Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hot Asian Teen Accessory: FAKE BRACES!!

Aww..So coool. (NOT!)
Braces are no joke.  My son (bless his lil heart) has been wearing braces for a little over a year and a half now.  We got about 6-8 more months to go at this point, and let me tell ya, those things are an inconvenience!! Besides the fact that he can't eat a lot of things (nothing hard or crunchy, chewy-A LOT OF THINGS) and flossing and brushing properly are a bit tougher, the entire ordeal is time consuming and EXPENSIVE!!

Initially, the visits were once a week or every other week, then the visits slacked to once a month for maintenance. And even with insurance, I ended up owing about $2600 out of pocket!!

Braces are no fun.

So, why are Asian teens accessorizing with knockoff braces?! As weird as it may seem to all of us, it is speculated that the teens think the knockoffs are cool because braces are so expensive and gives the wearer a little status. (??) This is just WEIRD!

The Thai government has voiced concern over the $100 item's tiny parts and material containing lead (YES.LEAD!!)  Even in the face of public concern, unfortunately, a few teens actually lost their lives as a result of the faux dental wear.

This is insane! Whatever happened to carrying a knockoff designer purse, t-shirt or shoes?!! That ain't never claim no lives!


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