Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Of The Desperate Variety: Chad (OchoNegro) Johnson Tatts Face of Estranged Wife On His Leg!!

OchoNegro done, done it! His estranged wife, Evelyn Lozada, says she wants absolutely nothing to do with him after he bust her damn forehead open over HIS cheating!! And the NFL wants nothing to do with his ass. Not much of anything or anybody wants much to do with his ass, it appears. And he pulls this stunt. A big, stupid tatt of Evelyn's face on his leg.

TMZ.com reports that it may be temporary. Let's hope so. It's mind-boggling: The things niggas do in attempts to correct wrongs... It's over!! In many ways for this guy. No amount of ugly tatts can correct that fateful, violent night in his driveway.

And you know what...If he weren't as arrogant as he is, this would actually, maybe be a sad situation for him. BUT he is arrogant. Extremely arrogant. And cocky and conceited for no reason!  I can't feel bad for the bad luck and choices this dude makes and suffers through. (Just Karma serving up a dose.)

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