Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Fall 2012 Obsessions: Booties, Booties, Booties!!

When booties made a comeback a few years ago, I didn't jump on the band wagon.  I remember the older chicks wearing them in the 90's, lookin' fly, my little mind wishing I was older with the blink of an eye... When they came back, I just wasn't impressed. Didn't see any that caught my eye, really. But recently, I've been all over booties!! And have began stalking sites to pin down which pair(s) will become my Fall Footware Staple(s).

My One True Heart's (Shoe) Desire:

L.A.M.B 'Hoku' Lace up Bootie

$425 @ Nordstrom. These... I'd wear every damn chance I got!
When I first laid eyes on these beautiful L.A.M.B booties... I cried a little inside. We shall meet... Some day. We. Shall. Meet.

...Until then, I found some other cute, much less expensive, options :

All Under $40 From AmiClubWear.com: **Some nights you need "disposables"(shoes that are extremely cheap and cute but don't last long) on ya side.

These shoes are super funky! I could imagine pairing these with black tights and shirt. And accessorizing with silver and/or fuschia.  Nice for a night out.

These have just enough flair with the studded heel. Would pair nice with jeggings or short skirts.  

The Lanvin 'Crazy' Wedge Oxford

Another pricey option @ $1,480.00 from Nordstrom

And not to leave out comfort; I've found these Doc Martens:

The Mandy Wedge Shootie. Spotted @ 6PM and Zappos for $85

I can imagine these shoes being my trusty sidekicks all season long! Don't they just look.. "Everyday"?..
(I really can't wait for Autumn to make her appearance 'round this piece.)

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