Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Legally Parked Vehicle Was Towed After A Handicap Parking Spot Was Created Around It [Video]

Watch as a legally parked vehicle is placed inside of a newly-created handicapped parking spot and TOWED!!:


It's a few things going on in this video!

Firstly, what kind of tow truck is that?!! Do we have those in America? I've never seen one.  As much as I hate a damn tow truck, (when they ain't saving the stranded), I'm intrigued.

Secondly, how the hell they think it's okay to create a handicapped spot with a car inside the area and have it towed (at the owner's expense)?!!

Damn! And I thought the towing thugs in Oxon Hill was bad when they snatched my vehicle and made the permit inside disappear...


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