Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Review: Egg Beats by GoTunes (For iPhone)

I picked up this little "As Seen On TV" gadget called Egg Beats by GoTunes over the weekend for $10.  I was skeptical in it's boast of "10X more Sound", but for 10 bucks, I gave it a shot.  Not much to lose there, (plus I'd return it so fast heads would spin, if it didn't deliver, anyways).

So, I get home and give it a try.  This little rubber thing is awesome!  I can't mathematically or scientifically back up the 10 TIMES MORE sound claim, but with the iPhone placed inside of the Egg Beat, the sound is louder.  Neat.

I'm planning to carry this around in my purse for those impromptu parties in No Man's Land sans electricity.  o.O

Iphone 4/4s & 5 compatible

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