Monday, January 21, 2013

Beyonce Performs The National Anthem At The 2013 Inauguration!! [Video]

When Mama Bey throws that look... WATCH OUT!

Not even a few good ole American haters could keep Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter from doing what she does best: SHINING!!

Y'all may recall that The White House quickly slammed the petition that was created to pull Beyonce from performing at the inauguration because the creator believes it is hypocritical of the House to invite her, being that she recently signed that $50 million Pepsi deal and Michelle Obama fights for children to be healthy.  (People will make up ANYTHING, won't they?? *side eye*)

All that aside, Bey came and she conquered (in some really pretty earrings).  Watch below as she gives that signature "I'm about to kill this shit", cat surveying the room from behind a corner-look and commences to bring the house down!

And can I just say... Thank you, Beyonce, for almost completely erasing Kelly Clarkson's performance from my memory. (Thank you.)

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