Saturday, December 8, 2012

Up Late With An Explanation

It feels like this week has been the longest 4-day work week ever!  It all began with a shitload of repetitive, day-long work on Wednesday.  And that work then continued on Thursday... And then on Friday....

For the most part, my actual job (not blogging-cuz it pays no bills currently), is super chill and laid back.  I have no complaints. I stayed in a lovely hotel in Orlando, FL for a week, last week.  On the company.  That was work, but it was still cool.  Returning from a nice lil getaway straight to a crazy work week has drained me! If I had my way I woulda been asleep at 5 PM today.  Somehow I stayed up until about 10PM.  It was a much needed nap, but now... Here I lay... WOKE!!! 

With nothing else to do, I thought I'd blog. Speak on the lack of posts.  (Don't think I ain't notice--lol

I think it has everything to do with my self-diagnosed Adult ADD.  (Seriously)  When I first began this blog in 2010 I was super pumped about it and I was all over the 'net, like a junkie to a needle, searching for interesting things to share. The first year I didn't even feel right if I didn't blog.  I had to post something.  And most days I posted an average of at least 4-6 posts a day.  It was sort of like my purpose for awhile.

But eventually, I tired of it.  Soon I stopped caring about what new song came out..Who dropped a mix tape.. What celeb is dating who, when and where... Who attended what... Crime around the world... I even began to have a distaste for social network sites.  If you knew me from Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook a year or so ago, I was all on that shizz!  Crazy posts, all day long. But suddenly, out of the blue, I just stopped. It's like my steam ran out for the internet.  I'd had my fill and I was pretty much done.

This is my behavior with everything. Like a kid with a new toy. Super hyped and obsessed when something new is introduced and a few months later it's like, "Oh.Yeah.Not interested anymore." When it comes to this blog I keep holding on.  Two years ago I remember feeling like this is my personal forum. My project (and baby of sorts).  I can't just close up shop and leave the url free to belong to anyone else.  

With that thought, I post as often as I feel. But I'm just so unenthused.  The fun and excitement of posting daily has long left me. 

....That's a little explanation of why I'm wide awoke at 3 AM and what the hell has been going on with my sporadic posts.*Shrug*

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