Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I Got Resolution Suggestions For Y'all To Live Happier In 2013

My son's CREEPIN' with the Peace sign. (So appropriate!)


In less than 5 minutes it will be a brand new year! Everyone reading this got to thank the Almighty for seeing another day. That's what living is all about:  Waking up to a new day and making moves to make your life and those around you (that you care about) better.  Hopefully while your hard at making your life just the way you want it, you get to have fun along the way.

I mean.. That's just the way I try to live my life on the daily.  Focusing on what matters to me and working hard towards a better life for me and mines.  Ya know. (But that's just me.)  I notice some people don't like to live happily.  They have very negative existences and that crap just spreads like the plague once spewed.  Bringing people down and shit.

Thus, I have some very COMMON SENSE solutions for those type to carry into the New Year of 2013 so all that sucka shit (as one of my Instagram folks called it) can cease and we can all live in peace.

NUMBER 1:  If you don't like a motherfucker, DON'T FUCK WIT 'EM! Simple as that.  What sense do it make to know you can't stand a motherfucker, but still you'll kick it wit 'em, hug 'em, dap 'em up when you see 'em, laugh wit 'em, etc.  Then get out of earshot of 'em and talk shit about how you can't stand 'em!

Don't  be friends on Facebook.  Don't follow them on Twitter.  Don't ask mutual friends how they are doing.  That ole bamma ass shit.  When you don't like a person, you don't genuinely care about how they are doing.  You just asking about them in hopes of hearing some bad shit about them.  Stop that dumb shit.  What the fuck do you care about what the fuck they been up to?! Damn! Let your proclaimed enemy live! (Sheesh!)

NUMBER 2:  Stop all'a dat Emotional Pat shit on these social networking sites! It used to be (pre-Twitter and Facebook) that all emotional ass people got emotional at home and only their fam, friends or people in their neighborhood or job had to deal with hearing their negative, whiny shit.

With these damn social networks you got these chronic complainers whining all the damn time!! Spewing that negative energy all over and unknowingly bringing negative energy to computers and phones everywhere. I mean... Ain't it crazy how we all got the one Facebook "friend" or person you follow on Instagram or Twitter (or two or three) that stay beefin' online with people or more often than not WITH THEIR DAMN SELF!!!  I mean... "This nigga can't go a week without tweefin' it up and shit?!.. Get cho emotional ass offline and grab a damn hug somewhere!"

It ain't no room in life for all this negativity some people be fueled up on.  If you find yourself focusing on the wrong things in life, try to place your focus on shit that matters in 2013.  Preferably, your own shit.  Don't worry about what nobody else is doing.  Especially if you be worried about all negatives in someone else's life.  Ever notice that while you wish bad on another your shit starts crumbling?... I think that's a combo of KARMA and one just not being able to tend to their own life while focusing so hard on another's.

I love to help out when and where I can.  This is my last free advice for 2012.  Please take heed.

Y'all permanently mad/negative mofo's need to do better.  With Girls and The Carrie Diaries coming in a few weeks, what the hell y'all got to be mad about any damn ways?! Shiiiiiiiiitttttttt 2013's coming in right, if you ask me.


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