Friday, January 4, 2013

If You Ask For Ketchup At A Subway Sandwich Shop, You Just Might Get Yo Ass Whipped!

Recently in Orlando, FL, a Subway employee invited a customer to fight because they don't offer ketchup as a condiment!! (Just when I thought I'd heard it all) posted Channel 9 News interviews of both the customer as well as the Subway employee that was involved in this crazy argument over ketchup that almost turned into a physical fight.  The police were called and the employee left before they arrived.  However, he did return to the scene to answer some questions for the local news.  He says people are really crazy now these days.  And I think he must be referring to himself.  After all, he is the dude that admits to asking the customer if he wanted to fight and mentions something about handling it like a man (or what the hell ever).

Just insane.


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