Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trust NO ONE!!: Atlanta Pastor (Allegedly) Infects Women of the Church With HIV!!

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis.  Looks like the kind of man that wants to be known. Unfortunately, his little taste of fame will be for all the wrong reasons.

This married man is HIV-positive and has allegedly slept with women of his church, potentially passing the life-altering disease on to these unsuspecting "Women of God".

From NewsOne:

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis (pictured) of Atlanta’s Full Gospel Baptist Church was arrested on July 22 for reckless conduct, when police investigators discovered that he has HIV and had allegedly been indulging in unprotected sex with several of his congregation members, reports WVIG.  Now one of his congregation victims have come forward with her story.

Thus far, two women have pressed charges against the married preacher. One of the victims,Ronita McAfee, told police officials that she met the pastor on Facebook and began communicating with him.  The online relationship soon progressed into sexual romps at the pastor’s home.  McAfee says a few months in to the affair, Davis revealed that one of his former girlfriends had tested positive for HIV. The seemingly concerned preacher allegedly advised McAfee that the virus would not kill her if she tested positive and even went as far as to suggest some drugs that she could take to avoid infection.
Say what?
McAfee knew something was fishy about her relationship with Davis when the house where they would meet for their trysts was foreclosed.  He also kept refusing to get tested for HIV at her urging, which was a red flag to her that he knew of his status.

While McAfee luckily tested negative for the HIV virus, she decided to report Davis to the police and a warrant was put out for his arrest — McAfee actually made history as the first person to file charges against someone for HIV reckless behavior in Georgia’s Clayton County.
When McAfee tried to file charges against Davis in Fulton County, she stumbled upon a complaint from another congregation member who had also fallen prey to Davis’ charismatic ways.  The woman, who has not been identified, held a leadership role at Davis’ church.  The woman shared with McAfee that she was HIV-positive after being celibate for 15 years.

I've said it a trillion times before and will say it a trillion more before my time is up here: TRUST YASELF! That is all. (And about a quarter of y'all shouldn't even do that. o.O) This type of story is the saddest! In church, (hypocrisy aside), the congregation looks up to the pastor and most, genuinely believe he would do no wrong to them. Besides the fact that these women are sleeping with a married man and a married man is sleeping with these women.... Besides the adultery and fornication... No one deserves to be blindsided like this here.

If it is absolutely true that Pastor 'Mar did some gutter shit like what he's accused of, I hope he gets a lengthy one. (Sentence, that is.)

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