Wednesday, January 23, 2013

12-Year Old Girl Jumped By Grown Women!!

Two lil kids meet up behind a liquor store blocks away from their school to duke it out.  One kid's grown ass people comes and jumps in the fight.

What da fuck is this?!!!

Yeah. Lil Teah is a big one, but those adults ain't have no business putting their hands on a lil ass kid.  That one in the blue was about to regret ever putting her hands on lil Teah when she ended up being the one on the ground getting punched on by the 6th grader. Bet she ain't see that one coming. (Haha!)

Teah's mama did the right thing by contacting the authorities, but don't Teah got some family??? Cousins, aunties, neighborhood homies or SOMETHING?!!  Those grown ass women deserve to have their asses WHOOPED!

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