Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Experience With A Best Buy Mastercard

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Just about everyone loves electronics.  Going into Best Buy... Seeing all the things ya can't foot the bill on upfront... That's a recipe for disaster. (Disaster in the form of a credit card in most cases.)  I found myself in this rut about 2 years ago.  It was about this time of year. Christmas was approaching and I was solicited via mail.  I should have known better than to sign up for a card which boasts "PRE-APPROVED" and gives details as if the offer is especially for me, as if I was just the model recipient for credit.

So, against my better judgment, I applied and was instantly approved.  But only for $300. ANNNND there was a $75 annual fee. o.O  That is crappy to a whole 'notha level! But I looked at it as $225 for Xmas shopping.

For two years I kept that card, recently canceling it 2-3 weeks ago.  The cancellation process was ridiculous!  The customer service is all handled in a foreign land. That alone isn't so bad, but to top it off, the agent that I spoke with was NOT knowledgable!!  She placed me on hold for at least 10 minutes (possibly more) while she tried to transfer me to a line to cancel.  Finally after placing me on hold and taking me off for a while, she decided to ask for a call back number and said that within 48 hours a rep will call me to cancel the card and an additional 48 hours after that convo, the card will be canceled.

I allowed 2 days to go by without hearing back from them.  Decided to check my account online and found that the account had been closed.  That's great. The call back wasn't needed, but DAMN! If you tell me one is coming, make it! Or at least shoot me an email and say the issue has been handled and a call should no longer be expected. (UGGGHH!)

The biggest mystery/annoyance is that I received a new card from them in the mail last week.  WHHHHYYY?!  I called them just to be sure that no funny biz was going on, because I planned to compare the last 4 digits of the new card to the old, (which I destroyed after taking pics--Idk. I'm anal/obsessive when it comes to things like this.), but somehow I misplaced the card.  So, I had to call and make sure the old card is the one and only I had with them and that it is indeed CLOSED as my account profile shows on their site.

The guy assures me that I had/have only one account with them and it is CLOSED.  He then asks, "Can I have a work phone number for you?"  I'm like, "For what?..The account has been paid off and closed." There was an awkward silence, then him stating his name and thanking me for calling.

What's with Best Buy?! The cancellation process, the new card received after closing the account and the rep attempting to update my contact info when I am no longer a customer (with a good standing) is a lil off. After being with them for 2 years and hopping off that crazy $75 a year ride with them, I decided to look up customer reviews and found that this card receives bad reviews on the reg.

If you are considering a Best Buy credit card, (I can only speak for the Master Card version), think again.  

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