Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Guap" Big Sean [Audio]

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bad Girls Club Reunion Part I (Season 9)

The original crew

I'm starting this post off by asking that y'all excuse me for not writing about this lame group of girls on the latest season of The Bad Girls Club....

From the very first episode I knew this was a special kind of uninteresting, "Oxygen need better people dictating who's casted" group of lame ass girls. (I do mean... REE'Heely!!..Really.)

Just to recap what we saw in the first few episodes that gave me that impression, we had:

Rima, a cute girl that ain't too keen on bathing and puts her naked puss on public bars and poles.-- Private bars and poles is cool, if that's how you feelin', but public...?? In front of all type people you don't know?? Everythang exposed to everybody?!! (I'll pass.)

Falen. (Is she Ethiopian?) This chick that just be tryna fake it till she make it.  And I have no clue where she's tryna make it to. Could it be the lame ass circles ran by the lame ass girls in that house?? (I'm confused) How she sit up there on national tv, with a camera crew catching your every move and word.. And she hollerin' bout how bad she is in DC and how she'll do this and do that if this and that were to happen...If a chick get in her face and blah, blah, BLAAAAAAHHHH! And a chick gets in her face like the second night (Was it Christina?) and she ain't do nor say shizz!! I can say she irked my nerves the MOST!

Ashley, aka Blondie.  In the beginning she was really timid and crybabyish.

Erica, she's just Chi Town turnt up!  I didn't like how she got on Rima about being the other girls' friend again but she turned right around and stuck up they ass; turning on Rima.  The very girl that she claimed to be down for and that she bashed for wanting to squash beef with the other girls!! Y'all remember how she was all on Rima to stay away from the other chicks and be only her friend, it seemed.  But once Rima tried to squash shit with the other girls, all the sudden she drops Rima and befriends the other girls her damn self! What kinda shit is that?!! And her loverboy vouging has gots'ta go! At times it is funny, but really!!

Megan, she's a hater. Not a bad looking girl, but really self conscious.  If there is a girl with looks comparable or (God forbid)better than her...It's a problem. I believe she has some mental issues.

Julie is just a funny-looking shit talker.

Christina. She spazzes at the drop of a dime. Just angry. And although I can't really get with her manic-depressive 'tude, I can say that I liked her the best of the entire cast.

Andrea.  KING magazine will give anybody a spread, apparently.

Zuly. She's a cool chick. And I wonder why no one gave her any shit....Ahhh, yeahhhhh... Zuly ain't 'bout no games. These chicks recognized that from the very jump. Ain't nobody ever come out they mouth wrong to her or throw her a weird gaze or NOTHING!!

And that's why I can't respect that crew of girls.  If you such a badass, be that way with everybody. Don't pick and choose your battles. Don't pick on the bitch that you know is gonna back down or be an easy target. Go 'head and fuck with a bitch that'll give you a run for your money. Go on 'head... As a whole, that house is just weak as fuck.  And Falen is the captain of weak.

After many weeks of "This season is so weak!!", we have come to the Season Reunion. And Oxygen is on that complete BULLSHIT!! I'm used to them doing a two-part reunion show, but a THREE-PART?!! What in the fuck is that?!! Just tryna milk the season for all its worth, huh? Part I aired Monday night and it gives us about 40 minutes (including commercials) of the girls landing in LA and seeing each other for the first time in months. Basically, each clique reunites and talks shit about who they hate and what they plan to do at the reunion.  I, for one, could have done without that crap. Who cares what they plan beforehand?! I want to see the action. I hope this is their first and last time doing this dumb Three-part shit.

We did get a few minutes of actual Reunion Show, ON THE STAGE! And that was wack, even. The girls that remained in the house till the very last day appeared first. And speaking of which, I forgot all about that last replacement girl...The black girl with her crybaby, "I don't want no problems although when one-on-one with the camera, I talk big shit about how I don't take no shit" ass. She was in the group of the first to appear on stage, giving lame ass reasons on why she ain't get pumped when she should have during the show. (Lawd, I forgot all about that damn girl.)

But of course, the remaining crew all got along and it is all rainbows and hugs with them, so Part I of the Reunion was just as lame as the entire season.  Can't wait till Part II and III, when the girls that Falen, Julie, Rima and Ashley are terrified of, join them on stage and the real shit ensues.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Review: 'The Black Isle' By Sandi Tan

I just finished 'The Black Isle' yesterday, after having it for about 2 months. When I first opened it up, it didn't quite catch on with me. The book began in Shanghai with a little girl that had a twin brother and their family life at home. It's soon revealed that the girl sees ghosts.

...And that's where the problem began for me. Ghosts??.. Majority of the week I'm in my apartment alone. And I gets spooked! (Fairly easily) I put the book down for weeks. In the meantime I tried to start another book, 'Suspicions'. And I hated it. Reminds me of countless other books that I'd read by countless other authors.

I really needed something different. A good story. So, I picked 'The Black Isle' back up. And once I did, I read it within about 3 weeks, (in my spare time). Whenever I had an extra minute, my nose was in that book!

'Though ghosts are all throughout the book, it's not in the way I thought it'd be. The story follows this little girl to the age of beyond 80. Through the 1920's all the way to the 1990's. From Shanghai to the Black Isle to Tokyo. Through war, British Rule and Japanese occupation. And a gamut of emotions but never really any confusion on the main character "Cassandra"'s behalf. She suffered through a lot and was able to keep her head about herself all throughout life.

My little summary does the book no justice. I'd suggest this as a good read to anyone! It's available on iBooks for $11.99.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

"The Boys" Nicki Minaj ft. Cassie [Video]

After seeing this vid posted on every urban blog, I finally hit "Play" to see what it's all about. The song is DOPE!! I'd go crazy off this joint in the club.

(And Nicki and Cass is showing off the bods..)

"Girl On Fire" Alicia Keys [Video]

This video is BEAUTIFUL!! The colors and tones!.. All about the colors and tones..

Ultimately, this vid has made the song tolerable.

"Fuckin' Problem" A$AP Rocky ft. 2 Chainz, Drake & Kendrick Lamar [Audio]

Welp... 1st song that caught my attention in a while.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Missed Opportunities: Leona Lewis Says Rihanna's Hit, "We Found Love'" Belonged To Her First!

So, I was watching Wendy Williams this morning...

She dropped a lil bomb, saying that Leona Lewis recently blasted that Rihanna's No. 1 hit, "We Found Love" was originally recorded by her! She says that the entire production of Rihanna's is identical to hers, except that hers (Ms. Lewis') is much better.

From Huffington Post:

Lewis told The Daily Star that she recorded the track with Harris, but never released it because she decided to go with a different lead single for her album. "It was the same version and production but mine’s better," she said.
The song would go on to sell millions of copies and hit No. 1 in 25 countries. "There are so many songs I’ve recorded, only to hear other people singing them," Lewis said. "It happens all the time."
While she admitted that it was frustrating to see how successful the single was for Rihanna, Lewis remained realistic: "It was a bit annoying to see how big a hit it was around the world but if I’d released it maybe it wouldn’t have done as well." Rihanna and Lewis' levels of international celebrity aren't really comparable (for example, Lewis has under 800,000 Twitter followers, while Rihanna has over 26 million).
Lewis said she has a copy of her version but would never leak it because that would be "unprofessional."

At least Leona does admit that her version, (if released), probably would not have been as big a success as Rihanna's, but DAMN!! If I were her, I'd be salty as a sea!

Talk 'bout missed opportunities!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Parents Are Suing Doctors For Decapitating Their Newborn During Delivery!!

Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette

After a young mother went into labor earlier than expected, she and the father experienced (what I am sure is) the biggest horror of their lives, when their child was delivered decapitated.  The mother's obstetrician suggested birth by cesarean prior to her going into pre-term labor.  However, when she unexpectedly went into labor, she was denied a cesarean.  During the vaginal delivery, the parents believe the baby was decapitated and then shoved back into the mother's body before rushing the mom off to an emergency c-section, in an attempt to cover up the docs' fatal mistake.

From DailyMail:

A Missouri couple have filed a lawsuit against a pair of obstetricians, accusing them of decapitating their baby during his 2011 delivery and then trying to hide it by shoving the child’s body and severed head back into the birth canal.

In a court complaint that reads like the script of a horror film, Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette, of Florissant, described how doctors Gilbert Webb and Susan Moore had allegedly coerced them into a vaginal delivery against their wishes, and then severed their son's head.

The 10-complaint lawsuit cites Midwest Maternal & Fetal Medicine Services, LLC, Signature Medical Group Inc and the two doctors. However, the suit does not list St John’s Mercy Medical Center in St. Louis, where the bungled delivery too place in March 2001, as a defendant.

According to the court filing, Betts and Ammonette were told by Dr Moore during a February 2011 appointment that the baby will have to be delivered via C-section rather than vaginally because the child had an abnormally large abdomen, Patch Florissant reported.

But when the expectant mother prematurely went into labor on March 22 only 28 weeks and five days into her term, the complaint indicates that Dr Webb 'would not agree' to the Cesarean and 'would only deliver her baby by way of attempted trial of vaginal delivery.'

The couple claim that the obstetrician also refused to let them go to a different hospital for a Cesarian.

‘Believing that she had no other choice than to agree to a trial of vaginal delivery, plaintiff Arteisha Betts consented to a trial of vaginal delivery under duress and protest,’ according to the complaint.

The infant's head was delivered in the first stage of the birthing process, but in the second stage which got under way at around 10.30pm, the lawsuit claims that his large abdomen became lodged in the birth canal.

According to the complaint, Dr Webb applied traction to the child's head in an attempt to dislodge his body, at which point the infant was decapitated. 

Citing the complaint, the Courthouse News Services reported that blood shot out from the baby’s arteries and veins, spilling onto the floor in full view of the mother and Ammonette, who was sitting only two to four feet away from the birthing bed.

The lawsuit states that Webb then 'pushed decedent's head and body back into plaintiff Arteisha Betts' birth canal' and called for an emergency C-section.

The doctor started cutting into the woman's abdomen before the anesthesia fully set in, causing her great pain and suffering in the process, the suit says.

During the procedure,  the doctor ‘surgically and completely removed’ the child's head from his neck and torso.

Before handing the little boy named Kaden Travis to his parents, Webb had allegedly 'intentionally concealed' his neck wounds, although the complaint does not specify how it was done.

The suit seeks unspecified damages to cover pregnancy costs, funeral expenses as well as personal injury and wrongful death.

This is unbelievable!! Can you imagine?! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

"White Dress" Kanye West-- Full Song [Audio]

Snippets have been going around the 'net for awhile now. Here's the full song:

"White Dress" is a track off the The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The First Facebook Ad [Video]

Good ole Facebook..

What it's really used for is catching idiot criminials.. (check out below vid and laugh..Extremely loud)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

What??... Y'all ain't know? o.O