Sunday, December 30, 2012

Diamonds In The Rough: The New & Improved J C Penney!

OMG!! Have y'all been in JC Penney lately???

Talk about a TOTAL revamp!  Of all department stores, Penney had to be a the bottom of the totem pole since the end of the catalog days (Back when the skirts with the embroidered poodle was popular).   Their clothes were never as up-to-date as their competitors and the quality always seemed to lack.  But now. In 2012... This store has gotten some brilliant minds behind their marketing and some pretty good buyers.

About a year ago I first saw the new direction the store began to take for their commercials and I thought the whole Target (the "discount" store) route was genius.  I don't know about anyone else, but I LOVES me a Target commercial.  Always bright and cheerful and makes me wanna visit a store in search of the feeling the commercial captures (along with a household item or two).  JC Penny adopting  that style of commercial, complete with bright colors, catchy songs and repetitive items is a good look.

I recently learned that once the commercial lures you in, JC's gotten it's own, trendy and fashionable brands going.  I walked through the local JC Penney this weekend to get to another store within the mall and saw soooooo many cute and inexpensive pieces that I couldn't stand it! If you are looking for nice pieces that won't break your wallet, check out the new and improved JC Penney.

Here's a few of the pieces that caught my eye on a brief walkthrough:

I really like shirts that are a bit longer in the back. And this one is colorful to boot.  About $20.
Staple piece: Nautical sweater. This one is $25. Original price!!

Love this sequined sweater. Under $20! Sales rack!!

I believe this skirt was just $17!! Sales rack. Good, thick material for the colder months.

Faux leather (aka "PLEATHER", as I know it) detail on the shoulder. Up close the detail looks really cheap but overall this is a really cute item with a price tag of less than $15!

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