Friday, November 30, 2012

Season 2 of HBO's "Girls" Is Coming 1/13/2012!!

I LOVE HBO and Lena Dunham's "Girls".  I am a huge fan!!  The other day I saw the commercial where she typed and erased like 3 tweets about her hair being dirty and finally decided to just go with, "Dirty hair, dirty mind. lol"  I died!! You know we all do that shit, tryna get our "cool" thoughts to come across just right online.  Hahahaha!

Via Instagram, I found out that an official trailer dropped for the show.  It's below:

Tune in January 13th.

**And if you missed Season I, catch up On Demand.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Experience With A Best Buy Mastercard

Image from
Just about everyone loves electronics.  Going into Best Buy... Seeing all the things ya can't foot the bill on upfront... That's a recipe for disaster. (Disaster in the form of a credit card in most cases.)  I found myself in this rut about 2 years ago.  It was about this time of year. Christmas was approaching and I was solicited via mail.  I should have known better than to sign up for a card which boasts "PRE-APPROVED" and gives details as if the offer is especially for me, as if I was just the model recipient for credit.

So, against my better judgment, I applied and was instantly approved.  But only for $300. ANNNND there was a $75 annual fee. o.O  That is crappy to a whole 'notha level! But I looked at it as $225 for Xmas shopping.

For two years I kept that card, recently canceling it 2-3 weeks ago.  The cancellation process was ridiculous!  The customer service is all handled in a foreign land. That alone isn't so bad, but to top it off, the agent that I spoke with was NOT knowledgable!!  She placed me on hold for at least 10 minutes (possibly more) while she tried to transfer me to a line to cancel.  Finally after placing me on hold and taking me off for a while, she decided to ask for a call back number and said that within 48 hours a rep will call me to cancel the card and an additional 48 hours after that convo, the card will be canceled.

I allowed 2 days to go by without hearing back from them.  Decided to check my account online and found that the account had been closed.  That's great. The call back wasn't needed, but DAMN! If you tell me one is coming, make it! Or at least shoot me an email and say the issue has been handled and a call should no longer be expected. (UGGGHH!)

The biggest mystery/annoyance is that I received a new card from them in the mail last week.  WHHHHYYY?!  I called them just to be sure that no funny biz was going on, because I planned to compare the last 4 digits of the new card to the old, (which I destroyed after taking pics--Idk. I'm anal/obsessive when it comes to things like this.), but somehow I misplaced the card.  So, I had to call and make sure the old card is the one and only I had with them and that it is indeed CLOSED as my account profile shows on their site.

The guy assures me that I had/have only one account with them and it is CLOSED.  He then asks, "Can I have a work phone number for you?"  I'm like, "For what?..The account has been paid off and closed." There was an awkward silence, then him stating his name and thanking me for calling.

What's with Best Buy?! The cancellation process, the new card received after closing the account and the rep attempting to update my contact info when I am no longer a customer (with a good standing) is a lil off. After being with them for 2 years and hopping off that crazy $75 a year ride with them, I decided to look up customer reviews and found that this card receives bad reviews on the reg.

If you are considering a Best Buy credit card, (I can only speak for the Master Card version), think again.  

Zeebly's 'Social Me': Neat App That Analyzes Facebookers

Browsing through Huffington Post this morning, I found a post about an app that analyzes the personalities of Facebook users by the statuses they post and like.  I tried it out. It's kinda neat and (not-so-surprisingly) true.

Check out my results:


"Where I Post From" is not so true. For the past year or more, I rarely post anything directly to FB, but rather via Tumblr or I share things from the 'net and I do that all from my mobile, which has been an iPhone for about a year.  

I do got a thing for grammar (about 60% made up by myself--lol), I have a potty-mouth and I'm emotionally-stable! ACCURATE! ACCURATE! ACCURATE!!!

Visit to get your analysis.

Internet Providers Promise Penalties For Illegal Downloaders!!

In case ya didn't know.

From Huffington Post:

Following the untimely demise of proposed anti-piracy laws SOPA and PIPA, five Internet service providers (specifically AT&T, Cablevision Systems, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon) worked with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Obama administration to create another set of protocols to stop digital pirates in their tracks.
The result was the “Six Strikes” initiative, a program that allows Internet service providers (ISPs) to directly penalize users who downloaded pirated content. How ISPs planned to punish the users, though, was left largely unsaid in the initiative’s actual text, leading to months of information vacuum filled only by the Center for Copyright Information’s vague promises that penalties could include anything from the following, according to the CCI's official description of the Copyright Alert System:
[T]emporary reductions of Internet speeds, redirection to a landing page until the subscriber contacts the ISP to discuss the matter, or reviews and responds to some educational information about copyright, or other measures (as specified in published policies) that the ISP may deem necessary to help resolve the matter.
Rules laid out by top service providers so far have offered a few more details on the penalties that could result for offenders.
Verizon recently announced it would throttle offenders’ Internet speeds without saying by how much. Time Warner Cable on November 15th said that it would restrict repeat offenders' Internet browsing “by directing them to a landing page” without specifying “for how long users will be restricted to the landing page or what websites they will be able to reach, if any," according to Torrent Freak. And AT&T, in a leaked internal training memo published by Torrent Freak, said it would block customer access to frequently visited websites “until they complete an online copyright course;” the company did not say, however, what the course will entail or which websites will be blocked.
So, what new information can we glean from these announcements?
Sadly, very little. The ISPs behind the “six strikes” initiative have continued their trend of giving their customers as little information as possible. (Which sites will be blocked, guys?). But at this point, that’s largely how ISPs are expected to behave. To their credit, Verizon and Time Warner have said they won’t consider terminating Internet service to even the most prolific of pirates, which means the initiative is “more valid under human rights law," according to CNET.
The RIAA and MPAA, though, have kept a clause in the initiative that lets them demand personal information about copyright infringers from ISPs after the “fifth strike” -- which Torrent Freak takes to mean that these organizations may end up suing those who repeatedly pirate content.
The initiative is unlikely to deter hard-core pirates, who frequently use anonymizing services or private networks to cover their digital tracks. Instead, the initiative is aimed at those who pirate infrequently, or those who pirate without knowing their actions are illegal, says Jill Lesser, head of the Center for Copyright Information, who spoke with Ars Technica about the plan back in September. Apparently, the plan isn't designed to trip up the most serious offenders.
Well!.. The punishment doesn't seem too bad.  One gets caught pirating and their internet connection slows down for a few hours or they get directed to a blank page of some sort for a while. o.O

I don't think this will deter at all. You can't stop one's journey to "FREE".  Not like that at least.  A bigger inconvenience is needed.  Much bigger than a slow connection, which most people probably got already any damn way!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mixtape: 'The Soul Tape 2' Fabolous [Audio]

Fab dropped this mixtape on Thanksgving.  Check it out: 

I haven't had the chance to give it a listen yet.  Once I do, I'll be all over Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter with my opinions.

Want A New Macbook, iPad, iPhone or... Anything Apple?? See About No Interest Financing!

Shopping at will run ya a pretty lil penny ('Specially if you're broke like me).  Keeping us penny-pinchin' folks in mind, Apple's Visa Barclaycard is currently offering interest-free financing! And afforded a certain someone (ME!!-lol) to order a new 4 GB, 15" Macbook Pro to replace my 5-6 year old 1 GB, 13" white 'book. o.O

I love my macbook.  It's nice and trusty. But LAWWWD!!! It moves slow as molasses! I can't wait to crack open this new computer! And the best thing about it is: NO INTEREST FOR A YEAR!!  This purchase really goes against my current position of paying off bills and cleaning up my credit, but it felt too good to pass up. 

"All Gold Everything" Trinidad James [Video]

This is Mtv's Jam of The Week.  I'm real late on throwing it on my blog. And usually I'd just let real late shit slide, but I love this song!  (and his slippers, cheetah print shirt and rolled up slim, from-outta-J. crew lookin' pants in the hood)

  "This ain't for no fuck nigga."--Trinidad James

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Futuristic Vision: Mercedes Ener-G-Force SUV (2025 Concept)

From Yahoo:

Every year, the Los Angeles Auto Show hosts a challenge among automotive designers to concoct far-flung ideas about the future of transportation. This year's theme asked what the law enforcement rides of 2025 might look like, and the sketchers at Mercedes-Benz were so enamored with their design they built a life-size version, creating a Gelandewagon for the end of the world.
Dubbed the Ener-G-Force, the truck is in Mercedes' own words "pure science fiction," but it does provide a few hints as to where Mercedes designers see SUV styles heading. Based on the military-grade G-ClassSUVs, the Ener-G-Force features built-in police lights, a bull bar integrated into the grille and 20-inch off-road wheels "guarantee the right-of-way even where no way exists." Since this is 2025, power comes from a hydrogen fuel cell sending electricity to motors in each wheel hub.

Most likely this sort of concept would never hit the streets.  (Not even in 2025) It's like the runway couture of automobiles: Gaudy, intriguing, and definitely not staple-of the-streets friendly.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Good CrockPot Recipe For Chicken Legs

I'm sooooo not domestic. And cooking tops the list as not being a strong point of mine, but I've heard so many great things about CrockPots and come across so many good recipes (usually on Pinterest) that I had to try my hand at throwing something in a CrockPot.

I decided to start out slow. You know... Just to get my toes wet.  I Googled "Chicken Leg CrockPot Recipes" and found one titled "Molly's Chicken Recipe", named after the poster's daughter that loves the dish so much.  The ingredients are really common and inexpensive, which I love!  I just hate looking up recipes and finding that you need some exotic spices that your local grocery stores doesn't even carry!!

This recipe calls for: Soy sauce, minced garlic, tomato sauce, brown sugar and chicken legs.  (That's it!)

I whipped up the sauce, poured it over a family pack of skinless chicken legs and set the CrockPot on Low for about 8 hours.  Everyone loved it! If you're tired of the same old fried chicken or barbecue chicken, (The only two methods I know, sadly.), give this recipe a try.  You'll love it!

"Diamonds" (Remix) Rihanna ft. Kanye West [Audio]

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baltimore Bus Driver Slings A Teenage Girl All Over The Bus!!

I mean.... DAMN!!! Is this the new "IN" thing to do amongst the city bus drivers of the world??!  Can one "Bitch got her ass whooped by the driver" story go cold before the next pops out??!

The uppercutted chick from last month's Bus Drivers Gone Wild definitely deserved what she got; putting her hands on that man like shit couldn't and wouldn't get real on dat ass. But this latest vid out of Baltimore?... I don't know what this little girl did besides, as the driver put it, "being disrespectful".  This is clearly a tiny, lil teenage girl.  Did the driver really have to demonstrate on her ass like that?

I have a 13 year old. And I know kids can get outta pocket when they think ain't shit gonna happen to 'em and all that, (I was once a fresh-mouthed lil youngin' myself, believe it or not.), but I don't know wtf I'd do if my kid came in and said an adult whipped his ass. That shit's unbelievable! But, I tell ya what. If that ever do happen, let the attacker by a bus driver employed by the city.  Town Hall would wear my name and a nice chunk of taxes collected would be in my account.

But seriously, all jokes aside, if you don't want this to happen to your kid, teach 'em some manners and a little something about respecting elders, 'kay. 

Intoxicated ER Doc's Car Goes Airborne And Crashes Into A Vehicle Sitting In Traffic

In Massachusetts, an emergency room doctor, intoxicated off alcohol AND pills that she may have prescribed herself, has been charged with a DUI after smacking into a vehicle sitting in traffic.  Watch the insane vid below.  She comes from outta nowhere!

Toyota Is At It Again: 2.77 Million Cars Recalled For Steering Glitch

What's really going on with the manufacturing of Toyotas??! First they had the faulty floormats and brake pedals a few years ago, a power window switch issue and now a steering "glitch"??

From Huffington Post:

TOKYO, Nov 14 (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp will recall about 2.77 million vehicles worldwide, including the Prius hybrid car, due to problems with the steering mechanism and the hybrid system water pump.

Toyota will recall 13 models sold in Japan between August 2000 and January 2012, it said in a filing with Japan's transport ministry. Some 1.5 million of the recalls are of cars sold in Japan.

The announcement comes a month after Toyota recalled more than 7.4 million vehicles worldwide for faulty power window switches that are a potential fire hazard, the biggest single recall since Ford pulled 8 million vehicles off the road in 1996.


"Ice" Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne [Video]

Wayne doesn't make an appearance in the vid, but Kelly's moves got me thinking of "Motivation". (Whhhhyyyy?!!!) I guess sexy can't be acquired?? (Are folks just born with "Sexy"?) ... I don't get it. Why this girl ain't get that natural sex appeal yet? (..Long as she been in this sex-driven line of work) Kelly got the looks but not the moves.

Other than that, I can say, it's always good to hear from and see Ms. Rowland.  The curly hair (pictured above) and the diamond-encrusted lips are nice touches to the visuals. Of course, that's in addition to the costume choices.  Kelly has the cutest shape and looks good in just about anything.

Check it out for yourself:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Lines" Big Boi ft. A$AP Rocky & Phantogram [Audio]

"Genocide Highway" M-1 (of Dead Prez) ft. Nas

From M-1's Soundcloud post:

This song was unchained on November 9th as an ode to Denmark Vesey who became free on that same day in 1799. Genocide Highway from M-1 of dead prez featuring Nas along with Beatnick & K-Salaam who are responsible for the hook, the production and the scratches. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Everyday Birthday" Swizz Beatz ft. Chris Brown & Ludacris [Video]

If The Entire World Could Vote For The US President, Barack Obabma Would Get A Definite 2nd Term!!

Pic Found at

If the entire world's "vote" mattered, we'd all be breathing a bit easier this morning. Unfortunately, it doesn't, and we must wait for all of our fellow Americans to exercise their right to vote today to know who "We, The People.." have elected.

I'm rootin' for Obama, myself.  I don't believe I know a single soul going for the other side. And it appears the rest of the World is with us.

From Huffington Post:

According to a 21-nation poll conducted by GlobeScan/PIPA for the BBC World Service, an average of 50 percent of people surveyed abroad favor Obama. Only 9 percent of those polled prefer Romney, and in 20 out of 21 countries voters would chose Obama.

According to the survey, two-thirds of Canadians would vote for Obama instead of Romney, a percentage consistent with a recent Angus Reid survey that indicated 72 percent of Canadians favor the current president over his Republican challenger.

If Europeans could cast their ballot, they would overwhelmingly vote Romney out of the picture. Europe is Obama's terrain, and France is the president's strongest backer. Seventy-two percent of the French polled by GlobeScan want to see Obama re-elected. Only 2 percent would vote for Romney.

In Africa, too, Obama would be headed for a clear win, the survey says.

A September survey by Win-Gallup International indicated similarly that the world favors a second Obama administration. That poll gave 18 percent of global support to Mitt Romney, while Obama won the global vote with 81 percent. "A global straw poll among over 26,000 men and women in over 30 countries shows that if an election was held this week, Obama will face tough competition from his republican challenger, Mitt Romney at home but will win a landslide in the rest of the world," the study concluded in September.

According to that survey, Obama found his strongest supporters in the Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland, while Romney was most supported in Pakistan, Georgia, Israel, Macedonia and China.

A recent study by the Russian Public Opinion Center concluded that 42 percent of Russians favor Obama, while only 4 percent believe Romney should be the next U.S. president.