Friday, September 21, 2012

Kinda In The Dark About The 200 New Features The iOS 6 Update Gave???

...Me, too!

I was so excited about this new update to the Apple products' operating system!! Granted, my anxiousness was mainly due to the promise of a standard vocal Map, but ya know... Excitement all the same.

And then, one fine day I saw that 200 new features were coming with the update and I was ecstatic! 200 new features?!! My phone's gonna be A freakin' spaceship! ('cause I love exaggerating when the time calls)

1 PM came on September 19th and I took a 15-20 minute break from work to complete my iOS 6 download. (Wasn't playin' no games!) Immediately, I played around with it a bit.  Noticed the Music app, iTunes and App store have different layouts than before.  Passbook, which I have yet to get to work, was placed on my 1st home screen. When calls come in there is now a phone handset icon to the side that allows me to send a text message instead of answering the call. And my emoticons are replaced with new, more bubbly ones as well as quite a few new additions to the old stock. So far, so neat, I suppose. But where's the other, like, 194 new features?

Being the Google Queen that I am, I set to find out. In my search I came across an article that gives insight on the many updates to the Settings. Click Here for that article.  I found that you can set different signatures for different email accounts. That comes in handy. Before this system update I left the generic "Sent from iPhone" as the sig. But now, I've set two of my four diff emails with a professional signature and a Mckenzie Lacroix signature.  The other two remain set with "Sent from iPhone".  They don't get much love.

I also learned that you can choose to ignore certain calls and alerts, (or rather accept only certain calls and alerts).  And that you must log in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts in settings to have that full-integration. As well as a few other things that I don't quite remember but will revisit when boredom strikes. (Insert a countdown)

Oh yeah.. I used Maps for the first time yesterday while trying to locate a bakery at the National Harbor and it kinda like... FAILED me!! Anyone that has visited the Harbor knows it is all but 3 streets wide and one street long.. 'kay.  Maps took me 'round and 'round a good 3x! Finally, I said "To HELL!! With this damn map!" and began looking for the street name and building number my damn self.  I found it. The Map continued to tell me "Destination is on the left" while I was on the Main Street. Didn't account for the side street that is behind the main street that the bakery is actually located on. o.O But, all's well that ends well. I got my huge slice of Strawberry Buttercream Chocolate cake.

Anyways..The search is still on for those other 150 updates..

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