Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tyga Pre-YMCMB: On A Show Called "Bu$tas"

TMZ got a hold of some rare footage of rapper Tyga in his pre- Weezy and Young Money/Cash Money days.  And it is HORRIBLE! I literally cringed.  (See for ya self below)

This vid is SAD! This is not the Tyga we all know and love. I loves me some Tyga! "Faded"... "Rack City".... countless features!!!... **sigh**  TMZ know they wrong blowin' this man cover like that!!

Regardless of the embarrassment ole Tyga-Tyg may be feeling as a result of this footage leaking, this teaches kids a valuable lesson: Never give up!!  Dedication and determination can (and will) mold ya! This guy went from the lines and chains in this vid to the lines and chains (and tatts) of today.  I bet everyone on set thought (gladly) that they'd seen and heard the last of Tyga.


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