of shit that I've seen recently. Nope... That actually comes second to the fact that the get-away driver left 3 of them in the parking lot to run and meet him down the street.

Folks gotta understand that times is hard on everybody out here these days. The news talkin' like it's unheard of and a bit heroic for a shop owner to pull a gun out and protect what's theirs. Ain't nothing heroic or extraordinary about that at all. You let these fools come in your spot and take your money and/or goods that hurts your bottom line: profit. And if you have insurance, your entire loss may not be recovered. Insurance premiums go up... Either way, the shop owner loses. To avoid insurance claims and takin' L's,  pulling their own weapon seems to be the best option.

And since that is the best option, these foolish petty criminals need to rethink on the stupidity. What's wrong with getting a J-O-B?! o.O  Including the driver we got 6+ people in on the robbery of a pawn shop. (Really?!) Is $100 each and a gaming system or cheap jewelry worth being shot (at), killed or getting that real life "Go To Jail" card.

My Source: Huffington Post

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