Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weight Gain Is Depressing!

Y'all are probably tired of me complaining about my weight (every now and then) and never making any progress on the sitchy (situation).  If y'all not, I definitely am.  I'm a big believer in "If you don't like it, CHANGE IT!" And if you do nothing to change things that you have the power to change (and don't like), then SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

So, I'm feeling like double down being that not only have I NOT lost weight, but I've actually packed a few more pounds on since I last checked in on this topic, AND have done nothing (consistently) to make any difference in my waistline, arms, back, gut, FACE!!! Oh my GAWD!! My face! Weight gain in the face is horrible! Totally gives you a whole 'notha look that you ain't lookin' for.

Since I began working from home in early November, I rarely go out, besides physical therapy and the occasional visit to WalMart.  I stay in sweats the majority of the week and never noticed just how FUCKED up my shape has gotten.  So, on Christmas Eve, I decided to put some real clothes on to have dinner at my best friend's and my usual everyday belt did not fit! Not even close to fitting!! The damn buckle and other end of the belt wouldn't even touch!  The jeans I wore are designed to sit on the hips, but DAMN!! When the hell did this happen? (I know not in like 6-7 weeks) This shizz is CRAY!

So, I changed the belt for a larger one.  But really, I should have scrapped the entire 'fit!  I only had on a v-neck white tee, jeans and scarf.  It's bad when you make simple shit look bad! The tee is Hurley.  My favorite tee.  So soft and just ready for anything-type tee. The jeans are ripped with a little lace detail. In the past (before I began tippin' scales) this was a decent-looking outfit.  Much more decent than the usual sweats look that I've adopted as of late.  But, anyways, I was spilling out all over the damn place!

Luckily, I wasn't introduced to anyone new at this Christmas Eve dinner.  You know first impressions are everythang!

After that night I decided to definitely begin a gym membership and to STICK WITH IT! And to stop with the excuses.  Since I sprained my ankle over the summer, that had been my number 1 excuse.  Prior to spraining my ankle, my boyfriend and I walked the Woodrow Wilson Bridge (between Maryland and Virginia) a couple times and planned to make that a daily activity.  And then came my injury, just stopping me dead in my tracks.  And my injury was (and still is) very real.  Now that I'm just about done with PT, IT'S TIME!!  This bad ankle is getting wrapped and getting on a damn treadmill!

I plan to diet as well.  I've already cut out sodas and juice months ago.  And although I sit around at home all day, I don't eat excessively.  But, I guess I do eat out a lot.  Carry-out is my friend.  I admit that one.  But, it's time for our friendship to end.  I don't like what I'm becoming in its presence.

And here's some facts for y'all:     5'3  168 lbs :'{

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