Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Dabble With Jailbreaking My 4s

I've long dreamed of jailbreaking my iPhone 4s. Since joining Instagram and seeing all the cool Android-like freedom others have with their Apple phones, I've thought long and hard on having those freedoms for myself. I love the fun customizations of Android but hated the unstable operating system. If only I could have the best of both worlds....

Jailbreaking the iPhone would provide that, I'd read. I could have my cake and eat it too. What I liked most about the jail broken phone screenshots Instagram is full of, is the different fonts. As crazy and minimal as it sounds, that's all I wanted to jailbreak for. I wanted a different font. Something with a bit of a curve and bold. So, I downloaded Absinthe on my Mac, backed my phone up in iTunes and hit that Jailbreak button.

I made a small snack of my nails and cuticles the entire few minutes it took to complete the jailbreak process. I've read the stories of phones bricking in pursuit of freedom from Apple's strict performance rules. And I've heard of warranties going null and void behind it. I wasn't looking forward to either (very real) possibility. But it loomed in my mind.

In a short while the Cydia app was on my 3rd home screen. I purused the app for a few hours before setting a font, font color,SMS bubbles color and a lock slide tweak. It was beautiful. (As I said, minimal, but beauty to me.) All was good....

...Until I tried I play music. Some tracks wouldn't play at all. Others would skip to a completely different song. And I just couldn't have that type dumbness going on. Above all else, I need my tunes! Thus, I set my phone back to the factory settings and synced it with my backup.

Bye-bye neat font, color and lock slide text.

Apple really shouldn't make such simple shit so hard.

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