Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not The Best Candidate For Procreation: A Young, Pregnant Gal Jumps A Man With Her Friend [Video]

Look closely. We have a BABY BUMP!!

One of my favorite Tumblr blogs, and the only one whose page I actually visit to scroll through all that I missed, is Ratchet Mess.  Last night a YouTube video was posted, showing 2 girls jumping one man on a train.  Once the fighting has been broken up and everyone tries to compose themselves, one of the chicks comes up outta her coat... Lo' and behold, the heifer's preggers!!! O.O

But, it don't stop there.  Once off the train, the two ladies continue to talk shit to the guy that remains on the train and even steps into the doorway to hit at him.  Eventually, dude steps off the train and the pregnant chick starts hollerin' about "IF I LOSE MY BABY!!.."  I would like to know if she loses it, WHAT?!!  She totally put herself AND her baby in this situation.  SMH

Watch the vid:


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