Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wait A Minute!!: Man Sues Officer For Watching A Hospital Worker Perform Oral Sex On Him??

Hal Weston. "The Giver"

When I came across this story, I read the headline 3 TIMES!! I just could not believe that I was reading what I was READING!!!

An intoxicated Brett Jensen was arrested on January 20th (for his public intoxication).  He passed out in the arresting officer's vehicle and was placed in an ambulance to be taken to the local hospital.  The officer, James Gale, followed the ambulance to the hospital and (supposedly) watched over Jensen as he was being treated.  That seems right.  Jensen was in Gale's custody at the time.

So far the story is going okay.

...Then enters a hospital employee named Hal Weston...

Mr. Jensen, who was said to be out of it (unconscious and lacking awareness), claims that Officer Gale witnessed Weston perform oral sex on him and did nothing.

Story from Huffington Post:

Brett Jensen is suing Logan City Police office James Gale, along with the Logan Regional Hospital, its employee Hal Lavaun Weston, and others because of a Jan. 20, 2012 incident at the hospital, where he was taken after passing out drunkenly in a police vehicle.
Jensen, who was later charged with public intoxication, trespass, and public urination, claims that Gale called Emergency Medical Services to take him to the hospital and followed the EMS van in his police cruiser to the hospital.
According to the suit, Gale left him "unconscious and incapacitated" in a treatment room in the care of Weston, who was later arrested for performing "unsolicited oral sex" on Jensen, according to The Smoking Gun.
Jensen is accusing Gale of observing Weston sucking "on plaintiff's penis while plaintiff was unconscious and handcuffed," and not attempting to "stop or arrest Hal Weston even though Officer Gale witnessed him perpetrating a felony sexual offense on plaintiff," according to documents obtained by Courthouse News Service.
Jensen is seeking punitive damages for sexual battery, personal injury, emotional distress, negligent hiring, retention, training and supervision and vicarious liability.

This story is soooooo WEIRD!!

Because ole Hale Weston was arrested, it's apparent that he obviously did SOMETHING out of hand.  It's just hard to believe that this drunken man was orally serviced and an officer witnessed this go down in a hospital without saying SOMETHING!

Then again, maybe Officer Gale did not properly supervise Jensen and didn't speak up about what he saw for fear that he'd be reprimanded??

...I don't know... Either way, the story is crazy!! And although Jensen likes to get wasted in da sKreetz and be a public nuisance, he deserves all the monetary compensation he can get his hands on behind this nonsense!

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