Saturday, November 24, 2012

Want A New Macbook, iPad, iPhone or... Anything Apple?? See About No Interest Financing!

Shopping at will run ya a pretty lil penny ('Specially if you're broke like me).  Keeping us penny-pinchin' folks in mind, Apple's Visa Barclaycard is currently offering interest-free financing! And afforded a certain someone (ME!!-lol) to order a new 4 GB, 15" Macbook Pro to replace my 5-6 year old 1 GB, 13" white 'book. o.O

I love my macbook.  It's nice and trusty. But LAWWWD!!! It moves slow as molasses! I can't wait to crack open this new computer! And the best thing about it is: NO INTEREST FOR A YEAR!!  This purchase really goes against my current position of paying off bills and cleaning up my credit, but it felt too good to pass up. 

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