Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Has Yet To Thank Charlie Sheen For His $100k Donation!

Lil Miss Lohan has been a favorite of the media for the past few years, in a very negative manner.  She's been hittin' people, going to rehab, leaving rehab, having lesbian affairs, drunk in public, etc., etc.  And the latest is that she reportedly said that she cannot pay her rent and owes over $200,000 in taxes.  Charlie Sheen, being the #winning guy that he is, laid 100k, cash out for her.  That is super nice of him!! However, Miss Lohan hasn't seen this gesture as nicely as I have (and I ain't get a dime!) because she has yet to give Charlie as much as a "Thank you."... an "I see you, playa."shoutout... NOTHING!!

Check out the vid:

Now. I loves me some Lindsay! It all started with the hair and the freckles. Which, by the way, WHY THE HELL DID SHE GO MESSING WITH THE HAIR?!! You see the pic? She darkened it or something. I like the natural ole redhead hue she was born with. Beyond the hair, she is honestly a good actress. I know we all loved her in Parent Trap as a kid. And as much as I hate to be on the nasty media's side, I gotta say Lindsay is MESSY AS ALL HELL for not acknowledging a gift. Especially a gift that she apparently NEEDS and happens to be a $100,000 gift!

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