Monday, December 17, 2012

Rent The Runway: An Online Site For Super Fashionable Gals On A Super Budget!

I swear, Huffington Post keeps me so in-the-know. Today I found a post about inexpensive gifts for those with expensive taste (click here for the complete post on their site).  One of the sites mentioned is Rent The Runway.  This site is soooo genius!!  For about the cost of a cute, non-designer dress, clutch, jewelry, etc. you can rent DESIGNER pieces for a night out or day event.  (GENIUS!!)

I have purchased so many dresses at about $100 or more that I consider "1 & Dones".  Really cute, but just not wear more than once friendly.  I don't know about y'all but when I go out, I usually go with the same crew of people and I usually picture myself to death! These pics are posted all over online.  Yes, the dress, bag and shoes were a hit, but I cannot possibly wear this get-up again!!  I just don't think it's cool.  The shoes and bags I'll piece together with other 'fits.  The dress, I usually have cleaned and stick it in the back of the closet like, "This may come in handy in the future." The future day never comes for the dress and eventually it ends up in my donations bag.  It always feels like such a waste.

I can only imagine how y'all ladies that spend a couple hundred to thousands on a dress for an event (may) feel. (Ohhhh I couldn't manage.)

So, for $50-100 (a little more or less depending on the item) you can rent a designer look for a night.  It's better than kicking a couple hundred cash (or worse yet, CHARGING) for a dress for one night.  Plus, afterwards you don't have this beautifully arranged piece of material collecting dust and reminding you of a huge, impulsive buy that your wallet probably could have done without.

>>Check Out Rent The Runway<<

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