Sunday, January 6, 2013

iPhone Owner Reclaimed His Phone After It Was Stolen (You Won't Believe How)

On New Year's Eve, a New York resident, Nadav Nirenberg, hopped out of a cab and left his iPhone behind.  On New Year's Day, he began receiving emails in response to his profile on a dating site that he belongs to and found that the thief was actually using his profile via the app on his phone.

Nirenberg created a fake female profile and invited the thief on a date.  The guy shows up to his door, bearing gifts (like any gentleman would).  Nirenberg got his phone back and the thief got $20 and a pass on a good ole ass whippin'!

From AP:

Jazz trombonist Nadav Nirenberg (nah-DAHV' NEE'-run-berg) says he left the phone in a livery cab on New Year's Eve. The next morning, the 27-year-old learned via email that someone was sending messages to women using a dating app on the phone.

Nirenberg logged on to the service and offered the man a date - posing as a woman. He even posted a picture of a pretty girl.

When the culprit arrived at Nirenberg's Brooklyn apartment building with wine, the musician greeted him with a $20 bill while holding a hammer - just in case.

The thief handed him the iPhone and left without a word.

This is CRAZY!!!! Why would dude use the real owner's profile for the dating app?!!  Did he not think far enough to create his own profile?..Or was he too ugly and didn't wanna post his own pictures to create a profile? (Tricking the nice ladies of NY like dat)...  Either way, criminals get dumber and dumber, it seems.

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