Friday, December 21, 2012

Temporary UPS Worker Steals iPad Off A Customer's Doorstep [Video]

A temporary UPS worker comes along behind a Fed Ex worker, to drop off another package to a home (that has a camera set up to capture their doorstep--SMART!).  After a little while the UPS man decides to return and steal the iPad that Fed Ex delivered.

This idiot lacks a brain and morals.  Why in the fuck would you jeopardize your name for a couple hundred dollars?!!  Fuck your temporary job! What about your NAME, my nigga?!!  He ain't give his dumb ass actions or future no thought.  He's lost his temp position and won't have much luck with any other company if they catch wind of this and the jail time he definitely should begin serving soon.

I just HATE a thief and a motherfuckin' liar! Watching this vid has made my blood boil! I just think it's really all types'a levels FUCKED UP that people work (hard) to obtain what they want/need and another motherfucker that lacks the ambition, drive and/or smarts just comes through and takes it.


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