Friday, August 17, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: WTF Is Scrappy Smoking?!

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta-Style, just never ceases to amaze the hell outta me! Monday I sat and watched the prior week's episode and the latest episode. And one thing is for certain: That cast and their shenanigans are too f'n funny!

Stevie J got Mimi and Joseline to agree to visit a counselor together. At the same time. In the same room. All on the same couch. (Just what in da.... IZ DAT?!) Pure bull. But all's well that ends well. Joseline serving him up with some of her masculine strength via a few blows to the face was about as a good an ending as any of us could have hoped for.

I've said this many times and I'm saying it again: I just can't respect Stevie J!! He's too corny. And I can't respect his women 'cause they too corny. Mimi should follow her true talents and become an actress. Both her and K. Michelle. They can put on!!!! (Can't they?) Just crying every time, all the damn time! When Mimi told Stevie J a few episodes back, "You. Hurt. Me. To. The. CORE!" and mouthed every last word and paused for emphasis between each AND had the misty eyes??! I immediately saw her on the set of a soap opera. She kills me with the dramatics. Stevie's games is her life. Has been her life for how many years?? And you still cryin' and carryin' on?? She needs to get a grip.

K. Michelle. Her level of drama-Queendom surpasses soap opera quality. She needs to be cast in a full-blown Hollywood production. Give her a good ole drama to play in. She woulda played the hell out of Beyonce's character in Obsession. Can't you just imagine her saying, "I'll show you crazy!" Eyes all buck and whatnot. I mean... the way she blew up at Rasheeda in a public setting was... WOW'zahz! I understand that nobody likes to be called a liar, which is what Rasheeda called her without actually saying it. But c'mon now! It comes to a point when you not just embarrassing the other party, but you also embarrassing yourself! When she told Rasheeda (something like) "You can get your ass up and go the fuck on down the street." I was dyin'!! That shit was funny as hell! But then she took a violent, quite unexpected turn when she began hollering and blubbering. I thought she was about to pull a Karli Redd and SHAKE DA TABLE! She did all that in public without even giving a damn about how the hell she was out there looking. And I call that raw talent. She can definitely be an actress in drama if that music thang don't work out.

And hold up...Speaking of Karli Redd. Just how lame is this old lil cute lady?? *sigh** Joseline didn't seem to like her and I can only imagine she ain't like Joseline, either. Sooooooo, why do she be so pressed to sit down and talk with Joseline?! She always coming at that chick talkin' 'bout, "We gotta work together.." blah, blah, blah.... The last episode she set up one such meeting and Joseline was giving her the usual, IDGAF tude. But then, Karli told her that she was seeing Benzino, romantically and melt right through Joseline's cold reception. They started chatting it up from there! Laughing and high-fivin' and jivin'.. All the fake shit silly bitches do when they find out that the man they fuckin' is the friend of a man this other bitch is fuckin' on. I'm just sayin'. How y'all go from not liking one another to going rock climbing together and sharing with one another intimate details?? That's that dumb shit. I sense that Karli really think she has a friend in Joseline. But Joseline, I think, just wanna play Karli close. Make sure she don't try to step from Benzino and onto Stevie J. (LMAO!!!) These women are a trip!

But ain't nothin' trippin' harder than Scrappy on that damn show! This grown ass man says some mess like, "Erica ain't neva cried befo'. She don't show that emotion." (Or whatever the hell he said) I'm having a hard time figuring out just what the hell this dummy means by that. He's said this a few times since the show began airing. From watching the latest show, I guess he wants her to cry when he carry her and parades around town with other chicks or tells her he wants space and all the other dumbness he do. Because as soon as she cries in front of him over hearing that he's fucking with Shay (with that ratty ass weave and Tiffany Pollard aka New York- Jr. face) he all the sudden wants to consider getting back with her.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't want to see your partner crying or hurt over nothing you do or say. Especially not hurt to the point of tears. I think everybody reading this can agree with that. This dumbass is just the opposite!! He wanna see some tears roll. What sense of contentment do a nigga get from that?! I just don't understand. Even without tears, Scrappy know that shit he pulled by leaving Erica for Diamond with no warning and then by introducing Shay to his moms and taking her with him to events just a few weeks after moving our of Erica's house is hurtful to Erica. Anybody would be hurt by that. We all deal with hurt in different ways. Some people cry over any and everything. Some people go through shit that should reduce 'em to tears, but don't. He knows Erica was hurting all along. But still he wanted physical confirmation. Dude is sick.

And I wish Erica would move on with her life for her own sake. But as the blogs have been reporting recently, she has accepted his proposal to get married. Bless her heart. Soon as she gets comfortable and stop giving that nigga the tears he so desperately seeks, he'll be gone again. Looking to make some other fragile-emotioned girl cry with his acts of stupidity.

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