Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Apple Plans To Drop Youtube App With iOS 6


After Apple sleuths 9to5Mac discovered that the most recent beta release of iOS 6 did away with default YouTube feature, the company revealed that its license with Google to include the program had expired.

For those of you who fancy the easy-to-use app, you'll have a couple of choices once iOS 6 rolls around this Fall. You can either use the Safari web browser to do your YouTube browsing, as it will now support in-browser playback. Or, you can download the separate YouTube app that is currently being built by Google and will be available in the App Store — though its release date has not yet been revealed.

I don't know how to feel about the end of Apple's Youtube App. I rarely use it because the search feature is shit in comparison to a search conducted on a computer. (You know it's true.) But at the same time, that retro tv set Youtube icon will be missed from my screen.  Maybe the upcoming app Google  provides to the Apple store will have a better search feature...Hopefully... 

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