Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I Got Resolution Suggestions For Y'all To Live Happier In 2013

My son's CREEPIN' with the Peace sign. (So appropriate!)


In less than 5 minutes it will be a brand new year! Everyone reading this got to thank the Almighty for seeing another day. That's what living is all about:  Waking up to a new day and making moves to make your life and those around you (that you care about) better.  Hopefully while your hard at making your life just the way you want it, you get to have fun along the way.

I mean.. That's just the way I try to live my life on the daily.  Focusing on what matters to me and working hard towards a better life for me and mines.  Ya know. (But that's just me.)  I notice some people don't like to live happily.  They have very negative existences and that crap just spreads like the plague once spewed.  Bringing people down and shit.

Thus, I have some very COMMON SENSE solutions for those type to carry into the New Year of 2013 so all that sucka shit (as one of my Instagram folks called it) can cease and we can all live in peace.

NUMBER 1:  If you don't like a motherfucker, DON'T FUCK WIT 'EM! Simple as that.  What sense do it make to know you can't stand a motherfucker, but still you'll kick it wit 'em, hug 'em, dap 'em up when you see 'em, laugh wit 'em, etc.  Then get out of earshot of 'em and talk shit about how you can't stand 'em!

Don't  be friends on Facebook.  Don't follow them on Twitter.  Don't ask mutual friends how they are doing.  That ole bamma ass shit.  When you don't like a person, you don't genuinely care about how they are doing.  You just asking about them in hopes of hearing some bad shit about them.  Stop that dumb shit.  What the fuck do you care about what the fuck they been up to?! Damn! Let your proclaimed enemy live! (Sheesh!)

NUMBER 2:  Stop all'a dat Emotional Pat shit on these social networking sites! It used to be (pre-Twitter and Facebook) that all emotional ass people got emotional at home and only their fam, friends or people in their neighborhood or job had to deal with hearing their negative, whiny shit.

With these damn social networks you got these chronic complainers whining all the damn time!! Spewing that negative energy all over and unknowingly bringing negative energy to computers and phones everywhere. I mean... Ain't it crazy how we all got the one Facebook "friend" or person you follow on Instagram or Twitter (or two or three) that stay beefin' online with people or more often than not WITH THEIR DAMN SELF!!!  I mean... "This nigga can't go a week without tweefin' it up and shit?!.. Get cho emotional ass offline and grab a damn hug somewhere!"

It ain't no room in life for all this negativity some people be fueled up on.  If you find yourself focusing on the wrong things in life, try to place your focus on shit that matters in 2013.  Preferably, your own shit.  Don't worry about what nobody else is doing.  Especially if you be worried about all negatives in someone else's life.  Ever notice that while you wish bad on another your shit starts crumbling?... I think that's a combo of KARMA and one just not being able to tend to their own life while focusing so hard on another's.

I love to help out when and where I can.  This is my last free advice for 2012.  Please take heed.

Y'all permanently mad/negative mofo's need to do better.  With Girls and The Carrie Diaries coming in a few weeks, what the hell y'all got to be mad about any damn ways?! Shiiiiiiiiitttttttt 2013's coming in right, if you ask me.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Diamonds In The Rough: The New & Improved J C Penney!

OMG!! Have y'all been in JC Penney lately???

Talk about a TOTAL revamp!  Of all department stores, Penney had to be a the bottom of the totem pole since the end of the catalog days (Back when the skirts with the embroidered poodle was popular).   Their clothes were never as up-to-date as their competitors and the quality always seemed to lack.  But now. In 2012... This store has gotten some brilliant minds behind their marketing and some pretty good buyers.

About a year ago I first saw the new direction the store began to take for their commercials and I thought the whole Target (the "discount" store) route was genius.  I don't know about anyone else, but I LOVES me a Target commercial.  Always bright and cheerful and makes me wanna visit a store in search of the feeling the commercial captures (along with a household item or two).  JC Penny adopting  that style of commercial, complete with bright colors, catchy songs and repetitive items is a good look.

I recently learned that once the commercial lures you in, JC's gotten it's own, trendy and fashionable brands going.  I walked through the local JC Penney this weekend to get to another store within the mall and saw soooooo many cute and inexpensive pieces that I couldn't stand it! If you are looking for nice pieces that won't break your wallet, check out the new and improved JC Penney.

Here's a few of the pieces that caught my eye on a brief walkthrough:

I really like shirts that are a bit longer in the back. And this one is colorful to boot.  About $20.
Staple piece: Nautical sweater. This one is $25. Original price!!

Love this sequined sweater. Under $20! Sales rack!!

I believe this skirt was just $17!! Sales rack. Good, thick material for the colder months.

Faux leather (aka "PLEATHER", as I know it) detail on the shoulder. Up close the detail looks really cheap but overall this is a really cute item with a price tag of less than $15!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cadillac Kimberly On R&B Divas, Real Housewives of ATL, Love & Hip Hop & Basketball Wives

How did I miss the latest from one of my favorite YouTube personalities (soon to be on to much bigger and better thangs) Miss Cadillac Kimberly??! I was on Youtube this morning and decided to see, if by some small chance, she'd posted anything new lately.  I was in luck to find this video from two months ago.  As usual, Miss Kim is dead-on and HILARIOUS!!  She runs down her thoughts on R&B Divas and its cast, Real Housewives of Atlanta and the Love and Hip Hip casts.

She said Kenya Moore of RHOA is broke as a joke.  And That's funny as hell, even though we all already knew it.  Kenya needs to sit the hell down, employing her cousins and dem for security. (Remember that scene at the Bailey Agency? Hahahahaha)

Cadillac also brought up Jackie's response to the question of whether her husband Doug Christie is gay or not.  Her response was crazy: "Doug's not gay." shaking her head with that phony smile plastered on it. Definitely made me think, "Well, damn!...Is he?!!" I know if somebody asked me if my dude was gay I'd blow up on dat ass.  I think any woman would. What kind of question is that to ask a wife about her husband?!!  Jackie wasn't offended in the least.  And seems like she was struggling with keeping a lid on the truth. (It's the all in that smile and shifty eyes!)

Check out the video of all of Cadillac's thoughts (and be prepared to laugh yo ass off!):

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weight Gain Is Depressing!

Y'all are probably tired of me complaining about my weight (every now and then) and never making any progress on the sitchy (situation).  If y'all not, I definitely am.  I'm a big believer in "If you don't like it, CHANGE IT!" And if you do nothing to change things that you have the power to change (and don't like), then SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

So, I'm feeling like double down being that not only have I NOT lost weight, but I've actually packed a few more pounds on since I last checked in on this topic, AND have done nothing (consistently) to make any difference in my waistline, arms, back, gut, FACE!!! Oh my GAWD!! My face! Weight gain in the face is horrible! Totally gives you a whole 'notha look that you ain't lookin' for.

Since I began working from home in early November, I rarely go out, besides physical therapy and the occasional visit to WalMart.  I stay in sweats the majority of the week and never noticed just how FUCKED up my shape has gotten.  So, on Christmas Eve, I decided to put some real clothes on to have dinner at my best friend's and my usual everyday belt did not fit! Not even close to fitting!! The damn buckle and other end of the belt wouldn't even touch!  The jeans I wore are designed to sit on the hips, but DAMN!! When the hell did this happen? (I know not in like 6-7 weeks) This shizz is CRAY!

So, I changed the belt for a larger one.  But really, I should have scrapped the entire 'fit!  I only had on a v-neck white tee, jeans and scarf.  It's bad when you make simple shit look bad! The tee is Hurley.  My favorite tee.  So soft and just ready for anything-type tee. The jeans are ripped with a little lace detail. In the past (before I began tippin' scales) this was a decent-looking outfit.  Much more decent than the usual sweats look that I've adopted as of late.  But, anyways, I was spilling out all over the damn place!

Luckily, I wasn't introduced to anyone new at this Christmas Eve dinner.  You know first impressions are everythang!

After that night I decided to definitely begin a gym membership and to STICK WITH IT! And to stop with the excuses.  Since I sprained my ankle over the summer, that had been my number 1 excuse.  Prior to spraining my ankle, my boyfriend and I walked the Woodrow Wilson Bridge (between Maryland and Virginia) a couple times and planned to make that a daily activity.  And then came my injury, just stopping me dead in my tracks.  And my injury was (and still is) very real.  Now that I'm just about done with PT, IT'S TIME!!  This bad ankle is getting wrapped and getting on a damn treadmill!

I plan to diet as well.  I've already cut out sodas and juice months ago.  And although I sit around at home all day, I don't eat excessively.  But, I guess I do eat out a lot.  Carry-out is my friend.  I admit that one.  But, it's time for our friendship to end.  I don't like what I'm becoming in its presence.

And here's some facts for y'all:     5'3  168 lbs :'{

"One Pound Fish" Muhammad Shahid Nazir [Video]

One Pound Fish Man is jammin', ain't he? 

From Huffington Post:

A fishmonger from Pakistan has become Britain's latest musical sensation after a song he sang at an East London fish market went viral on the Internet.
The song -- 'One Pound Fish' -- has been made into a video and is currently number 29 on the British charts.
Muhammad Shahid Nazir, a 31-year-old father of four from Pattoki in Pakistan,immigrated to the UK a year ago to earn some money and provide a better life for his wife and children back home, the Evening Standard reports.
He soon found a job at a fish stall in Queen's Market in London's Upton Park. Nazir says his boss asked him to "shout" to attract customers. But when that only managed to turn potential patrons away, he made up the now-famous song.
After the song began attracting attention, Nazir was urged to audition for the X Factor, where he failed to impress judges. However, a clip of him singing in the market soon went viral, and he was offered a deal by Warner Music.
The song currently has 7 million hits on YouTube, and has since been covered byTimbaland and Alesha Dixon.
Back in his native Pakistan, Nazir has become a star. According to the BBC, 'One Pound Fish' can be heard blaring from speakers all over Pattoki, and his family is praying for the song to hit number one on the Christmas charts.
For his part, Nazir is humbled by his unexpected success. He tweeted that despite his newfound fame, he is still only a "market trader."

Check out the infamous vid and song:


And all over the world innumerable talented singers weep as the struggle continues. o.O

Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Lose To Win" Fantasia [Audio]

pic taken from

The other day I saw the above picture from ole Fanny's Instagram on a few different blogs.  I didn't pay it much mind because everyone knows her story.  Fantasia has never hid the fact that she didn't go far in school (although she did return to obtain a G.E.D) and she has never attempted to speak as if she's got more smarts than she actually has.  (She plays her role.) Plus, I like Fantasia.  I found the many posts on her using the word "WHEN" in the incorrect context (She meant to write "WIN") a little annoying.  Give the girl a damn break!

Is her singing not enough?!!... Is her singing not enough?!!!!

Anyways, apparently she was trying to tie the title of her new song into the caption of her cute pic.  Check out Fantasia's single "Lose to Win":

**And because I do like to keep it a-hunnid, I must say... Even though I loves me some 'Tasia... She can at least keep up with the spelling of her own damn song titles.  That is a bit on the inexcusable side.  But, still, can y'all let her live a lil? 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Temporary UPS Worker Steals iPad Off A Customer's Doorstep [Video]

A temporary UPS worker comes along behind a Fed Ex worker, to drop off another package to a home (that has a camera set up to capture their doorstep--SMART!).  After a little while the UPS man decides to return and steal the iPad that Fed Ex delivered.

This idiot lacks a brain and morals.  Why in the fuck would you jeopardize your name for a couple hundred dollars?!!  Fuck your temporary job! What about your NAME, my nigga?!!  He ain't give his dumb ass actions or future no thought.  He's lost his temp position and won't have much luck with any other company if they catch wind of this and the jail time he definitely should begin serving soon.

I just HATE a thief and a motherfuckin' liar! Watching this vid has made my blood boil! I just think it's really all types'a levels FUCKED UP that people work (hard) to obtain what they want/need and another motherfucker that lacks the ambition, drive and/or smarts just comes through and takes it.


[UPDATED] Jordan Retro XI aka DA BREDS (Ya Gurl Tried..)

I haven't given any thought to Jordans since my obsession with them ended at the age of (roughly) 23.  I used to be the chick skipping my morning classes or going into work late to grab the latest pair; happily trickin' my refund checks from school and whatnot.  But, the closer I got to graduation, the more I wanted an "adult" look and traded the Jordan obsession for flats and heels and slacks and all'a dat.

But these BREDS got me.  Ever since my son and the internet (that's all y'all been talkin' bout for weeks now!!) put me on 'em, I planned that I'd grab me a pair.  Classic. In both style and color.  And although I'd been hearing the horrible Jordan Release Day stories, I never imagined it'd be as hard to cop these damn shoes as it is searching for the damn answer to the meaning of life!!!  I mean.... Seriously!!!

I participate with Finish Line's Winner's Circle from buying sneakers for my son and they sent me an email last week about reserving a spot in line.  I went through that process, but kid size shoes weren't offered.  I wear 7.5/8 in Women's.  Since the Men's sizes don't do it for me, I signed my boyfriend up for the reservation.  A little after 8 am today we breezed in the store, paid for the shoes and was out within 5 minutes.  With his shoes in hand, we decided to check out other sneaker spots in the mall for my size......


The local Foot Locker didn't even get the kid sizes in.  The Kids Footlocker, DTLR and a few other local shops all did this ticket thingy at like 7 AM and were only selling shoes to those with tickets until a certain time.  I was a little pissed, but not totally, because my REAL jordan days are long behind me (right?).  I can live without 'em.  And that was my mindset up until about the time I left the mall parking lot empty-handed.  With my boo all set, and the pure, uncut feeling of failure on me I decided that I'd just grab mine online.  I knew everybody was wanting these limited-quantity shoes, apparently, but it ain't NO WAY they'll sell out online before I get a change to snag a pair!

On the way home I was trying websites from my phone and being directed to pages that explained server overloads and gave apologies and hope.  Once I got in, I grabbed the 'book and opened up several different windows.  I had all of these sites open at once: Champs Sports, Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Foot Action and Finish Line.  Each and every site kept me in a very VICIOUS loop of choosing the size and attempting to add it to the cart just to receive a message stating that the item could not be added to my cart because it was in other carts at the time but not officially purchased yet.  And then, eventually, I'd be kicked out the the sites and have to start all over. >:/

After more than an hour, Kids Foot Locker finally added the shoe to my cart.  I was SUPER PUMPED!! Placed my name and Billing address info in, chose to pay that $32 extra for next-day shipping and the screen FROZE!! "Processing" with the gray bubbles kept on and on for the longest time. And I continued getting booted from the site. And every time I re-entered the site, I got caught up at the same point in the checkout process.  (And I called it too.) About the third time I got caught up, I said, "This shoe ain't available nomore."  Otherwise, why would they continue to NOT allow me to complete the checkout process??!!

Sadly, I was right.  After another 40 minutes or so of getting kicked out of the site and re-entering and being stopped at my shipping info, over and over again, the site told me, "This item is no longer available and has been removed form your cart."  


I'm so hurt right now. :(  *tear.tear**


Ya gurl tried!!!! And after an entire morning and partial afternoon, Ya Gurl succeeded!!!  Although Finish Line posted on Twitter way earlier this morning that they were all sold out of the Jordan XI's, I finally was able to gain access to the site (and keep it) and order the shoe in a Boy's 6.5.  From what I saw, I think only 5.5's were sold out.  That was less than an hour ago.  If you or someone you know still wants the shoe and has a small foot, check out

Monday, December 17, 2012

Rent The Runway: An Online Site For Super Fashionable Gals On A Super Budget!

I swear, Huffington Post keeps me so in-the-know. Today I found a post about inexpensive gifts for those with expensive taste (click here for the complete post on their site).  One of the sites mentioned is Rent The Runway.  This site is soooo genius!!  For about the cost of a cute, non-designer dress, clutch, jewelry, etc. you can rent DESIGNER pieces for a night out or day event.  (GENIUS!!)

I have purchased so many dresses at about $100 or more that I consider "1 & Dones".  Really cute, but just not wear more than once friendly.  I don't know about y'all but when I go out, I usually go with the same crew of people and I usually picture myself to death! These pics are posted all over online.  Yes, the dress, bag and shoes were a hit, but I cannot possibly wear this get-up again!!  I just don't think it's cool.  The shoes and bags I'll piece together with other 'fits.  The dress, I usually have cleaned and stick it in the back of the closet like, "This may come in handy in the future." The future day never comes for the dress and eventually it ends up in my donations bag.  It always feels like such a waste.

I can only imagine how y'all ladies that spend a couple hundred to thousands on a dress for an event (may) feel. (Ohhhh I couldn't manage.)

So, for $50-100 (a little more or less depending on the item) you can rent a designer look for a night.  It's better than kicking a couple hundred cash (or worse yet, CHARGING) for a dress for one night.  Plus, afterwards you don't have this beautifully arranged piece of material collecting dust and reminding you of a huge, impulsive buy that your wallet probably could have done without.

>>Check Out Rent The Runway<<

What'd I Say Again?...: Twitter Lets Us Go Back In Time

I found an article on Huffington Post about Twitter allowing users to access every last week they've ever posted. I just requested mine and CANNOT wait to see the shit I've thrown into the Twitterverse over the past few years!

Check to see if you can request your tweets: Scroll to the bottom of your "Settings" page for the option.

"Take It" LL Cool J ft. Joe [Video]

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Basketball Wives LA Season Recap & The Reunion Part I

Basketball Wives LA.  A cast that I don't believe I've written anything about for the season that just wrapped up last night.  And believe me! Just 'cause I ain't write 'bout 'em don't mean I ain't have shit to say 'bout 'em, 'cause this season was CRAZY!! How the fuck was it boring and crazy all in one?! I really can't answer that.  I just know that these ladies made it happen.

First, let's talk about Laura.  That bitch got THE plastic surgery makeover of all fuckin' makeovers, didn't she?! She hit the scene damn near looking better than her sis Gloria! Everyone that I say this to always says, "She had just had a baby last season and ain't lose all her weight yet." BULLSHIT!!! I'm talking about her nose,  the set of her jaw, the eyes...In addition to that waist line and sucked in gut.  This bitch went under the knife.  She looks a lot better.  Kudos to her.  She was super fucked up, funny looking last season.  She still got that funny look to her, but all-in-all, she was lookin' cute this season.

The one thing I wish she would have done is dropped those spiked backpacks.  I know she well into her mid-30's.  Leave those type of accessories to your kids, Laura.  She looked silly as fuck with the whole line of that backpack in every shade available.  That was just crazy.  I have no idea who makes the "Koopa" bag (I just gave it that name), maybe it's expensive.  But, I've said it before and I'll say it again and again, as many times as I need to: EXPENSIVE DON'T MAKE IT CUTE OR ALRIGHT!! (Please know that.)  She looked a damn fool! Especially when she dressed for Malaysia's skate party in the old-school attire, pigtails and sweatband.

But then again, Laura is immature.  That would explain her kiddie ass bags and her kiddie attitude and her kiddie ass logic.  Y'all saw how she was on Jackie this season.  Jackie's old, crazy ass, I really ain't feelin', but Laura beat her in the Crazy Department this season.  Laura was playing this dumb ass game of pretending like she likes Jackie when she is around Jackie but when she wasn't around her, saying how much she doesn't like it and is going to make her pay for fuckin' around with Laura's emotions last season.

..WHAT?!! Like, get the fuck over it!!  If Laura feels as though Jackie did her dirty last season and she ain't with it, she should have simply avoided Jackie this season. Or beat her ass. That's it.  When you don't like someone, you keep your distance.  If they really got to you and you can't stand it, try ya hand. Smack a bitch.  Punch a bitch.  Kick a bitch.  Something!!!  Just don't do that ole elementary shit like, "I'ma get her back and talk about her behind her back and get in her biz like she did me."  What the fuck is that?! That plan involves too much time and thought.  Just leave the bitch alone! (DAMN!!)

Laura played herself in a major way this season.

Bambi.  Is she serious about her "rap career"? She is horrible!!! Reminds me of a older, bigger, darker Kreayshawn.  I mean.. Y'all heard the lyrics.  No fuckin BUENO!! (At least Kreayshawn is catchy.) And bless Malaysia's heart. She's Bambi's biggest cheerleader because they been girls since their teenage years.  That's sweet and all, but the truth MUST prevail!! That girl cannot rap!  Now, she got a body 'bout her.  Maybe she should hook up with Brooke and Draya and see what she gotta do to get the cover of King magazine or something.  She could totally do that.  But the rapping??.. Ummmm.. (No.)

And why she so hellbent on going at Gloria?! Gloria is tiny and pretty and has a baller as a HUSBAND. Yes. We see that.  You ain't gotta hate, Bambi.  Ain't gotta hate.

And let me explain why I believe it's hate:  Bambi seemed cool with G in the beginning.  They ain't have no issues. (Or so it seemed) And then they exchanged a few words over Laura and Jackie's beef and Bam comes out her mouth talking about, "I wanted to smack the shit out of you the other day."  (WHAT?!)  Not cool. Ain't gonna ride.  She don't know Gloria like that.  Gloria don't know her.  Saying that you wanted to smack the shit outta somebody that don't know you is NOT a joke.  I don't care where you are in the world.  That line is not a joke.  And Gloria handled her right by inviting her to bring it if she wanted.  I mean... what the fuck she think Gloria's reaction should have been in that situation?!

That statement alone shows that she wasn't really feelin' Gloria, despite the fact that she was all chummy with her anytime prior.  But she ain't even know Gloria.  Why would she not like her? There was nothing to not like! And then on the season finale she says that G is a rat that freaked some of Babi's "friends" in the studio.  As soon as she said that my mind went to that very public spat between Matt Barnes (Gloria's longtime boyfriend-turned- husband) and a member of Black Wall Street (who's name I can't recall) on Twitter a lil while ago over dude tweeting pics of Gloria in his hoodie and saying that he bust it down.  I was thinking, "Damn! Gloria wasn't playing when she said she BLAZED HER TRAIL just as Matt had.  She was rollin'!"

But then Bambi says during the reunion last night that the incident she was referring to when she says her "homies" told her about Gloria freakin' off in the studio is the same damn public situation we all knew about!!!!! What kinda shit is that?!  The only person that was "news" to is Jacki's old ass.  So, she fucked one, loudmouth ass nigga.  Please, get over it! Bambi was lame as hell for bringing that shit up and using it as an excuse for why she don't like Gloria.

Now, had she come in saying she don't like Gloria 'cause she a ho and gave that studio story from the jump, I wouldn't think nothing else of her dislike for Gloria.  Some people just can't get with ho ass bitches.  I can dig it.  But she came in like she was cool with Gloria and they were possibly friends.  Why would this "REAL" chick do that?  If asked, she probably wouldn't even know.  (It's da hate.)

Malaysia.  I really liked her position this season.  She has remained the same since last season.  She's chill and wants everyone to get along.  That's cool.  Every crew needs a Peacemaker.

Draya.  The biggest thing she was in this season was the whole thing with her and Brooke over this King magazine cover.  I think that she legit was pissed about dude making it a thing like Brooke got it because Draya bounced.  I can understand that.  Even if the dude felt slighted because Draya rolled out, he shouldn't have discussed that with another model.  In the real, corporate world, that's equivalent to two people going up for a promotion and the person chosen for the promotion told, "You got the position because so-and-so didn't do this or that right." NOOOOOO!!! Simply put, "You got the promotion."  That's it!!  Brooke should understand that.  And I think that after Draya explaining it that way, she does.  How Draya went about it from the jump with all that, "It's not a big deal for me.  It's a big deal for you." talk was crazy.  That kinda shade can be done without in a friendship.  But ain't it crazy how Brooke whipped Jackie's ass in defense of Draya and by the end of the season was about to hop on Draya's lil ass her damn self?! LOL (Irony. I'm a fan.)

Brooke.  I really like her.  Brooke is a cute lady and that means nothing to her.  She will get in that ass! Like how she told Bambi straight up at her pool party like, "I'm about to get it in on the drinks. If you got a problem, let me know. You wanna fight?"  And what Bambi say, "No." And Jackie.  She thought her big ass was about to get at the young(er) gal.  Brooke fucked that head all up!  And I still say that Jackie's husband paid for the fight not to see the light of day.  Jackie probably went home and cried all night long.  Got lawyers involved...Threw a lil money at it...and it's almost like, "What fight?"  Vh1 gave us the aftermath.  And that was enough for me.

And what the hell was going on, on that reunion stage last night?!  Fashion-wise it was HORRIBLE!!  Bambi had on a junior homecoming dress that made her look as wide as a middle aged mom!  Jackie had on one of those role palying 'fits you'd see in the G-rated "adult" stores.  Jackie's 'fit was like a detective coat and hooker boots or some shit.  And Laura called her out on the cheapness of them boots.  Laura was lookin' o----kaaay... Nothing to write home about.  Her sis, Gloria was lookin' plain Jane as a motha in that damn ruched white dress. Malaysia.  Her makeup was so nice!! But the dress, I felt was more so for a ball of some sort.  I was thinking BET's red carpet when I saw Draya. Brooke.  Her dress was cute as well, but not for the stage of Basketball Wives Reunion!!  The length they was giving last night was off the mark.

For some reason, I just think they should have dressed a bit more appropriate for what they gave this season.  They been watching too many Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunions or something.  Leave the damn Homecoming and fundraiser evening gowns at home!!

Can't wait till next Monday and Part II of the reunion! (And BTW, immediately airing Part I of the reunion after the season finale was genius, right?!)

Lindsay Lohan Has Yet To Thank Charlie Sheen For His $100k Donation!

Lil Miss Lohan has been a favorite of the media for the past few years, in a very negative manner.  She's been hittin' people, going to rehab, leaving rehab, having lesbian affairs, drunk in public, etc., etc.  And the latest is that she reportedly said that she cannot pay her rent and owes over $200,000 in taxes.  Charlie Sheen, being the #winning guy that he is, laid 100k, cash out for her.  That is super nice of him!! However, Miss Lohan hasn't seen this gesture as nicely as I have (and I ain't get a dime!) because she has yet to give Charlie as much as a "Thank you."... an "I see you, playa."shoutout... NOTHING!!

Check out the vid:

Now. I loves me some Lindsay! It all started with the hair and the freckles. Which, by the way, WHY THE HELL DID SHE GO MESSING WITH THE HAIR?!! You see the pic? She darkened it or something. I like the natural ole redhead hue she was born with. Beyond the hair, she is honestly a good actress. I know we all loved her in Parent Trap as a kid. And as much as I hate to be on the nasty media's side, I gotta say Lindsay is MESSY AS ALL HELL for not acknowledging a gift. Especially a gift that she apparently NEEDS and happens to be a $100,000 gift!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Physical Therapy For A Sprained Ankle

July 28, 2012 I took the FALL of all FALLS on some raggedy ass skates at a raggedy ass rink!!  I knew from the start that it was a bad idea but I just wanted to get my kid out of the house after being stuck indoors all week.  Once inside the rink, (which I won't blast ONLY because I should have turned around at the parking lot...Not even "at the door". I shouldn't have gone that far.  This place was RAGG-A-DEE to the MAX!!), I realized the place hadn't been updated since it was originally constructed.  The paint was from the 70's.  The snack bar was from the 70's.  The SKATES were from the 70's.

I strapped the skates on and immediately noticed that the right skate didn't glide too smooth. But I thought, "What can you expect from a pair of rented skates that look like THIS?!" So, I breezed around and around the rink, (along with my son and about 6 other people), for a good 30-40 minutes.  Due to the lack of a crowd, my teenage son got bored and decided to sit on the side with a Gatorade and chips.  He wasn't feelin' it as much as I wasn't but for some inexplicable reason, I thought staying a little longer would somehow please him.  Again: HE'D BEEN INSIDE THE APARTMENT ALL WEEK LONG!!  I guess he probably would've taken a trillion weeks stuck in the apartment over being in that fucked up skating rink though.

Anyways, as he sat on the side sippin' his 'Rade, I decided to bust out some of my "cool" moves.  At the age of 30, my 13 year-old thinks I am soooo ancient and don't know how to do nothing that he is capable of.  So, I decided to show him a lil.... BACKWARDS SKATING. (fail)

I was rollin'. But, alas... It didn't last for long.  Before I knew it, that damn right skate's wheels got choppy on me and thus began my 5 minute fall.  I'm sure the fall happened in seconds, but my "whoop..whoop..ahh..whoop" with the arms flailing and feet slipping, as if the fall could be stopped, made my fall a slow motion event that seemed to last a lifetime.

Finally I hit the floor in excrutiating pain!  I couldn't put weight on my left ankle at all.  My son helped me over to a table, where I struggled to pull that stupid ass skate off my left foot.  Immediately my ankle began to swell.  As I limped out of the skating rink, (About 15 minutes too late. I coulda saved myself an injury had I just listened to the kid.), I thought to myself: "It'll be good by the morning."

Well.  Here I am, about 4 months later, still fucked up.

Initially, I gave the ankle a week.  It was still swollen and hurt at that point so I went to an Urgent Care facility for X-rays.  I was told that I stretched the ATFL and the CL really bad, but there was no tears and no breaks.  They gave me this huge, ugly ass walking boot to wear for 2 weeks.  During the 2 weeks my ankle remained swollen so I continued to wear the thing for the remainder of August all the way until October.  (I later found out that wearing the boot that long was ridiculous.)

I hate to make excuses when it comes to my health, but work was busy and I had other social things going on from August up until the beginning of October.  So, I pushed back a necessary followup until about 4 weeks ago.  I saw an orthopedic surgeon who ordered an MRI and physical therapy.  

I'd heard about physical therapy helping to heal sprains and I was a bit skeptical, because I'm like, "It's been so LONG!! What is PT going to do for an old ass injury?!"  Let me tell ya... I was pleasantly surprised!!  My therapist tells me that sprains take time to heal.  Even more time than broken bones in many cases!!  And that physical therapy helps to strengthen the surrounding muscles and provide stability to the ankle as the beat up ligaments heal.

I pay $20 per visit to PT (A blessing. Thanks to medical insurance.) and I want to share FOR FREE some of the tips that I have been given.

1. RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  This is so basic. But I only mention it because I'd read many posts online that states RICE is only good during the initial phase of the injury.  This is not true. As long as your ankle is swollen, ICE AND ELEVATE THE HELL OUTTA IT!! It alleviates the swelling.  No matter if the sprain occurred today or 200 days ago.

2.  Ankle Pumps: This exercise can be done in any position, but laying on your back with the injured ankle elevated is the best.  Simply "pump" your ankle by pointing your toes away from your body and then towards your body.  I do 15 reps.

3.  Ankle Circles: Slowly rotate your foot/ankle clockwise and/or counter-clockwise. I do 15 reps.

4.  Inversion/Eversion:  With your leg relaxed, turn your foot in and out as far as you can. (If it hurts, stop.) I do 15 reps.

5.  Standing Heel Rises: While standing, rise up on the balls of your feet. Repeat 15X

6.  Gastroc Stretch: With back straight, place your hands against a wall, bend the knee of the leg that isn't injured, keep the injured leg straight (to the rear) and hold for a count of 20.  (Basically, this is a STRETCH.  I hope I described it well enough for you all to follow, but in case I did not, the injured leg you want to feel a stretch from the ankle up to the back of the knee.  If you feel that, you're performing this one correctly.) Repeat this 5 times.

7.  Do you have a water jet stream available?  If so, direct it onto the injured ankle and relax for 10-15 minutes.

8.  Towel Slides:  fold a towel, length-wise.  Keeping the heel of your foot in place, use your toes to slide the towel across. Repeat 5-10 times and then work on sliding the towel to the opposite side.  It's best to add some sort of weight to the end of the towel.

9.   Massage!!! 

I perform all exercises 2 times a day.  Remember to not push it to the limit! If you feel pain, cut back or stop.  And although everything I listed above helped my injury, it may not work for everyone, because others may have a different type of injury.  Be sure to get a proper diagnosis from a doctor before attempting any sort of exercise.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Mozart, Go" Dominic Lord [Video]

"The Turn Up" Trinidad James [Audio]

pic found at

"The Turn Up" is the latest from Trinidad James.  Everything I hear from this guy I will most likely always compare to his hit (and one of my faves at the moment) "All Gold Everything".  With this track he keeps with the shit-talkin' and I likes it!

If shit-talkin' and stuntin' is his formula, I'll probably be a fan forever.  (That has nothing to do with his rap-ability, which we can all agree isn't...ahhhhhhh... It just isn't...)

Stay tuned for his recent interview on The Breakfast Club.

Music Review: 'True' Solange

Pic found on

Solange Knowles (Yes. The sister of Queen B.) recently released an EP of her own.  And I LOVE IT!!!  'True' is 7 tracks of 80's reminiscent production topped with great vocals singing great, simple, TRUE lyrics.

Since downloading this from iTunes over a week ago, I've listened to 'True' everyday, multiple times a day!!  It is so refreshing that Solange has her own style.  After purchasing Brandy's latest and damn near losing hope to hear a (new) good album anytime soon *eye ROLL**  I say THANK YOU, Solange!! THANK. YOU.

I was about to rank my favorites (greatest to least). I got to the 4th song and realized I don't even feel right to say that any of the 7 tracks is my "least" favorite.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mixtape: Chrisette Michele "Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation"

Up Late With An Explanation

It feels like this week has been the longest 4-day work week ever!  It all began with a shitload of repetitive, day-long work on Wednesday.  And that work then continued on Thursday... And then on Friday....

For the most part, my actual job (not blogging-cuz it pays no bills currently), is super chill and laid back.  I have no complaints. I stayed in a lovely hotel in Orlando, FL for a week, last week.  On the company.  That was work, but it was still cool.  Returning from a nice lil getaway straight to a crazy work week has drained me! If I had my way I woulda been asleep at 5 PM today.  Somehow I stayed up until about 10PM.  It was a much needed nap, but now... Here I lay... WOKE!!! 

With nothing else to do, I thought I'd blog. Speak on the lack of posts.  (Don't think I ain't notice--lol

I think it has everything to do with my self-diagnosed Adult ADD.  (Seriously)  When I first began this blog in 2010 I was super pumped about it and I was all over the 'net, like a junkie to a needle, searching for interesting things to share. The first year I didn't even feel right if I didn't blog.  I had to post something.  And most days I posted an average of at least 4-6 posts a day.  It was sort of like my purpose for awhile.

But eventually, I tired of it.  Soon I stopped caring about what new song came out..Who dropped a mix tape.. What celeb is dating who, when and where... Who attended what... Crime around the world... I even began to have a distaste for social network sites.  If you knew me from Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook a year or so ago, I was all on that shizz!  Crazy posts, all day long. But suddenly, out of the blue, I just stopped. It's like my steam ran out for the internet.  I'd had my fill and I was pretty much done.

This is my behavior with everything. Like a kid with a new toy. Super hyped and obsessed when something new is introduced and a few months later it's like, "Oh.Yeah.Not interested anymore." When it comes to this blog I keep holding on.  Two years ago I remember feeling like this is my personal forum. My project (and baby of sorts).  I can't just close up shop and leave the url free to belong to anyone else.  

With that thought, I post as often as I feel. But I'm just so unenthused.  The fun and excitement of posting daily has long left me. 

....That's a little explanation of why I'm wide awoke at 3 AM and what the hell has been going on with my sporadic posts.*Shrug*

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All Cropped Up: Instagram To Twitter Pics

I feel ya Boris from N. Jersey

I haven't been on Twitter much, but I love sending my Instagram posts to all the other social networking sites.

And here's so sad news: according to Huffington Post, Instagram pics sent to Twitter appear cropped and in the near future may not show at all. (Grrrrrrr!!)

"Users are experiencing issues with viewing Instagram photos on Twitter. Issues include cropped images," Twitter wrote on its website. "This is due to Instagram disabling its Twitter cards integration, and as a result, photos are being displayed using a pre-cards experience. So, when users click on Tweets with an Instagram link, photos appear cropped."
Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom has confirmed that the photo sharing company has "changed the way it integrates with Twitter." He also said that there are plans to stop embedding Instagram photos on Twitter's site altogether.
“A handful of months ago, we supported Twitter cards because we had a minimal Web presence. We’ve since launched several improvements to our Web site that allow users to directly engage with Instagram content through likes, comments, hashtags, and now we believe the best experience is for us to link back to where the content lives,” he said, according to the Washington Post.
Speaking at the LeWeb technology conference in Paris, Systrom said on Wednesday that Instagram images will soon "no longer be visible" on Twitter at all. Though users will still be able to create a tweet on Twitter when they post an Instagram picture, the photo link in those tweets will direct users out of Twitter and to Instagram’s site, The New York Times blog notes. At the moment, Instagram pictures can be viewed on Twitter's page.

Well, damn! That sucks the convenience outta posting pictures from Instagram to Twitter.  Who wants to click on a link and be redirected to see the pic?! This is taking me back to those early Twitter days on a smartphone, when you'd click on links and be taken to the TwitPic site or the that Frog (whatever) site that hosts picture accounts.


"Jesus Piece" The Game ft. Kanye West & Common [Audio--Full Song]

Source: FACT magazine via SoundCloud

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tyga Pre-YMCMB: On A Show Called "Bu$tas"

TMZ got a hold of some rare footage of rapper Tyga in his pre- Weezy and Young Money/Cash Money days.  And it is HORRIBLE! I literally cringed.  (See for ya self below)

This vid is SAD! This is not the Tyga we all know and love. I loves me some Tyga! "Faded"... "Rack City".... countless features!!!... **sigh**  TMZ know they wrong blowin' this man cover like that!!

Regardless of the embarrassment ole Tyga-Tyg may be feeling as a result of this footage leaking, this teaches kids a valuable lesson: Never give up!!  Dedication and determination can (and will) mold ya! This guy went from the lines and chains in this vid to the lines and chains (and tatts) of today.  I bet everyone on set thought (gladly) that they'd seen and heard the last of Tyga.


"F**kin' Problems" A$AP Rocky ft. 2 Chainz, Drake & Kendrick Lamar [Video]