Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: ABSOLUTHEAT Flatirons

I've had the same flatirons for over 3 years and decided to try out a new pair because my old trusty set is so beat up-looking.  Still fully functional and awesome at making my hair flat and shiny, but you know...

So, I remembered seeing flatirons in Marshall's before and decided to start there.  Marshall's has never let me down before, (but then again, that's usually on clothing, shoes and phone cases.  Never an electric item.)  I spotted really cute flatirons in different colors by ABSOLUTHEAT. I looked the package over and was ultimately impressed with the "MSRP $300" on the back, (as well as the heating technology diagram...).  For $30, these 'irons were CLAIMED!!  

I was so excited about the purchase that I slapped the bottom picture of the flatirons sitting atop the package on Instagram as soon as I got in that night.  Just yesterday I gave them a try and they DO NOT perform as well as what I am used to.  Namely, ABSOLUTHEAT's flatirons did not give enough heat. My old set I always use at 375º F and my hair is laid flat and shiny with just one swipe.  Any bending done holds well.  But with the new 'irons, set on 380º F, my hair did not get that immediate flat and shiny look.  I went over the same sections of hair a few times and still did not achieve what I wished to.  I then attempted to spiral curl a few sections of hair and the curls were very loose and nearly fell completely by the time I began on the next section of hair!!

I also think the heat control, seen in the top picture to the right, is in an odd position.  While attempting to curl my hair with the set, I accidentally turned the heat up/down several times.  Why would the control be set right there on the top of the flatirons??! AND so easily respond to the littlest touch?!

I ended up breaking out my old flatirons to straighten and a pair of curling irons to get my curls the way I wanted.

That was annoying and frustrating.  I am NOT happy with this purchase!

But you know what, though?... Aside from that "MSRP $300" on the back of the packaging, ASOLUTHEAT does state that the flatirons are "Designed for use with keratin treated hair".  My hair is NOT keratin-treated..... Maybe I should've read a bit more throughly, no?..

Here is a pic of my old, trusty set: (I recommend)
By Jilbère: Nano Silver Ceramic flatiron
I purposely captured the set at this angle to show how the Power button and heat control is situated.  On the side of the set and indented.  I never accidentally change the heat setting while doing my hair with this set. And that makes all the difference between a FUCKED UP morning and a happy morning for me.

"Shine On" Big K.R.I.T. ft. Bun B [Audio]

Solange Performs "Don't Let Me Down" on David Letterman [Video]

I LOVE Solange's EP 'True'! If you down own a copy, you should!!

Check out her performance of "Don't Let Me Down"

"All Gold Everything" (REMIX) Trinidad James ft. T.I., Jeezy & 2 Chainz [Video]

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Guilty Pleasures: Kanye's Latest Live Rant

Kanye West is a great, passionate artist, whom I LOVE!  But I must admit that him hooking up Kim Kardashian shone him in a different light for me.  Since they went public,  I have said NOTHING about Kanye and his choice of lady, because I'm so ON 'Ye and when I want, I totally practice the whole , "If you have nothing nice to say...", but Kanye seems too real to take such a woman seriously.  Then to not only seriously hook up with her, but to impregnate her is too crazy for me to even begin to comprehend.  And I hate to look at those that I believe have presented themselves time and time again as a REAL dude, as anything other than what they have presented themselves as: REAL.

Like, the whole Beyonce faked her pregnancy thing.  I LOVE me some Jay-Z.  Jay too real for that kind of shit (so I'd like to believe).  No way Jay would go along with a fake pregnancy!!! The idea is just too silly.  But, sadly all signs point to just that.

And Kanye.  This dude got some sense about him.  He seems to LOATHE the get-over bitches.  The man that (I'm guessing) penned (but definitely performed and made us all love) "Gold Digger".  The man that can't stand a hoe.... Wifes a known one.  Ain't he the same dude that went on Twitter and said Amber Rose had been with "THE WHOLE OF HIP HOP"?!! C'mon, now!  You can't keep it that funky and later turn around and embrace the most infinite levels of that which you hate.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

DON'T BE A PUSHOVER!! [My Recent Issue]


It is really unbelievable how folks think they can just do whatever and get away with it.

The first weekend of November 2012 I moved out of an apartment and left all 700 sq. ft. of it (tiny shit!!) spotless! I had only been there for a year.  There wasn't anything to do really but take my shit out of it, but still, I did what was right.  My mother came through on moving day and helped me with all the final cleaning touches.  The place was super clean. The carpet was straight and everything. I went super hard because the property managers stayed on that bullshit.

I'd had issues with them over huge water bills as well as my car being improperly towed during the 12 months I was there.  My vehicle was towed in July for not having a permit displayed.  The little round sticker that had been stuck to my rearview mirror since November 2012.  That permit??.. Then suddenly, after parking in this lot that is monitored daily, at least 5 times a week, the permit just (POOF!) disappears.  And I had to pay $175 to get my car back.  I thought the property manager would do the right thing and reimburse me or at least knock something off of my next month's rent.  All logic points to the shitty ass towing company doing away with my permit to get that easy $175.  I even did a little research on the company and found complaints all over the Oxon Hill/Temple Hill/Suitland area for them.  BUMPER 2 BUMPER towing.  If you live in the area, BEWARE!!  I found all types of complaints about them towing folks and getting rid of permits.

So, yeah... Added to the huge water bills, the towing definitely put the nail in the coffin for my stay there.  And when I submitted my notice to vacate on September 4th, and was told that I had to stay a full 60 days (putting me at November 3rd) after submitting this notice (to avoid fees) ....EVEN THOUGH MY LEASE EXPIRED ON OCTOBER 31st...I knew these people is the pettiest bunch of nothings EVER!! And it also let me know that I had to have my shit totally in order when dealing with them.  I thank them for that, because upon moving out, I whipped out the iPhone and walked all over that apartment, getting good looks in corners, checking out the blinds, the tub, carpet, fridge... EVERYTHING!  Took less than 4 minutes to get a good, recorded look.  And it wasn't for nothing..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bad Girls Club Season 10: Jenn, Rocky Don't Need No Hateration. Get Up Off Her, Already!!!

Jenniffer's HATE vs Rocky

Remember when I said Season 10's cast of Bad Girls Club was WIGGITY WACK (times 10)?[Click for that post]... Well, just an episode or so ago it became interesting, with the entrance of the resident Latina, Raquel, aka Rocky.

Rocky is a "Replacement" along with her NUMBER 1 HATER: Jenniffer (peep the 2 F's). And here enters the drama.  After crybaby Janae was humiliated and beat down in the driveway of the house, she left and Jenniffer moved in.  Jenniffer is a cute little petite thing with long brown weave, stripper moves and bod.  She came in the house real chill.  I was actually surprised that ain't none of the girls pop off on her.  Y'all know how Valentina and Alicia be on that dumb shit.  Plotting to get people out of the house and shit, like they did with Shannon and Janae.  So, when Jen came in looking all cute and playing it safe with no hints of aggression towards anything, I was sure somebody would try her, but no one did.

So, naturally, I was SUPER surprised when the replacement for Nicole, (who left the 1st night Jenniffer arrived), came in and Jenniffer POUNCED like the chick was her prey.  Raquel is the latest addition's name.  She, too, is cute. Seems a little dingy, but cute and down for a good time.  She ain't out for no drama, but Jenniffer is damn sure there to bring it to her.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Review: Egg Beats by GoTunes (For iPhone)

I picked up this little "As Seen On TV" gadget called Egg Beats by GoTunes over the weekend for $10.  I was skeptical in it's boast of "10X more Sound", but for 10 bucks, I gave it a shot.  Not much to lose there, (plus I'd return it so fast heads would spin, if it didn't deliver, anyways).

So, I get home and give it a try.  This little rubber thing is awesome!  I can't mathematically or scientifically back up the 10 TIMES MORE sound claim, but with the iPhone placed inside of the Egg Beat, the sound is louder.  Neat.

I'm planning to carry this around in my purse for those impromptu parties in No Man's Land sans electricity.  o.O

Iphone 4/4s & 5 compatible

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Love: Betsey Johnson iPhone Cases!! [UPDATED!!]

Phone cases are one of the most addictive accessories 'round.  They are so cute and give your phone a unique look, easily.  I love 'em.  Of the half dozen or so that I own, there are only 2 that I swap between on average.  An Otterbox for that ultimate protection and my Mckenzie Lacroix purple and yellow Star case from, which also lends a little protection (I guess. Never actually put it to the test, but the rubbery part that goes inside of the hard, plastic shell is super thin and flimsy, so..)

So, I was out with my mama this weekend and came across some Betsey Johnson cases for iPhone 4/4s.  And I now have a 3rd go-to case!  It is cute and the material feels so good!  The areas for the buttons (Power/Sleep and volume) feels sturdy but still leaves the buttons fully functional, unlike either having cutouts for those buttons or the material being so tough that it impedes the function or material that is so flimsy that it breaks easily or loses shape around the phone, like many other cases on the market.

I didn't explain the case as well as I would have liked to.  So, I'll end this with a strong suggestion that you grab a Betsey Johnson case for your next iPhone case purchase.  You won't be disappointed.  They come in so many cute prints and feel so good in the hand. It's all in the side material.


As much as I love this case, I found an issue.  (Sucks teeth and screams DARN!!) The construction of the case gets in the way of the camera's flash.  If you look closely at the above picture, you can see that the flash light is right on the edge of the cut-out.

I rarely take pictures in dark conditions and therefore, rarely use the flash.  But last week was my mother's birthday and it was PICTURE TIME!! Every picture that involved the flash had a smoky look to it. Eventually I stopped using my phone for pictures on that night and really didn't think much of it since I throw all pix on Instagram and slap a filter on 'em anyways.  But, last night I snapped a random shot and it was smoky as well. Being the problem solver that I am, (lol) I looked at the back of the phone and noticed for the first time that the flash is RIGHT ON THE EDGE of the cut-out for the lens and light.  I removed the case, snapped another pic and the haze was gone.

This is still my favorite case.  I haven't removed it since I purchased it. And overall, this issue doesn't even change my mind on suggesting Betsey's cases to iPhone owners.  But y'all should know..

My Thoughts On: Beyonce's 'Life Is But A Dream' Documentary

Wanna know what I got from The Queen's HBO documentary that aired last night?  (I'ma tell ya anyways..)

I think Beyonce is Beyonce.  She's BAD on the music scene and it ain't nothing that can take away from that.  Not drama with her pops.  Not speculation that she now has a beautiful daughter with the aid of a surrogate.  Not the fact that she's doesn't wear the "hat" of an actress well.  Not that she's so private with her PRIVATE life.

The documentary was largely comprised of footage from past concerts and shows.  There are a few scenes of her private life in between.  I rather LOVED catching glimpses of Jay.  (One day I'll let that childhood crush thing go.  But until then... LET ME LIVE.) And then there were the few scenes of her on that GORGEOUS couch with the guy interviewing her.  (Is that silk?--The couch... I WANT IT!!)  And that's it.  

Beyonce began the documentary explaining that celebrities' private lives are under such scrutiny that sometimes their craft/talent comes secondary with the public.  What's seen on the blogs and in tabloids sort of supersedes the reason we know these celebrities at all.  And the real reason why we do or don't like any given celebrity.  And I agree with her on that.  I just feel like, talent has to be respected.  Let the talented artists live, you know? HOWEVER!!!  Why give a documentary so that us fans may be privy to things that  we normally wouldn't annnnnnnddddd we get NOTHING!! Except we do finally get full on shots of lil Ms. Blue Ivy's face. 

Was I the only one expecting more?..

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beyonce's HBO Documentary 'Life Is But A Dream' Online Stream

Don't have HBO and wanna catch Beyonce's documentary, 'Life Is But A Dream'?...

Don't fret. Grab a Wi-fi connection and stream it HERE. 9 PM EST

Friday, February 15, 2013

FRIENDS! How Many Of Us Have 'Em?: Chick Drags Her Homegirl By The Hair!!

Take a look at this vid of one friend (???) pulling another friend by her hair and even dragging the poor girl along the sidewalk on her butt!!

Bless that pulled girl's lil heart. You hear her saying, "What is wrong with yooouuuu?" I don't know if the puller is drunk or high out her mind off something, but if your "friend" out in da sKreets getting fucked up like dat, you need to let her have that shit alone.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Scream & Shout" (Remix) Will.I.Am ft. Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, hit Boy, Waka Flocka & Diddy [Video]

Check out Brit's Adidas jacket.  Anyone else excited about her upcoming shows in Vegas?!!! (I am!!)

"Suit & Tie" Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z [Video]

Ooooohh! The 2nd vid I've seen today that I can say I LOVE!!

Watch JT & Jay-Z in the "Suit & Tie" vid:

I'm Going To See Beyoncé On The 2013 Mrs. Carter Show Tour!!!

Beyonce.  Queen Bey.  King Bey.  Not arguably the greatest musical performer of my generation.  I will be in attendance at her July 29th show at the Verizon Center in DC.  And I cannot wait!!  I love seeing Bey do her thing on the stage.  Beyonce has really perfected her craft.  (Which is music.  NOT acting.) Seeing that live is going to probably be the highlight of Summer 2013 for me.

And as excited as I am, I gotta let y'all know: Securing my tickets was a HUGE PAIN!!  Yesterday at 10 AM the Mastercard Pre-sale began for her 2nd show in DC on July 30th.  Beginning at 10 AM EST on the dot, I entered the "Masterbey" code over and over, up until damn near 8 PM, trying to get my hands on tickets.  UNSUCCESSFUL!!  (But I'm a persistent one)  I laid down around midnight and said to myself, "I CANNOT close my eyes before I make a few more attempts to get these damn tickets!"

"Started From The Bottom" Drake [Video]

Drake's stuntin' on us in this scene fa sho'!! (I love it)

"Started From The Bottom" vid has a feel-good vibe.  Check it out:

Olympic Star Known As "Blade Runner" Charged With The Murder Of His Girlfriend In His Home!!

Oscar Pistorious rose to fame and became a great source of inspiration for many all around the world, in 2012 as the first Paralympian to compete in the (able-bodied) 2012 Olympics, as a double amputee.

Today, Pistorious has been charged with the murder of his model girlfriend, 29 year old Reeva Steenkamp.


Pretoria, South Africa (CNN) -- Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius has been charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend at his South Africa home early Thursday.
Reeva Steenkamp, 29, and Pistorius, 26, were the only two people in the upscale Pretoria home at the time of the shooting, police spokeswoman Denise Beukes said.
In keeping with South African law, Pistorius will be named officially as the suspect when he appears in court. The first court appearance is scheduled for Friday.
The state will oppose bail, Beukes said.
Pistorius will not appear Thursday because the public prosecutor needs more time to prepare the case, police spokeswoman Katlego Mogale told CNN.
He arrived Thursday at a police station in Pretoria.
Beukes said that police were alerted to the shooting by neighbors and that residents "heard things earlier."
A pistol was recovered at the scene, police said.

Dang! R.I.P to Ms. Steenkamp


Ahhhh.  Valentine's Day.  The day all boo'd up LOVERS patiently await.  And all others (not-so) secretly hate!!

I know all y'all without a significant other in your lives read that last line all like, "Not me! I LOVE the Single Life!"  For some, that may be true, but for many, especially us gals beyond 25.... Shit gets LONELY.  I know.  I've been there.  This is the first V-Day in about 3-4 years that I'm actually in a relationship.  (It's true.)

So, to all my homies without a date and plans for today, I know ya pain.  While chicks run to the receptionist desk to pick up their delivered flowers and chocolates all throughout the work day and come back gushing to their desk all "surprised" and speak of their date plans later tonight all damn day... And dudes are all in the grocery store picking up them cheap ass flowers while you just tryna grab you a lil groceries after work... And couples are spilling out the doors and windows of local restaurants, don't get too down.  Your turn will come.

Speaking of which:  My best friend and I actually have a book coming to assist you all.  (<<Early PLUG) Stay on the lookout for it.

Anyways, I, too used to hate on all the mushiness of the day.  I'm still not BIG into the celebration of the day, but I don't mind it either.  Especially the gifts. LOL

With all that said, I gotta shout out my So-In-LOVE crew: Enjoy your day. Be safe. Have fun. And once the night ends, continue to treat everyday like Valentine's Day. You don't have to lavish your partner with gifts everyday, but be kind. Be gentle. Be caring. Be attentive. Be that support. Show love.  Don't just make it a one day event.

Pic found at

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Wrong Side Of A Love Song" Melanie Fiona [Video]

I posted the audio of this song to this site on January 12, 2012.

Finally, we have a video. A nice side-by-side of the good times and the bad.  Directed by Larenz Tate.

"Millions" Pusha T ft. Rick Ross [Video]

"Mirrors" Justin TImberlake [Audio]

Check out Justin's follow up to "Suit & Tie":

..Taking it back to Future Sex/Love Sounds..

"Stay" Rihanna [Video]

Rihanna STAYS in a tub full of water for the entire video for her single "Stay".  Check it out:

Wonder why she didn't go with a more dramatic approach for the video concept?  The song is so emotional. Would scenes unfolding before our eyes of a love torn, threats of a breakup and the oh-so-precious make up (or sad permanent split) have been so bad?

'Least we got a tear in the end.

"Karate Chop" (Remix) Future ft. Lil' Wayne [Audio]

Aside from that "Same Damn Time" song, Future's music just don't be doing it for me.  "Karate Chop" beat is cool. The usual bounce-able thing going on with it....

But what I really think is, Future in that slim ass gray velour suit and that "Turn Off The Lights" song just threw a permanent brick wall up for us. LOL!!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Native American Sets The Record Straight On A Group Of Anti-Illegal Immigration Protestors

A Native American dissipates a crowd of protesters against illegal immigration with his mighty, NATIVE point-of-view.

"Get on...Get on, bitch!"-- My favorite line.


Y'all heard the responses, talkin' 'bout dude is drunk?... Yeah, he seems a lil off, but does that make his words any less true?


I suspect that's why the group quickly went from about 20 to 2. (LMAO. Truth stings like a motha!!)


A Legally Parked Vehicle Was Towed After A Handicap Parking Spot Was Created Around It [Video]

Watch as a legally parked vehicle is placed inside of a newly-created handicapped parking spot and TOWED!!:


It's a few things going on in this video!

Firstly, what kind of tow truck is that?!! Do we have those in America? I've never seen one.  As much as I hate a damn tow truck, (when they ain't saving the stranded), I'm intrigued.

Secondly, how the hell they think it's okay to create a handicapped spot with a car inside the area and have it towed (at the owner's expense)?!!

Damn! And I thought the towing thugs in Oxon Hill was bad when they snatched my vehicle and made the permit inside disappear...


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dress That Goes Transparent When You Become Aroused??..

Technology. There's the Good, the Bad.... and the not so necessary...

Daan Roosegaarde is the designer of the Intimacy 2.0 dress, which become transparent, giving your target of in-the-moment affection a clear view, when the time is "right".


What da hell?!!


Dollar General Clerk Whips A Customer's Child For Cuttin' Up In The Store!!

Whoa my GAWD!! 

Have y'all heard about the kid that got his ass whipped by a Dollar General employee after getting smart with her AND throwing a cookie her way?!!

Check out the vid:

Now, this lil 8-year old clearly had it coming.  He sat there on camera and admits to sassing this adult (stranger) and throwing a cookie at her. o.O

It's just too bad this clerk has gotten caught up in the mess that his parents should have long ago addressed.