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Bad Girls Club Season 10: Jenn, Rocky Don't Need No Hateration. Get Up Off Her, Already!!!

Jenniffer's HATE vs Rocky

Remember when I said Season 10's cast of Bad Girls Club was WIGGITY WACK (times 10)?[Click for that post]... Well, just an episode or so ago it became interesting, with the entrance of the resident Latina, Raquel, aka Rocky.

Rocky is a "Replacement" along with her NUMBER 1 HATER: Jenniffer (peep the 2 F's). And here enters the drama.  After crybaby Janae was humiliated and beat down in the driveway of the house, she left and Jenniffer moved in.  Jenniffer is a cute little petite thing with long brown weave, stripper moves and bod.  She came in the house real chill.  I was actually surprised that ain't none of the girls pop off on her.  Y'all know how Valentina and Alicia be on that dumb shit.  Plotting to get people out of the house and shit, like they did with Shannon and Janae.  So, when Jen came in looking all cute and playing it safe with no hints of aggression towards anything, I was sure somebody would try her, but no one did.

So, naturally, I was SUPER surprised when the replacement for Nicole, (who left the 1st night Jenniffer arrived), came in and Jenniffer POUNCED like the chick was her prey.  Raquel is the latest addition's name.  She, too, is cute. Seems a little dingy, but cute and down for a good time.  She ain't out for no drama, but Jenniffer is damn sure there to bring it to her.

I believe their first run in was in a club when Raquel danced with a chick that Jenniffer was dancing with first.  O.M.Geee!! You would have thought the chick and Jenniffer was a for sure item or something.  Like they came together or some shit.  Jenniffer was all like, "Is that how she do?..She nasty.." all this and that.  It was crazy and over exaggerated.  From that episode I knew Jenniffer was on that hate shit with Rocky.  She obviously felt threatened by Rocky.  Do you know how many times I have went out with my friends and we've danced with the same guy?!! Put a nigga in a sandwich! It ain't a big deal.  Even if dude tries his hand as far as tryna holler at one or the other or more than one, ain't nobody in my crew trippin'.  And if one of us got an eye out for him, that person lets it be known and everybody else falls back.  That's just how it is.  Never has any of us got in our feelings over somebody none of us even KNOWS!

Now, the 2nd issue was Rocky's fault, but Jenniffer's reaction was once again blown way out of proportion.  Jenniffer heated up a Hot Pocket.  Left it out (to cool, I guess) and Rocky ate off it.  Now, THAT... Is a huge NO-NO.  Buuuttt, as I said, Rocky seems a little slower than most (mentally) and she was sincerely apologetic, because she truly DID NOT see the issue with eating someone else's food.  Plus she heated up another Hot Pocket for Jenniffer.  After all of that, Jenniffer should have just let it go.  I totally understand her saying what she had to say.  I give her that, because you gotta let a bitch know when they crossed the line, so if they didn't know, they are informed from that point on and shouldn't make the same mistake.

But Jenniffer went super hard over this Hot Pocket issue. Why??... Because she is intimidated by Rocky's presence, (just like she was at the club).  And ended up smashing the new Hot Pocket in Rocky's face and the two semi-faught.  I say semi because Rocky wasn't tryna fight at all.  While Jenniffer threw blows and pulled hair, Rocky pushed her a few times and even ended up straddling her.  She totally could have dominated this chick but for whatever reason, she didn't.  I wonder 1: WHY NOT?! And 2: Why did Jenniffer continue to come at her? Was she going for an ass whippin'??..Or maybe she just saw that it wasn't really no fight in Rocky...

The 3rd issue came the day/night of their pool party.  Rocky was a lil too turnt up, with her version of "twerkin'" in a bikini all over the house and letting niggas grab all on her.  This is true.  And all the girls of the house were saying little things about the "new girl".  But here goes Jenniffer... Rock's NUMERO UNO hater...  She just had to let Rocky know how dumb she was looking ANNNNDD put her hands on the girl.

Jenniffer already established that she doesn't like Rocky, right?  So, why the fuck does she care how dumb Rocky makes herself look?!!  If I saw someone I LOATHE doing some dumb shit, who am I to tell them they lookin' dumb?!  I'm in the corner laughing like, "Look at this dumb bitch." She ain't hurting me with her dumbness.  Carry the fuck on, ya know. But not Jenn.  Not when it involves cute lil Rocky.

She pulled Rocky all over the place by her hair, punched her, slapped her, drenched her in beer and  even shoved a soda can in the girl's mouth.  All the while, Rocky just took it, talking about she's not going home.  WHAT IN DA FAWK?!!  All of this because this chick you don't like is portraying herself as a floozy??  Really?... We all know it's all because you are jealous and intimidated by her.  And that's sad.  That a mind would work against a bitch like that.  Make her act this way towards a chick she doesn't even know just because she feels the chick has something better than her.


And unfortunately for poor Raquel, the bullshit ain't end there for the night.  After being humiliated and treated worse than a dog on the streets, she went to bed, on the floor, inside the bed frame because her mattress was thrown in the pool earlier.  She was minding her biz,  tryna sleep off a bad night and Shannon, with her "MANSvestite"™ ass came in, woke the girl up and told her to get in her bed, which was already occupied by Shannon's perv friend, Jerry, who was itching to get into a lil sum'n all damn day.  Rocky was drunk and naked, except for a pair of panties. (Bless her heart.  She just couldn't catch a break that night.)

Of course, the rest of the house saw her in the bed with dude and thought she scratched his daylong itch.  The next day it was revealed that Shannon actually put her in the bed with dude.  Shannon says that she saw nothing wrong with it (another slow broad) and that Jerry is a cool dude that wouldn't have done anything to Rocky.  Rocky was super pissed and said Shannon did that as a set up to make the other girls think she was "that type of girl".  And I say, fuck all dat! Fuck what these bitches think.  What about this girl putting you in a compromising position, PERIOD!!  Dude could have done whatever the fuck he fancied with this drunk, naked girl in the bed with him.  And she didn't put herself there.  Shannon did.  And for that, Shannon deserved what she deserved.  Too bad Rocky ain't the type to deliver.  Shannon's antic went unpunished and this week they actually formed a tight(er) bond.

Also in tonight's episode (SURPRISE..SURPRISE...) Jenniffer continues with her hate against Rocky and assaulted her in the bathroom of a strip club.  Prior to that she started with the girl because she said she just didn't want to see her or be around her.  *sigh*** Note to lil ole Jenn Jenn: The shit is getting old. Damn!

After the club, everyone returned home, where a still irate Jenniffer awaited them, (she left early), and they tried to get the story out of Jenn of what happened.  She tells a story of Raquel following her to the restroom and saying something about a "Nasty bitch" pissing on the toilet.  Jenn was offended because she was the "Nasty bitch" to which Rocky was referring because she tinkled on the toilet as she hovered her tush over it to piss.  I mean.. it happens.  One should grab a wad of tissue and wipe the toilet afterwards.  It's the right thing to do.  But to each her own...  So, she claims that Rocky grabbed her hair and they had a little scuffle in the bathroom.  This story sounds so unbelievable and all the girls was like, "Whaaaaaat??.." Like, Rocky ain't been putting hands on you all week as you assaulted and humiliated the shit out of her.  So, why now, when y'all get alone, would she all the sudden initiate some physical shit?

The shit is unbelievable.  Valentina just so happened to be the closest to hear with the "I don't believe that" tone and Jenniffer straight snatched her by the hair, demonstrating how Rocky supposedly jacked her up in the bathroom as she tried to speak in an unprovoking tone, letting Rock know that she may have accidentally tinkled on the seat.  And do you know what Big, BAD Valentina did?... NOTHING!!  Nothing but straightened those glued tracks up.  No attitude or nothing.  And this is why she is prob my most hated cast member.  She loved fighting on a drunken Janae.  She loved teaming up with Alicia and pouring shit all over Janae and trashing the girl's possessions.  But when a bitch yanks your head, you do NOTHING.  Bitch, PLEASE!!

By the end of the episode Valentina talks with Alicia about Jenniffer being too much and something has to be done.  We all know who won't be doing anything about her: Valentina.

I can't wait till next week's episode!  Shannon been giving Rocky fighting tips and Rocky been pumping herself up for some shit to go down.  Somebody gets into it next week.  I hope Rocky sends Jenn's ass packing.

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