Monday, January 21, 2013

Funny Video: Jimmy Kimmel's Crew Caught Folks Lyin' About Watching The Inauguration BEFORE It Even Happened!

We all enjoyed the Inauguration this morning... Riiiiiiggghhhttt?....

If you didn't catch it, don't feel bad.  Maybe catching history, REAL LIVE ain't your thing.  Maybe you were stuck working or in traffic or whatever else you may have been doing on the Martin Luther Kin Jr. holiday.  So, when asked about the events that unfolded, "You ain't gotta lie..." talkin' about what you liked/hated the most..Like these folks that spoke with Jimmy Kimmel's crew did DAYS PRIOR to the actual Inauguration!!

Check out Jimmy's "Lie Witness News" footage:

This vid is sooo funny!! You know folks be like, "Yeah, I saw/know/remember that!" ...Whole time, ain't see...Don't know or remember shit. LOL


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