Friday, December 21, 2012

[UPDATED] Jordan Retro XI aka DA BREDS (Ya Gurl Tried..)

I haven't given any thought to Jordans since my obsession with them ended at the age of (roughly) 23.  I used to be the chick skipping my morning classes or going into work late to grab the latest pair; happily trickin' my refund checks from school and whatnot.  But, the closer I got to graduation, the more I wanted an "adult" look and traded the Jordan obsession for flats and heels and slacks and all'a dat.

But these BREDS got me.  Ever since my son and the internet (that's all y'all been talkin' bout for weeks now!!) put me on 'em, I planned that I'd grab me a pair.  Classic. In both style and color.  And although I'd been hearing the horrible Jordan Release Day stories, I never imagined it'd be as hard to cop these damn shoes as it is searching for the damn answer to the meaning of life!!!  I mean.... Seriously!!!

I participate with Finish Line's Winner's Circle from buying sneakers for my son and they sent me an email last week about reserving a spot in line.  I went through that process, but kid size shoes weren't offered.  I wear 7.5/8 in Women's.  Since the Men's sizes don't do it for me, I signed my boyfriend up for the reservation.  A little after 8 am today we breezed in the store, paid for the shoes and was out within 5 minutes.  With his shoes in hand, we decided to check out other sneaker spots in the mall for my size......


The local Foot Locker didn't even get the kid sizes in.  The Kids Footlocker, DTLR and a few other local shops all did this ticket thingy at like 7 AM and were only selling shoes to those with tickets until a certain time.  I was a little pissed, but not totally, because my REAL jordan days are long behind me (right?).  I can live without 'em.  And that was my mindset up until about the time I left the mall parking lot empty-handed.  With my boo all set, and the pure, uncut feeling of failure on me I decided that I'd just grab mine online.  I knew everybody was wanting these limited-quantity shoes, apparently, but it ain't NO WAY they'll sell out online before I get a change to snag a pair!

On the way home I was trying websites from my phone and being directed to pages that explained server overloads and gave apologies and hope.  Once I got in, I grabbed the 'book and opened up several different windows.  I had all of these sites open at once: Champs Sports, Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Foot Action and Finish Line.  Each and every site kept me in a very VICIOUS loop of choosing the size and attempting to add it to the cart just to receive a message stating that the item could not be added to my cart because it was in other carts at the time but not officially purchased yet.  And then, eventually, I'd be kicked out the the sites and have to start all over. >:/

After more than an hour, Kids Foot Locker finally added the shoe to my cart.  I was SUPER PUMPED!! Placed my name and Billing address info in, chose to pay that $32 extra for next-day shipping and the screen FROZE!! "Processing" with the gray bubbles kept on and on for the longest time. And I continued getting booted from the site. And every time I re-entered the site, I got caught up at the same point in the checkout process.  (And I called it too.) About the third time I got caught up, I said, "This shoe ain't available nomore."  Otherwise, why would they continue to NOT allow me to complete the checkout process??!!

Sadly, I was right.  After another 40 minutes or so of getting kicked out of the site and re-entering and being stopped at my shipping info, over and over again, the site told me, "This item is no longer available and has been removed form your cart."  


I'm so hurt right now. :(  *tear.tear**


Ya gurl tried!!!! And after an entire morning and partial afternoon, Ya Gurl succeeded!!!  Although Finish Line posted on Twitter way earlier this morning that they were all sold out of the Jordan XI's, I finally was able to gain access to the site (and keep it) and order the shoe in a Boy's 6.5.  From what I saw, I think only 5.5's were sold out.  That was less than an hour ago.  If you or someone you know still wants the shoe and has a small foot, check out

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